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As the Worm Turns – Episode 028

logoThere’s not enough imagination in the world to make this stuff up. Our economy and financial house are being run like we’re a banana republic … and we’re the country with the currency upon which all other countries base theirs. We have been the world’s economic superpower for years, but that distinction is quickly drawing to a close.

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The main stream media won’t report any of this. All their journalism degrees together are more worthless than the fiat money we currently use for goods and services. Where can one go for advice on monetary strategies going into the coming year? Join Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy as they interview Porter Stansberry, publisher and editor of the Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, a monthly newsletter jam-packed with economic and investment information that any prepper needs to know.

In this episode:

  • The reason for the Great Depression…and the connection to us today.
  • From Bernie Madoff to … Muammar al-Gaddafi?
  • The impending bankruptcy of our utility companies.
  • How trade and currency wars will bring about an unprecedented world food shortage.
  • and more…
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  1. I would like to announce my Independent Candidacy for the 2012 Presidential Elections! My platform will be one of great-change in view of the planetary-flip scheduled for September of 2015. Many changes now need to happen in order that this race survive the seven year drought due to follow this readjustment. Beans, rice and corn now need to be grown and stored for the lean years just ahead. The legalization of hemp and the conversion of all vehicles to a hydrogen(water) system is now necessary in view of our financial situation. All military troops will be recalled and stationed along our southern border states. All international and domestic debts shall be considered null and void. All home owners now living in their residences shall hereby declare
    “squatters rights” and all currency shall be reprinted and redistributed on an equal basis. Our judicial and incarceration facilities will be gone through as the first order of my new administration. All convicted murders, rapists and child molesters will immediately be humanely put to sleep. All the rest will do manual labor on our new work farms. If elected to office I will restore your rights and perhaps add a few more! But now is not the time to decide. You still have about two years till you finally have to decide. Do we want another Democrat or Republican Mafia member to run our country further into debt, and further into the ground?
    These new ideas are taking shape in the minds of many now! Keep your ears on the for more updates and good information for all.

    • i am very thank full for the info in the past years i have been faithfull to your teachings ever scence 2000 the table turned, which i could see the writting on the wall but we have limited resources and we been trying to do what you been saying you see i became sick on active duty which when i began to fall out vains pertuding out of my head skine falling of my feet the unit i was assigned droped the ball left me out to dry well i turned in my equipment and had no choice it was do or die my own govt didnt care i have three honerable discharges in 19 years 7 months to retire the refused to give me my retirment which i see no how our govt is and i am very angry as to this issue and i guess your right china owns us and we are being broken down slowly for the bigger plan and i will tell you this the govt is watching compuiter writ up from people and making a list for feauture engagments i am so angry why did i protect this great country why did i spend my whole life protecting only to find out i been sold out and the american people been sold out by our govt polititions doing the back door deals thenj going to church on sunday claimming the good this country was founded on good preicibles WHAT HAPPENED TO YOURS AND MINE IN THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD ON PLANET EARTH AMERICA

    • DO NOT FORGET the Northern Border!

    • Nobody made you God that you can decide who lives or who dies. Besides, your rant is full of misspelled words. You sound no better than an anti-Christ fascist commie pig with your edicts that we shall do thus and so. Your supposed solutions to the problem will only make things worse. yes, we must all prepare, but first we must be educated regarding the corrupt Commie/Masonic, Anti-Christ globalist system. Maybe if people are starving they may listen to your message. However, I hardly think so and instead their animal survival instincts will take over and they will kill you in order to get your food. So, worry about prepping and defending yourself first. You really think the globalist elitist dictators and their puppets in gov’t are going to let go of power so easily? We have a lot of work to do to challenge and overcome the forces of Anti-Christ. Good luck to everyone.

  2. I will vote for you any day of the week, Glaid to hear there are still people in this country with common sence .Im an 84 yr old I hopr to see you in the White house. I know that you will receive a ton of votes go get em, God Bless you tis country needs people like you. Go get them TIGER. Mr Frank Sivestri.

  3. WOW! (TV Guardianese) This is a joke. I hope.

    “All convicted murders, rapists and child molesters will immediately be humanely put to sleep”

    We should include all those who have committed adultery in their hearts as well don’t you think. And why not just stone them. Oh yeah, you forgot the homosexuals. Oh yeah and anyone who associates with any of the above. Watch out Jesus.

