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Are Gardens Being Outlawed In America? (Radio guest attorney Ari Bargel)

front yard gardens outlawedImagine meticulously tending to your garden each year, for 17 years, and then having a city official knock on your door and demand you uproot all your plants – or face a $50-a-day fine.

That is exactly what happened to a couple in Miami Shores, Fla., who owned an organic garden for most of their married years before the city council passed an ordinance banning front-yard gardens. Their neatly trimmed organic garden provided not only them the food they couldn’t get at the local store, but it also benefited their family and neighbors, too.

Sadly, they did have to uproot their garden, but they’re not giving up, and on this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, host Bill Heid talks to Institute for Justice attorney Ari Bargel, who is representing the couple in a lawsuit against Miami Shores.


In one week, the couple went from eating delicious organic food to buying store-bought vegetables that are less nutritious, less convenient and more expensive.

garden ban

Hermine Ricketts and her husband Tom Carroll

Believe it or not, this is not an isolated incident. Cities and towns across Florida and America are passing ordinances banning gardens because, they say, they’re “unsightly.” But what about our constitutionally protected right to privacy and right to possess and tend to our own property? And isn’t there a fundamental right to grow our own food – to feed ourselves?

America’s Founders spoke to this issue loud and clear, and you’ll learn how.

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  1. i think we have a constitutional right to feed ourselves. and victory gardens are very good food. im hoping this couple prevails as the others who have been targeted for using their own property for life-sustaining activities.

  2. This overreaching control of local government is a result (actually a throw back) of the wealth building plan followed by so many in the past of using OPM and max leverage. Go’s like this; buy a house in a new sub, live there for 2 years and sell, now buy a larger house in a newer sub, repeat until one day you’re in a McMansion at which time you loose your job and it all vanishes to extreme debt.

    While living in each one on your climb up, don’t dare use any out of the ordinary colors or changes, keep it appealing to the general sheeple = neutral.

    Obviously this sinful method of keeping up with the Jones is outdated due our now dead housing market and especially in light of the coming economic collapse.

    This is another reason we liquidated and moved to the rural countryside in a laid back county enjoying a Sustainable Frugal Living!

    God Bless!

  3. Are you kidding me! I will grow indoors then, I will create a room for growing just like the marijuana growers do!

  4. This is all going to occur as this is all in the plan of the oligarchy. If we are feeding ourselves we are not dependent on the corporations, we are not putting chemicals into our bodies that end up requiring medications from big pharma, we travel less which impacts big oil, and it goes on and on. The small holder/urban farmer, to homesteader will be taxed to where it isn’t feasible to continue. This is the road we are on and will stay on. This is all dictated in Revelation. All need to understand we are in the End Times. We can only do so much as everything is going to happen. A new president, a government overall, nothing will matter. The time is now that we all get more serious than ever about saving our friends and family. Plant real seeds in people and do what you can with organic seeds.

  5. Makes me very sad that these things are happening. I am blessed to live in a very rural area where these things do not happen. I hope they can replant their garden and I hope this rotten law gets overturned.

  6. the fact that with careful management it is possible to raise vegetables and some fruits at a quarter of the price of store price, not in all seasons but when you are eating homegrown the taste is supreme to the salads and vegetables in hundred dollar restaurants. herbs like lemongrass can keep you secure from severe illnesses. even people that cannot bend down can set up elevated gardens more than knee high and share the joy of sharing the precious moments of blooming and ripening of crops. no one that has tasted young peas right off the vine can forget them the family and educational value of parents and children sharing the moments of planting, caring for and harvesting is of marvelous lasting value

  7. …so why didn’t they move the garden to there back yard?

    • Good question. I did wonder that myself, but regardless, they shouldn’t have to move it!!

    • Ok, should have waited until I listened to it. They did try the back yard and the sunlight is not right that time of year and their garden failed in the back, so they moved it to the front. Makes sense

  8. They should check to see if Florida has the Right to Farm Act as we do here up north. Its also the law and passed by the state, which overrides local ordinances

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