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Public School’s Sneaky Little Way To Get Parents To Sign Away Their Child’s Privacy

child privacy

For many Americans, privacy has become a hot topic of discussion. As story after story rolls out about the NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, and any other overreaching government organization abusing its power, Americans find themselves asking the hard questions and not liking the answers that fly back and smack them in the face.

The Fourth Amendment reads as follows:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

What does this mean beyond the obvious? It means that each of us has the right to be left alone to live life without interference unless there is probable cause that we have committed a crime and a warrant is issued by a judge. It is the government’s job to protect that right. This has not been the case.

You may think I am writing about the recent NSA debacle. It is a good assumption, but wrong. Thumbing through recent headlines, I came across an article that spoke of parents’ outrage over a new non-profit technology company called inBloom. This company provides a national database system at little to no cost for K-12 schools. It was sponsored mostly by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, but a few other big corporations like Carnegie and Scholastic threw their money into the pot as well. The idea behind inBloom may seem like a good one. Their product description even says: inBloom, Inc. is a nonprofit organization working to make personalized learning a reality for every U.S. student by improving the effectiveness, variety and affordability of education technology.

But the problem comes with what inBloom actually does. It shares the metadata of every student, teacher, and school that participates with educational software companies. There are currently 22 companies developing software for inBloom. This number is expected to increase. Metadata for students includes, but is not limited to, their name, age, picture, grades, discipline record, and teacher communications. There is also an option for schools to share that data with anyone else they deem worthy. That could be another school in another state, and feasibly, it could be another country. The idea boasts teaching to the individual, but there is a strong leaning toward teaching a core curriculum throughout the country.

Take a hard look at the true state of public education…

The parental outcry is based on the fact that no one asked them if it was okay to collect and distribute their children’s information. The fact that public schools take state and federal funds means that public schools are an extension of the state and federal government. Therefore, this collection of data makes the NSA’s programs look petty in comparison.

Schools have been mining data for a long time. Every child’s record is such. But the sharing of that data without consent really came into play with the No Child Left Behind Act. It required that all schools receiving federal funding for the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 provide military recruiters the same data the schools give colleges and post-secondary job prospects.

Many cry foul, but few are willing to investigate how schools are getting away with this clear violation of the Fourth Amendment. Well, my friends, there is only one thing that takes precedence over the Constitution, and that one thing is contract law. Every year, when children go back to school, they are sent home with a student handbook along with a huge stack of papers for parents to read, sign, and return. Most parents do not read them. Many schools implement a policy that if this paperwork isn’t returned in X amount of time, students will be denied the ability to return to school. Why are these papers so important? They are effectively a contract. Parents are signing away their parental rights for anytime their children are in school or attending a school function. By contract, the school then has the ability to do whatever they want with your child and that child’s information unless the parent has said otherwise with a letter denying the school a particular right.

Bill Gates is a smart fellow and a savvy businessman. His foundation has donated a hefty amount to the 100 million dollar inBloom project, supposedly for the greater good of education. Former Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation employee Sharren Bates is the Chief Product Officer for inBloom. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Deputy Director Stacey Childress is on the board for inBloom. It is a non-profit, but rest assured there are many that will profit if it is implemented. The schools will cut costs in the long run because inBloom is the pipework that connects several applications. Educational software companies will profit because schools will need applications to run on their shiny new pipes.

The only people to not profit from inBloom are the people that have data being taken. Data is a big business. Data for children is priceless. In a move that thwarts the Constitution and parental rights in one swoop, inBloom allows for one of the largest data grabs to hit our nation, essentially running this country closer toward fascism than is to my liking. The only way this can be stopped is if parents finally remove themselves from the perilous road known as apathy and firmly set their boots on the path to liberty and responsibility.

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  1. Home education, home education, home education. ‘Nuff said.

      • Schools are for fish. We are a higher species.

        Get you children out of these cesspools. Don’t wait for the next school year. Start teaching at home, engage a private school. Do whatever it takes to save your child. There is no excuse good enough to justify the devastation you inflict on your child by sending him to a government-run, tax-funded welfare school.

        The cost of a “free” education is too high, much, much too high. That cost is your child, and grtf-welfare schools were designed to exact that price. In the words of Horace Mann, their importer, we want to “divorce children from their parents” and their parents’ values, especially religious values.

        Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

    • Home Education is priceless.. you can educate your child on a shoe string budget, be as high tech or high touch as you want. All it takes is love, an ability to read and consistency! Try it, you’ll love it 🙂

      • I agree… that’s what i’m doing here with my 3 kids. It’s priceless…!!!

      • Govt is doing its best to take that away from people. I have friends who are Liberals in the education field, all wonderful parts of the system. My non Lib friends drink the koolaid also, everyone is blind.

    • You would be surprised how the district tries to get information out of homeschooling families too!!!

      • And that reminds me about one of the best reasons to hook up with a homeschool association and the HSLDA if you homeschool or intend to do so: they will keep you informed on all matters relating to the battle between government schools and homeschooling parents. We were warned to supply only the information required by law, and to beware that schools would ask for much more information than required by law. We were warned not to comply, because if enough uninformed homeschooling parents complied with school requests, then the schools would get the notion that they had a mandate to require the information from all homeschoolers.

        If you are going to homeschool, you must understand that you will become an “enemy” of the state, and the state will attempt to undermine you at every opportunity. The state will try to trick you, confuse you, lie to you. Just understand that you must be on your guard and seek solidarity with other homeschoolers in order to defend yourself.

    • ConservativesDefeated

      Hey all you homeschoolers crying about the public schools. You do realize, becuase you are all Consitutional scholars which you became by listening to talk radio, that a feee public education has been a cornerstone of this nation since Thomas Jefferson. That this nation has prospered because everyone received a basic education? Just curious.

      • Are you trying the backhanded angle of because free education has been a dream since this country’s inception that we should accept what is happening in public education out of loyalty to that dream? I suppose you also have the pageant girl dream of world peace also?
        Up until 1900, less than 50% of American children attended public schools and even then it rare for them to make it to the 5th grade. Most people learned at home and yet, our nation became great. How did that happen with all those uneducated peons?
        And “feee” public education is right. There is a hefty fee if being part of government run education means you sacrifice freedom for free stuff, that isn’t really free at all because we are taxed every time money moves or someone dies. Not only that, people that homeschool continue to pay property tax for someone else’s child’s education while also footing the bill for their own children. But I don’t guess CNN, NBC, ABC or CBS learned you that, huh? Just curious.

        • “And ‘feee’ public education is right.”

          No kidding. The real “feee”, however, is your child.

          We Christians are commanded to “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” but most of us are guilty of “over rendering”. Your child does not belong to Caesar, and you should not even consider handing him over to the state.

          Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

      • Only a public schooled automaton could be so obtuse in a public forum as this specimen has demonstrated.

        It isn’t even aware that it makes obvious the necessity of self learning.

      • You’re totally wrong. There were no government-run, tax-funded welfare schools when Jefferson was alive, at least not like those we have today, in the few places they existed at all.

        There was no requirement that parents send their children to school as there is today. “Compulsory attendance” laws (notice, they’re not “compulsory learning” laws) were not a feature of schools until the 1850s in Massachusetts, after which government saw the power in controlling children’s minds, and all states, by 1912, had those satanic laws.

        I say “satanic laws” because when Horace Mann (the self-anointed “father of American public education” — hard to be the father of something that already existed) imported his schools from Prussia in 1852, his goal was to divorce children from their parents and even more to divorce them from their parents’ religion and religious values. Those are the words his wife, Mary Peabody Mann, attributed to him in her loving biography Horace Mann: A life. Later, he lamented that while there were thousands of Christian churches in Ohio, there was but one Unitarian society.

        Mann was also proud of the fact that his schools were based on science. He was a great devoté of the famous German scientist, Franz Joseph Gall, whose field of study was phrenology. Yes, folks, your children are in schools established by a man who thought he was superior and your children inferior because of the lumps on their heads.

        And, speaking of science in the grtf-welfare schools, William Torrey, the US commissioner of Education in the 1890s (also a wealthy industrialist) told his cronies that they need not worry about people getting so well educated they would not be good (meaning docile) workers. Why? Because the grtf-welfare schools were “scientifically designed” so the student would never have a thought that was not allowed to him. They would, thus, never imagine being anything but workers.

