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Are You Sinking in Our Country’s Regulatory Quagmire? with Jonathan Emord – Episode 050

We have a crisis in this country. This crisis isn’t about debt (although it is a symptom of the crisis), it isn’t about 1st amendment, 2nd amendment, 4th amendment, 6th amendment, or even 10th amendment concerns (although, again, they figure highly in the equation).

This crisis is about the corporatist bureaucratic oligarchy that we now have as a government instead of the limited republic of constitutional governance that our Founders gave us.

Please join Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy this week when they host Off the Grid Radio with a very special guest, Jonathan Emord. Emord is a constitutional and administrative lawyer that has successfully fought the FDA in court numerous times over its failure to perform its duties or its overreach into consumers’ choices in the marketplace. He is the author of four bestselling books (including Rise of Tyranny) and was formerly on staff at the Mass Media Bureau of the FCC during the Reagan administration.

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In this episode:

  • The world-view of former and current administrations – from Reagan to Obama
  • Federal overreach into the lives of U.S. citizens
  • The one way we can rebut and overcome this centralized federal government
  • And more…
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  1. It has been said “don’t let any crisis go to waste”. Our government often creates a so-called crisis for the purpose of an agenda.

    Current events are still the result of when the recession set in and the stock market collapsed. The big money grubbers on wall street claimed losses and massive bailouts from government to them followed. Much of the bail out money even found it’s way overseas.

    The main factor with a recession is lack of the people (masses) to spend, thus with less buying it negatively affects manufacturing and retail.

    The bailout money amounts were so massive that every middle and lower class home mortgage in America could have been paid off plus money left over to give to the people. It would have immediately crushed the recession (depression). Instead, it went to money brokers and increased their wealth and crushed the people financially. Needless to say most citizens assets and reserves, homes, and jobs were lost. As a result assistance is on the rise as people struggle to survive in this ugly mess. A mess created by the government and it’s bedfellows.

    • Yes, “Its All About Evil” by Dr Roy foster as this series explains. Crises and more crises is the name of the game. The evil in all of us learned as we transgressed as children has led to suicidal tendencies. Even the devil-opment of medicine will keep us living longer in a decadent society. There would never be a crises if we lived at level four or higher in a consciousness close to conscience. We are rewarded with plagues which proves that there is a Creator in charge.

  2. Enjoyed the May 26th program with Mr. Emord A LOT.

    Several weeks ago I had emailed you about volume problems with your Friday programs. I do not know if you made any changes, but this week was great. I acutally had to turn down the volume on the commercials.

    However, Mr. Emord was somewhat garbled. Bill and Brian and the commercials were perfectly clear, so I am assuming that the problem was with his phone connection.

    Anyway, great show!!

    William Leesman
    Galt, IL 61037

  3. The third. You mean the one that wasn’t needed when the tropos were quartered in people’s front yards, taking their guns away in illegal searches? This proved that governments under pressure will always violate the rights of its citizens when push comes to shove.Which violated the Second, third, fourth, and fifth amendments.

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