    “If elected to office I will restore your rights and perhaps add a few more! But now is not the time to decide.”

    I think before we elect you, we should know exactly which rights you would be sure to grant us.

    And one more thing, it sounds like you want to be the new Joseph not David as far as the drought and grain is concerned.

    • thank you, Craig. I think we need real leaders who will respect their fellow men no matter how fallen or sinful. We didn’t arrive at this sorry state of immorality overnight and we won’t restore Christian culture overnight either. the forces of darkness (too many groups to mention, but you know them when you hear/see them) have been patiently breaking down the family and traditional values over the centuries. Let’s not unduly delude ourselves that we will also have our traditional Christian moral utopia in no time, just kill everyone and start from scratch type idea. We do that and we are no better than the anti-Christs on the left.

      • I find it laughable that you would mention “god” but then in the same sentence suggest that we should thumb our noses at YHWH’s judgments. Just who is YOUR “god” anyway?

        Had we followed the commandments, statutes and judgments of YHWH from the beginning, we would not be in the mess we’re in today. It is partially the fault of milk toast “christians”, who think that “Jesus” was a hippy love child, and made THE LAW of none effect.

        I hear these same “vile” so-called Christians claiming that THE LAW has been done away with when JESUS’ own words to the contrary convict you people as liars – calling good, evil and evil; good.

        Murderers, adulterers, homosexuals and rapist most definitely should be put to death IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LAWS OF YHWH HIMSELF. My only conclusion is that you follow a satanic god and not the GOD of the scripture.

        • Forgot one thing, that Jesus’ death paid the penalty these law transgressors had coming. If they still need to be put to death, then God better apologize for the horror Jesus went through to pay their price.
          Jesus did away with the “law for righteousness” – in effect following the law does not make us righteous, belief in Jesus’ finished work does. HE is our righteousness and the Bible is very clear about this.
          However, Jesus came to FULFILL the law, not do away with it. In fact, he held us to a higher standard – it is not enough to BEHAVE in accordance with the law, LOVE must be the motivator behind it. If we behave just fine, but our heart is filled with hate and lust, we have already sinned.
          If all the homosexuals, murderers, adulterers, etc that you mentioned deserve death, then sorry, you need to line up along with them, because ALL have sinned and fallen short as the Bible says. God sees sin as sin, period. Thankfully, Jesus took the penalty.
          As Paul says in the NT, the law was a schoolmaster to show us our failings and it is THE POWER OF SIN. It shows us we are unable to keep it, no matter how hard we try, apart from a heart transformed by Jesus love. It is out of this love that we naturally fulfill the law, for as Jesus said “Love does no harm to its neighbour” He also stated that if one loves God with all his heart, mind and soul and his neighbour as himself, he has fulfilled the whole law. We are not talking about a mamby pamby feeling of affection for another, or condoning evil actions, but a value placed on another human being as a creation of God. This value is the same value God has for all humans.
          When a person states that a penalty of death must be exacted from a person who errs, this shows that they view Jesus’ sacrifice as of no value.
          People that commit heinous acts should not be destroyed, though they may need to be kept away from society for its protection. They still deserve respect and basic human decency, no matter WHAT they have done – otherwise we are just like them if we treat them badly. Jesus exemplified this in his life over and over and over – he hung out with KNOWN crooks, prostitutes, corrupt government officials and was criticized for it by the religious leaders of the day. Their only hope for restoration was to respond to this love and he offered that opportunity. The Bible doesn’t say they even changed, only that he gave them that opportunity. He even asked for the soldiers that murdered him to be forgiven by his Father in Heaven!!!!!
          At least that is what the Bible says and since you are referring to it, I thought I would use it to give you feedback.
          Force, punishment, rejection, killing NEVER furthers the Kingdom of Heaven, only love does that.

    • Well said, Craig!


  5. You are right on target!!!!!!!

  6. maybe we should open the cell doors and let out the murders,rapist and child molesters into your neighborhood craig!They are offenses that should be punished severely. You must not have loved ones you want to protect because if you did you would know that putting them in jail for 10 or 15 yrs. does not give them morals.It’s a proven that they will get out and continue where they left off. Sorry, I don’t want to feed and house the sickos.