        And, flitting briefly back to Satan, John Dewey, signatory of the first “Humanist Manifesto”, bragged to his salon crowd, “What can they do with their one hour each week of Sunday School when we have them every day for six hours?

        Now, your vacuous jab at our understanding of the Constitution was as void as your knowledge of the Document. There is not the slightest mention of education or schools therein. The federal government has no legitimate role in defining, controlling, coordinating, limiting, supporting, nor anything else regarding education of schools. The entirety of the Department of Education is unconstitutional.

        We can say this because, unless the power is explicitly granted in the Document, Congress (nor the executive) has the power to meddle in the question.

        Further, since the only requirement to become a state (or remain one) is that the state government be a republic, the fact that many or most states have a “Blaine Amendment” in their constitutions is also unconstitutional. Why? Because the federal government forced most states joining the union after about 1850 to include that provision in their organic laws. In Utah, for instance, that was one of the two big questions (and the last resolved) that kept Utah from becoming a state until 1896. Most people believe it was “Plural Marriage” among the “Mormons”, but that issue was settled in 1890. The grtf-welfare school problem was the one Congress rammed down their throats and it took six years to accomplish (longer when you consider that the effort to do so started about 1863).

        Other states had similar confrontations with the feds on the matter. In Massachusetts in 1882 (three decades after Mann’s abomination), the children of Barnswell (or Barnstable, I keep forgetting which) were forced, at point of bayonet, past the private schools they had been attending to the grtf-welfare school. In Oregon, in the early XX, the state passed a law dissolving all private schools and coercing children into the grtf-welfare schools. The law was the brainchild of the Democrats of the Ku Klux Klan, who had also designed the curriculum. One is free to imagine what history and literature the children would have been required to study, including black children, Jewish children, Italian, Irish, Chinese, and other non-Anglo children.

        It was only the SCotuS opinion in Pierce v. Society of Sisters that saved Oregonians from that disaster. According to the court, children do not belong to the state, and parents cannot be forced to surrender them to the state’s indoctrination centers.

        The Oregon situation also shows us that political control of education/indoctrination of children can swing to and fro, depending on who has the reins of power in the state or federal government. In the 1850s, the Rev R.L. Dabney warned Christians that the same tools (grtf-welfare schools and compulsory attendance) they were counting on to make “good little Americans” out of Irish and Italian Catholic and “Mormon” children (meaning convert them to Protestantism) would one day be turned on them, and that they would regret having ever supported the take over of the minds of children. that day is today, and has been since the mid XX, or earlier.

        Finally, returning to your original point, the literacy rate in USmerica was much higher in the early decades of the federal republic than it is today. There were no grtf-welfare schools as we know them, yet Touqueville, in his 1830s masterpiece, Democracy in America, was fascinated by several things. Among them was the number of profitable newspapers (which requires a large literate public) in even the smallest of towns. (In the 1840s, a small town in Illinois had four, and the city up the road had upwards of six, two published by the same people. Paris, at the other end, had only three or four.)

        Second was the fact that on the most remote farms, people were always current on the goings on of the town, the state, and the country. They read the Bible fluently, and could discuss religion in detail. Most people could quote lengthy passages, and did so as part of their community discourse, including political speech.

        The average formal education, meaning the number of years of school, was less than three. So, even if we assume that there were grtf-welfare schools in the early days of the republic (a fact I do not accept), they are doing a far poorer job of educating than they once did. The functional literacy rate in USmerica is less than 50%, and the numeracy rate is lower still. And that’s with a huge number of people graduated from college (where we assume, without much basis, that they can read and cipher), and an even larger fraction graduated from high school, and a still larger number who’ve attended the Youth Indoctrination Camps for at least ten years.

        Your assertion is false. But, even if we ignore reality and put up with the lie, the fact is USmerica is less literate now than before there was widespread “education” forced onto children and their parents.

        Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

      • Oh, and btw, that education was not “free”. Families typically had to board the teacher and pay a “school fee” for each child enrolled in his school. Most places, the fact that a school existed meant only that there was a school building, heated (marginally) in the winter, and that there might be a teacher, if they could find someone to take the job.

