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80 Days Left Until the Government Assault on Family Businesses with Joel Nagel and Mike Cobb – Episode 124

December 31st is the last day. In a way, it would probably be kinder if the Mayans were right and the world was to end on December 21st. We wouldn’t have to watch the government money-grab of all our hard work, innovation, and the destruction of our businesses that will occur on January 1st of the new year. We will have gone from “you didn’t build that” to “you owe us….”

I’m talking about what is euphemistically called the “Bush tax cuts,” and they end on December 31st. The consequences are more far-reaching than the average American understands. It is not only the destruction of personal wealth, it’s the further erosion and destruction of our economy.

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Please join host Bill Heid, Joel Nagel (an international lawyer), and Mike Cobb (an international property developer) as they discuss financial tax havens, trusts, and foundations, as well as the implications of the expiration of the Bush tax cuts.

In this episode:

  • Table “hide and seek” — better to “show and tell”
  • The tax man cometh — no matter which party wins the White House
  • Bankrupting our children’s future
  • Protecting your assets from the government takeover
  • And more…
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  1. The entire government is unconstitutional. This voids the government’s authority. No one has any duty to obey the government. Remember, the second amendment is essentially the right to revolt. It’s time to exercise that right! ~Bob~

    • I agree, Bob. The bureaucrats are in a dead heat to get everyone dependent on government. The question is whether enough Americans understand our Declaration of Independence, and beyond that, the guts to stand up and revolt against unconstitutional traitors who wish to take us down.

      Whoever wins the so called “election” is not the key factor here. It’s the banksters who run the world for their bottom line whom we must somehow remove from their seats of power. Whoever comes up with a solution to this dilemma will be the super hero(es) of the century.

      By the looks of things we don’t have much time left to bring an end to this treasonous power, run from London and the Vatican. The solution remains with the people being educated to our enemies; after that they must work unitedly to end that tyranny. May the saints be with us

  2. Ooh Rah exactly the government trying to take all our money and redistribute our money to make the people of America dependent on the state you are right.

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