  7. Craig …. You may be the only SANE person on this board, which is OBVIOUSLY NOT MONITORED…… Looks like someone needs to read the constitution and learn where RIGHTS come from.
    Dr. Duhh

  8. I would rather vote for someone like Porter Stansberry, that understands the whole relm of things. From agriculture, business, world economy as well as U.S. economy. This is the type of person that we need in office. What did any of our past president know other than just plain politics and how they can line there pockets.
    I’m not sure what Obama’s agenda is, other than just plain destroying our country and having a good time traveling and vacationing with his family on our tax dollars.

  9. French revolutionary (Freemason) strategy (type of the great apostasy and abomination of desolation):
    • Corrupt people on massive scale. Why? No one obeys crafty men unless his soul is weakened and broken down by domination of passions (lust)
    • Freemason strategy is to submerse the population in vice in order to more easily dominate them, gradually, by degrees, as it were. For example, mason would incite riots in order to accustom the people to crime and violence. Same with the promotion of sexual immorality, promotion of divorce, debauchery, sadism, abominations, etc…basically freemasons follow this principle: Catholicism can be overcome not by logical arguments but by corrupted morals. Their goal is to destroy all teaching about God, especially Catholic teaching.

    Dechristianization/desolation – killing priests and bishops, forbidding public worship, desecrating God’s holy temples with pagan blasphemy, blaspheming/outraging God by desecrating holy pictures, crucifixes, smashing statues, burning Bibles, breviaries and other Christian prayer books, closing churches, etc.

    Depopulation – essential part of revolutionary plan, because population too large for the soil to bear. This makes sense because they worship nature and their god is ‘mother earth’. So, they determine that the country/earth carrying capacity is only so much, so the difference needs to be murdered.

  10. Destruction – politeness destroyed, arts and literature destroyed, war on civilization, with end goal being absolute so-called equality.

    Effect: Treasury empty, no food in granaries, hospitals without administration, roads impassible, public instruction closed, basically total collapse of society and receptive to the first person who would present himself as “savior”. Napoleon was that savior, he sought to capture Jerusalem and create a Jewish state out of Palestine. The Jews saw him as savior and attributed to him titles that belong only to the true Messiah, Our Lord. So, Napoleon is a type for the Anti-Christ. He never captured Jerusalem because he was stopped by the British. Napoleon is lustful for power. Three ways in which his lust for power played out:
    1. In artwork, he portrayed himself as a god, including God the Father. For example, he commissioned painting commemorating meeting with Sanhedrin by showing Moses kneeling receiving 10 commandments from him, Napoleon!
    2. Persecution of the Holy Father and the Church.
    3. Required Catholic teaching be vetted by French emperor and replaced with Jansenism, and other heretical errors.

  11. In conclusion:

    Napoleon’s legacy:
    At least 2 million people died
    Villages burned
    Almost every capital in Europe occupied; Moscow torched, Copenhagen bombed
    Set back European economy at least 100 years
    Men behaved like beasts; standards of human conduct declined
    Nothing would surpass his atrocities until the arrival of Stalin and Hitler in the 20th century.

    • I’m curious.Is there anyone out there that has worked hard all of their life? Has been honest, responsible and peaceful. Has not wanted to cause any harm to people but think that a violent criminal should be punished? That does not have anything to do with a homosexual or an older person.Anytime someone wants to give out the punishment for the crime, the sympathy is always focused on the criminal.I think people have lost their common sense.

      • I agree. However, look at the state of morality in the country and world: children raised w/o father, no discipline or lack of teaching traditional values of respect for parents, neighbor, elders, authority, etc. Besides, it should be no surprise regarding the sympathy for the criminal given the subversives infesting the system that want to bring it all on down girl. that is their revolutionary goal. See post above. The Founders original intent was to put the onus on the state regarding convicting criminals b/c they learned from experience that the state can abuse its power and unjustly convict people. However, I agree that common sense needs to be restored and the commie subversives expelled. Yes, that’s right! Most trial lawyers, judges and the ACLU and similar groups.

  12. Hey Juanito -Read Luke 3 You’ll understand why

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