        Daniel Webster was a teacher for a short time. Oliver Cowdery was a teacher in upstate New York. He quit in April with no notice, and left the school board with the onerous task of finding a replacement just as most men (teachers were universally men until Mann imposed his schools on the people) were busy getting their crops in.

        Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

      • Your information is false. Private education paid for by parents was the only thing available in most of the country until after the Civil War. Even where public education became a part of city life, it was not common for most citizens. I think the nation would be vastly improved if public education was abolished and private education would be available for those who wished to pay for it. It would destroy the NEA and the other teacher unions.

      • Conservatives Defeated. Of course. That is your mantra as well as that of the liberals who are running the “free” public school system. You are not concerned about public education today because it is really nothing more than liberal indoctrination. You want your children AND MY CHILDREN to have their heads filled with the liberal pap that is just communism in disguise.

        Free? NOTHING IS FREE! Everyone pays property taxes to pay for school districts. I pay over $2,800 a year on my residential property, and half of that is for the school district. It ain’t free!

  2. Apparently “metadata” is the new buzzword. But it is being incorrectly used. Information including a child’s name, age, grades, etc. is DATA not metadata. Metadata is information about information, such as volume, size, field length, formats, totals, average values, etc. What the government is collecting is DATA, not metadata. A good yardstick is that if the information can be tied to an individual, it is data. Calling it metadata is either just ignorance, or deliberate deception. Our government wouldn’t want to deceive us, would it?

    • That’s right, Mith! Metadata and data are different, and what inBloom collects is DATA!

    • It sure is, Mith. My use of it was to show as much. The info at inBloom is the where they claim “meteadata” is what is used; which is laughable. You’ll note I used data later in the article.

  3. Get kids out of the public school system! HOMESCHOOL! PERIOD!

    • While homeschooling (I prefer “Family-Centered Education, it’s more descriptive) is best for every child, it may not be the best solution for every family.

      Private schools, dame schools and mom schools, tutors, apprenticeships, and grandma are all options. The critical element is that mom’n’dad be in control.

      I know a couple single moms who educate their children in their families. They live in neighboring apartments, one works days, the other nights. Each takes the children for three hours during the other’s work shift, and they are doing an excellent job. I know a family where both parents feel obligated to work outside the home. They, too, do shifts at work, so they can have one parent, at least, home teaching their children.

      An excellent resource (albeit not focused on F-CEd) for teaching children and adults is A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver Demille, PhD. I value my $20 copy more highly than my Master’s Degree. It’s available at the George Wythe University bookstore. I believe it may be on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well.

      Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

  4. The only thing this article is missing is the cry to stop Common Core, the main reason Bill Gates is involved. Bush started this, but Obama’s Common Core means EVEN IF you home school you will not stop CCore, because they will use your child’s lack of CCore participation if your kid wants to enroll in college. Common Core criteria including data mining needs to be eliminated, not side-stepped! The easy answer would be homeschool, but the real answer is step up to the fight!

    • Exactly! You stated the real agenda. People need to know about it.

    • My kids have kids who have kids—so I’m not directly involved any more. But that doesn’t alleviate my grave concern over Common Core, which has become one of the buzz words with my political action group. One way that parents might home school is to inform the kids of Common Core and give them two sets of answers. Quite a load for young kids to absorb, but it might save the day. It’s what I’d be doing if I were faced with home schooling. Meanwhile, I will work with my colleagues to battle Common Core until we can turn it back on itself and get rid of it. The word “education” does not appear in the Constitution, the feds have NO business trying to dictate what the states will teach, or what the parents will teach. There has been for decades a concerted effort to prevent the teaching of true history, true math, true law and any kind of moral behavior at all.

      • Good idea, teach them both ways and why the CC way is wrong. I’ve been so worried about how to get out of this mess. Our school does not use CC but I’ve worried what will happen when they take the SAT , since it’s aligned with the CC. This is so sad that Americans can make a choice.

  5. I have my kids enrolled in a charter school, which is an Independent School District whose board is derived from parents, teachers, and staff (and one “at-large board member from the community”), and only the parents, teachers, and staff are allowed to vote in board elections. Thus, we parents have control of what is happening with our children, and the community at large has only one witness and no say in what we do.

