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The Invisible Way Cybercriminals Track You Through Your Smartphone’s Battery

The Invisible Way You're Being Tracked Through Your Smartphone's Battery

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A new report says websites can monitor the battery life on your table and smartphone, an action that leaves a trail and allows business and cybercriminals to track you, Panda Security reported.

This is all due to HTML5, a computer language in which webpages are written. It contains a function that is supposed to adapt websites to battery usage. According to Panda Security, pages written in HTML5 can actually detect how much juice is in your battery and adjust the webpage accordingly. For example, a simpler version of the page can be loaded if your battery is low, extending its life.

The battery data is collected every 30 seconds and leaves a digital trail, a group of French and Belgian researchers discovered. It impacts Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers.

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Researchers found that after several visits, “you can find the maximum capacity of the battery and eventually identify the user each time you visit a particular website, creating a kind of digital trail.”

To make matters worse, there is no way users can stop it because no permission is required to gather the information. If you visit a website, it automatically collects the information.

“It also doesn’t make much difference if you surf incognito,” Panda Security reported. “In fact, neither the firewall of a computer or using a VPN are enough to escape this monitoring by HTML5. As if that were not enough, everything happens without the user being aware, since the website does not have to ask permission to gather all this information.”

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  1. What a real shame and when is this going to stop? I suppose the biggest question is why do we keep allowing it? We can’t expect the government to protect our privacy. So I dream with the day when the people organize and boycott corporations that spy on us. Microsoft, Apple, Google, Yahoo, ATT, just to name a few of a very long list. The only way to stop them is not through legislation (that will never happen), but by hitting them where it hurts them…. their pockets. People know of the invasive things companies do to gather information about us, and people are perfectly fine with it. A great example of this is Facecrap (no I did not misspelled Facebook, it was intentional). I feel sorry for us a a nation when we allow this and many other things to take place. The founding fathers of this great country must feel so ashamed our their “kids” (that’s us).

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