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Are Your Vegetables Making You… Fat? – Episode 042

We are the largest agricultural exporter in the world. Our food production and supply lines are the envy of nations. We sit smugly in our chairs at night, watching American Idol or Dancing with the Stars, munching away without a care in the world.

Yet that food supply may not be as secure … or as safe as you would imagine.

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In this episode:

  • The three reasons we take in food
  • How nutrition play a role in our immune systems and our ability to fight off diseases and infection
  • Why our foods no longer offer us a nutritional framework
  • The recipe for two foliar sprays—one to increase vegetable plant growth and one to help set fruit.
  • and more…

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  1. Some people like to listen, while others like more to read their information. Many busy people do not have the time in their busy work day to listen to “video” presentations or online information radio. I can more quickly digest information that I can read—takes much less time. Please get those transcripts up-to-date and encourage your advertisers who like those “speaking video presentations” to put them into print media also, for faster access and absorbtion. Off The Grid News will reach a wider audience this way; there is no doubt.

  2. I too miss the transcripts. I can read it in much less time than it takes for my computer to play it.

  3. I agree with needing the transcripts!! I can read much faster than someone can talk and do not have time to invest in looking through the massive amounts of information out there in video/audio format. I never take the time to listen to these videos. If the transcript is not there, I must skip the opportunity.

  4. Because Americans , at least half of them , will wimp out when the going gets rough , they will put the democrats back in and we will continue to lose the United Srates of America the way our forefathers intended it to be to keep us free . So even though the budget is a great start , I still have little hope for the country .

  5. Text is much more efficient than audio or video messages. Please accompany any audio or video with a text version, to save our time.

  6. I too would like to see text. These ki nd of presentations are all a bout the same. Some one talks for about an hour and no way to pause it so you can go to the bathroom or just for a break.

  7. I think the transcripts are good. Meanwhile I can download the radio show and put it on my ipod. I can listen in the car and when I run. These are great!

  8. I loved the topic of this episode. I get my food from a variety of sources from in the wild to government issued commodities. What I have noticed is that you get what you pay for. Grass fed beef is pricey but I consume less of it and enjoy the flavor since it is more nutritious than corn fed beef.
    Commods, as we call them, have little flavor except maybe the tin flavored canned tomatoes and can be hazardous to our health, like margarine which is a bad fat. Even commod eggs have trans fat in them.
    When I was eating bad I would get sick a lot and I gained weight. When I eat good my weight goes down and I get sick less. Problem is the types of food I am eating are the same, the processing is different. I think the average consumer would have a hard time knowing where there food comes from.

  9. I agree, many people are not getting the nutrition that they need. With the over processed “food” that is high in sugar, fat and sodium no wonder many people are coming down with Type 2 Diabeties and other ailments! In fact, many things like always coming down with colds and dry skin, etc. are due to poor nutrition, and by poor nutrition I am not talking about quantity but quality. You can be over weight to obese and still have poor nutrition because you are getting too much of the bad stuff and not enough of the good.
    I use to get the sensation of a thousand pins being jammed into my right theigh everytime someone would slightly bump into me, but since I have been taking Herbalife products I have not had that discomfort. I’m not claiming that Herbalife is a guarantee cure all. I just know it works for me. Will it work for you? Find out

  10. While you have one of the best people in the world speaking on healthy food, you have the most abnoxious advertising I have ever heard. I cannot listen to this presentation because of your nauseating advertisments!!

  11. Thanks for putting this up. I vote for a text presentation, also. It’s hard to sit still long enough to listen and write down the “recipes.” I suspect most of us who are trying to become more self-sustaining are very busy people.

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