    I would have homeschooled my kids, and had even spent two years preparing lesson plans, seeking homeschool co-ops, talking with homeschool parents and kids, attending homeschool conventions and seminars, and joining MÂCHÉ (Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators) and HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association). We were ready to go, but then something happened: I was struck down by viral encephalitis.

    I am not able to do the things I used to do due to a loss of short-term memory. I can’t do math, which requires short-term memory. I can’t keep track of time, which requires short-term memory. Heck, I can’t do anything that requires multitasking, as I can do only one thing at a time and I must stay with it from start to finish. I can’t walk away from a pot cooking on the stove or leave the water run to fill a bathtub, because when I walk away, I do not remember to go back to finish what I was doing.

    I really want to homeschool, and my kids have even asked me to homeschool them, but they also know that “Daddy has problems,” and they have adapted quickly to keep an eye on me so I don’t burn the house down.

    But I do know that I want my kids educated, not indoctrinated, and I told the charter school principal in a letter that there were things I expected from the school. He told me that I was the only parent who ever expressed these concerns and lamented that no one else seemed to understand the issues of public school. He assured me that the main reason he started the charter school was to block indoctrination and ensure education. Indeed, it turns out that he is a staunch conservative, just like me.

    For now, I am satisfied that my kids are in good hands, as the school does require 20 hours a year of parent volunteer time. Parents also correct all homework, so we don’t have to ask, “What did you learn in school today,” and moreover, we know what they’re learning and how well they’re learning it. We also agreed to limit their “tube time” (TV, video games, etc.) to only half an hour a day. I unplugged our TV, so my kids are now avid readers and don’t care at all about TV.

    If America survives Obama and the Obamanites, my kids will be leaders, not followers; employers, not employees; lenders, not borrowers; landlords, not renters; givers, not takers.

    • Be sure your school never accepts Common Core

      • I have been assured by the board that Common Core is not going to come to this charter. My kids will be in the 5th and 6th grades next year, but the school only provides K-8 education, so I will be enrolling them in Maranatha Christian Academy when the time comes. And with that in mind, I have been making inquiries of MCA regarding Common Core and other issues as well. I have attended the last three open houses at MCA and dicussed issues with the principle, parents, teachers, and even some of the students. So far, I am confident that my kids will be safe at MCA.

        • If your state adopts CC my understanding is that you will be stuck with it, like it or not, because your school will still need to take the state tests to maintain funding as a public charter school. They are pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes, there won’t be a choice unless you are in a private school. Even the homeschoolers will be expected to take the state tests which are based on CC but a crazy interpretation that is designed to frustrate and fail kids until the corporations can come in and take over.

        • If your state committed to Common Core, every public school in the system is required to use CC. Charters are not exempt.

        • “I have been assured …”

          Trust, but verify.

          Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

    • To all who are mentioning Charter Schools, Homeschooling, and Private School alternatives, just so you know, the “Common Core State Standards Initiative” casts a wide net that will make it difficult for to have educational choice. Charters are public schools in CA, so I am not sure how they are instituted across the nation, but here they are public schools and cannot escape CCSS. The ACTs and SATs will be changed to reflect a working knowledge of CC curricula. CA is a governing state in SmarterBalanced and thus, makes it so much harder to get anyone to budge, in a liberal leaning state legislation, to get out of the CCSSI.

      • This should be concerning to homeschooliing parents in California. How will homeschooling sudents take/pass the ACT and SATs if changed to reflect the public school curriculum.

  6. The time has now came people… Time to move into the mountains and be off the grid permanently. Hope you have been getting ready. We have and are. Just as soon as the garden is tilled and the barn built we should be able to survive. I have the heirloom seeds and lots of seeds I have gathered on my own. Dried foods are canned and boxed up along with the five gallon buckets of dried foods and the cases of canned foods from different stores. Keep a close eye on expiration dates. We have propane and 12 volt, plus a spring, and the property borders the river on one side. So here in the Northwest we won’t have a problem with water. You need to be able to say and do the same thing.

  7. This is just the tip of the iceberg relating to data about children being available to the Federal Government.

    The newest thing is “Common Core,” an education program to harmonize education across the U.S. that was adopted in 2010!!! Did YOU ever hear about it??

    Last I heard, 45 states have already signed on to implement it in the coming school year.

    This includes ALL of your child’s records at public schools being put into a national database, available to…………well, you fill in the blank.

    These records could well include counselor records, any visits to the school psychologist, grades, disciplinary history, etc.

    In my area of California, as an example, one student I know about has been suspended twice from school for the horrible crime of making his hand look like a gun and pointing it at other students, even when he said he was “spinning webs, like Spiderman.”

    Please homeschool, private school, charter school.

  8. Bill & Melinda Gates also fund Khan academy. Lots of homeschoolers use this site. Wonder if that site is collecting their information too.

    • When I was researching homeschooling, I discovered that public schools were fighting back by offering on-line “homeschooling” courses. Basically, they were attempting to recapture “escapees” and keep them enrolled by hook or by crook for purposes of maintaining income from those students. For public schools, it’s all about the money, and very little about the education. We were warned by homeschool advocates to be very careful about sourcing our curricula and to especially be wary of on-line offerings. I have no doubt that the Khan Academy is collecting all the information it can from students and their families.

      • yes , i was referred to this site. But when I searched to see who funded it and saw the Gates names. I knew nothing is good from this bad tree. We stay away.

        • I’m not sure what info Khan Academy would be gathering. My son uses it for his math. He doesn’t even use his name on the site, just a screen name. They haven’t asked for any personally indentifying info.

          • i do not know, but just choose not have anything to do with these people no matter how wonderful it appears. I jut wanted to pass on the information.

          • It’s ‘BILL GATES”. I’m sure he could create spy software to infiltrate your computer that you wouldn’t even know about.

      • I do not agree about the public school just being worried about the money. I know many people who have home schooled and have had wonderful experiences. Their children were often six months to a year ahead of their grade. However, often those parents graduated from high school and often, college. My concern, as a second grade teacher, are those students whose parents decide to home school and then get tired or bored with it. They realize how much time it takes out of their day to actually do this, so they quit. Those children are often behind when they come back to public school. It is frustrating and sad. I think our staff is not concerned about the money, but the children.

        • It’s not the teachers that are concerned with the money. But you can’t bet your bottom that the administrations are.

        • Certainly there are parents who do not understand the commitment required for homeschooling, and there are even some who take advantage of “homeschooling” only to put their children to work in a family business. These cases are not the norm, and there are likely not many instances. Yet, while complaining about these outliers, what is your answer for students graduating from high school that are functionally illiterate? Yeah, there are a lot more of those students than there are students whose parents were ill prepared to homeschool. Your argument, though valid in describing an exceptional circumstance, pales in comparison to the kids who are being shortchanged by public schools across America.

          As for the rest of your response, you cannot possibly be saying it’s not about the money while keeping a straight face. Even teachers unions have said that they’re only interested in the teachers, and if students paid union dues, then they might consider being interested in them. Actually, we know unions are only interested in union dues and don’t really care about teachers at all, except at ants concern themselves with aphids.

          Schools are flirting with student tracking devices to ensure accountability on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour basis in order to ensure full student participation for the sake of bean counting. When students play hookie, schools lose dollars, and they just can’t allow that. Inside, administrators talk about the drain on funding caused by absentee students, but outside, they talk about student safety. Yeah, right, it’s “for the children.” We know what it’s all about, and we are not fooled.

          The Minnesota Department of Education implemented an on-line program to compete with homeschooling because if they can get students enrolled in their on-line program instead of some third-party program, then they can count those students as enrolled in public school. Just think of it! Not only do they keep the funding for each of those students, but at the same time, they have smaller class sizes. Let the parents and students do all the work, and the schools still get paid. Win-Win!

          Every year, those who are homeschooling and those who have their children enrolled in charter schools receive a letter from the local school district that attempts to get the parents to re-enroll their kids in the local school district. Why? When teachers and administrators complain all the time about class sizes, why do they want to draw back all the students that have helped to make classes smaller? It is because the missing students mean missing dollars. Period.

        • As the former president of Homeschoolers of Wyoming, I have found that parents that pulled their kids from public school and ‘unschooled them’ meaning just kind of lettng them learn on their own without a curriculum, still did better in a year than their public school counterparts. Simple you shoot an arrow you hit a target( your childs mind) Teachers shoot an arrow and miss about 20 targets per day and maybe 3 or 4 take hold of what they really could be learning in 20 min. instead of 3 hrs..the sad thing is when kids are pulled from public school and put in private. They are always far behind and have to be left back a grade…

    • Underground, thank you for that information!! I was just looking into Kahn. Knowing Bill Gates is involved, I will stay clear.

  9. My concern would be if untrue remarks about the child and/or parents were put into this record.
    Teachers personal comments could harm the student throughout their school career.

    • This is a very big concern. Indeed, when I enlisted in the Air Force and was offered my pick of a handful of jobs, I discovered that they knew my entire school record. Of course, I had nothing negative in there, but today’s “negatives” are very different from yesteryear’s negatives. When I went to school, we carried actual firearms to school, and nobody cared. Today, a kid points his finger like Spiderman squirting web, and a teacher gets him cast out for making a “gun” with his finger. Back in my day, there were no psychotropic drugs; today, almost all the kids are doped up on them, and psychotopic drug use can be disqualifying for many occupations. None of that stuff can be purged from a record, as even the poptart kid can’t get his record cleaned.

      Bureaucrats are not good about purging records. For example, I’m a big guy at 6″2″ and 350 pounds. When I was asked to have an MRI a while ago, I expressed concern about being able to fit into the tube, as I was tight in the tube when I weighed 300 pounds years before that. All I wanted to do was find out if I would fit inside or whether I would need to go into an open-sided MRI unit. The next thing I know, I’m getting a call from the pharmacy saying a prescription for Lorazepam, a psychotropic drug for anxiety. Knowing that I don’t want any indication of such drug use in my records, I called the clinic to see why it had been prescribed. The nurse told me that my doctor had diagnosed me with claustrophobia, which I don’t actually have at all. I have as yet been unsuccessful in getting both the diagnosis and the drug expunged from my medical record.

      I never even picked up the prescription, but told the pharmacy that I would not be using it. And, as for the claustrophobia, I went down to the MRI unit to ask the technician if she thought I’d have any trouble, and she said, “Hey, you’re in luck. We have an opening and can get you in right now. Let’s see what we can do.” So, they brought me back and tried me on the conveyor. It was a no go, so they pulled me back out, like a cork out of a wine bottle. Then they removed all the padding and a plastic tray of some sort from the conveyor, and tried again. This time I slid all the way in, with all sides of my body touching. I could bearly draw a full breath. My arms were wedged in tight and immobilized, so much so that circulation was cut off and my hands went tingly, then numb, then cold, then painful. I had been in there for half an hour and thought it all must be done soon, so I didn’t push the panic button. Why do it all over again when you’re almost done? I was in there for another 15 minutes after that, and I thought my hands must have gone dead. But I didn’t have claustrophobia, and I didn’t need mind-control drugs.

      And I can’t get either the diagnosis or the prescription scrubbed from my records. Just wait until Obamacare kicks in and all medical records are retained in that mega data center in Maine. Just try to get records corrected then. School records will feed into medical records, and errors (intentional or not) will be impossible to correct. If you are listed as being defiant in school, on psychotropic drugs, depressed (regardless of whether it was merely short term due to the loss of a loved one), or otherwise “damaged,” you will not be able to own firearms. The Left will attempt to ensure the broadest disqualification of citizens possible. I am certain that if the Left can get away with using the IRS to “punish their enemies,” then they will use school records and medical records to punish all who do not show fealty to the progressive movement. America is being fundamentally transformed, and it is not a good thing.

  10. This article is slightly misleading. From my research, inBloom is a central data repository for school data and not mandatory via Common Core. Instead it is an option, and only about 5 states agreed to store their data with inBloom. And, although it is free now, I think they start charging for the storage costs in 2015. A separate issue is the database format with over 400 data points is to be used (I think) with all Common Core implementations, and I don’t know if collecting all that data is mandatory. Thus if the state is not using inBloom for storage, then they need to create storage systems either by state or by District (or maybe by optional vendors). This is a quagmire and parents should demand a printout of the entire data format used by their School District and see how many fields there are. If they are using the standard 400+ datapoint database format, then the next question is are they collecting all the fields of data, how do parents approve it, and are they actually filling out all the data. Are they having the kids fill it out as part of their online test, or is there a separate process for filling out the student data file? All questions to be asked. (I was a computer auditor at one time).

    • Hmm…I was very careful to mention it was at “little to no cost” and never did I say it was mandatory. And my point was parents don’t get to approve or disapprove of a program they don’t know is being implemented. Much the same as Americans don’t get to approve or disapprove of the NSA tapping our phones and computers when the only ones that know are the ones doing it. Common Core itself is a violation of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. We see how well that teaching to a test is doing on a state level. Now imagine how it will be once the federal government dictates what our children learn. Everything they touch that they shouldn’t tends to fall to pieces.

  11. It’s too late-Ob has already sold Common Core! They will psycho analyze every student along with their family.. Done deal!

  12. When people say “smart and savvy businessman”, I take it to mean that they are ruthless and unprincipled and have no kindness in them because they do it under the table, not like the Mafia.

  13. This is a clear violation of Federal PPRA for which U can protest to US DEO in the PPRA section. But they themselves make it difficult to file a complaint. Same with FERPA violations. There laws also protect all data & information that is not considered something like basic label info. meaning for recruiters, just age, name, address & phone.. the grades, discipline, teacher communications is still supposed to be FULLY covered under minor privacy acts, laws, & codes. I would suspect it can then be found that this InBloom has strong ties to SERCO. SERCO is a very evil global corporation that has very strong ties & is fully a part of the Central & Global Banking Cabal, NWO, & pushed UN agendas. research & see Bilderberg connections, all major global banks are a part of SERCO & that SERCO does massive data collection, public cameras, BIO id of students, run jails, prisons, have contracts on “FEMA camps”, control UK nukes, supply millions of Contractors who work w/ in the US Federal Government ie DHS etc

  14. As a single mom, I had to work. In an upper management position, I put in long hours at times. This meant my daughters had to attend public schools.

    What I did to “educate” them, or better put, teach them how to think, was to first make sure they were able to comprehend reading. I would have them read two hours a day after school. Whatever they were interested rather Twilight, Harry Potter or Life of Pi they had to read and tell me what was happening in the story.

    Through their middle and high school years, I would ask what they discussed in school that day. I would also read their homework assignments. If I saw “indoctrination” in any form, I would point this out to my children. Then we would research the constitution, spirituality all aspects of the “situation” being taught. I would them have them ask opposing questions. We would debate issues as a family.

    The result, two adults who are independent thinkers. They will weigh all sides of an issue no matter what label is pinned on it, democrat, republican, tea party, progressive, etc. I taught them to formulate their own convictions based upon their “personal” spiritual beliefs, life experiences, and intellectual understanding.

    Rather public, private or home schooled, an involved parent can guide their children. For right now without government interference, but I think that’s fading fast.

    God bless those parents with young children today, you have a bit of a rocky road ahead. Parental rights are being slowly chiseled away. When our children are considered a “natural resource” of the state or country, look out we will be heading towards dictatorship at rapid speeds.

  15. I suggest researching the dumbing down of America. Charlotte Iserbyt talks about, The truth about Charter Schools.

  16. School vouchers for every student through 12th. grade.
    Allow parents to choose the school that best meets their expectations.

    • Oh! Please! No!!!!!

      Your two demands are mutually exclusive: if you have vouchers, you cannot have parental control, and parental control excludes vouchers.

      Where does the voucher money come from? Government. And government must exercise control over the money it expends. Therefor, someone (a bureaucrat or a politician) will decide what constitutes a “school”. If your entity doesn’t conform to the bureaucratic definition, you won’t qualify, no matter how many parents want to subscribe. Meaning you will have to choose: go out of business or accept their money, their curricula, their credentials, their schedule, their whatever.

      If there are vouchers, there will not be any non-voucher accepting schools. The tuition for non-voucher schools will have to rise to cover their costs, while voucher schools (now controlled by the state, as explained above) will expand as more and more parents take other people’s money to educate their children.

      Only without government intervention and control can parents have true choices.

      ‘Sides, vouchers, just like government-run,tax-funded welfare schools, make people break the VIII and X Commandments: theft, even if you plan on using the stolen money to educate your child, is theft, and coveting other people’s property, even if the covetousness is for a “good cause”.

      Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

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