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City Threatens Widow With Eviction For Living Off The Grid

off the grid woman floridaWhat if you chose to live off the grid – even ditching all utilities – only to learn that the local government has rules against such a lifestyle? Even worse, what if you wanted to live off the grid and the local government threatened you with eviction?

This is still America, but that’s exactly what is happening to one Florida woman who is a guest on this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio. Her name is Robin Speronis, and her inspiring story of self-sufficiency has made national headlines – as has her fight against the government that is trying to boot her from her home. The town even is using what it calls “international” code to enforce its stance.

This spunky woman, though, isn’t backing down, and she has obtained an attorney to take a stand not only for her but also for thousands of other off-the-gridders across America who embrace self-sufficiency.


Robin decided to go off the grid after her husband passed away several years ago. Listen as she tells us:

  • What gradual steps she took to go off the grid
  • How she lives, day to day, without electricity and water from the utility companies.
  • What tips she has for other off-the-gridders.
  • Why she is refusing to give in.
  • What the next step is in her legal fight.

Robin’s fight is our fight, and one that anyone who cherishes self-sufficiency should join.

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  1. Extremelly interesting. Please publish a detailed book about all step and suggestion you have find out along the way. It will probably become a best seller.

    • I HAVE started writing that book and I’m guessing that I will publish this fall???
      Thank you

      • I will pre-order one!

        • I do have my first three books as free reads on my website, (, right now.

          My first book, “My Love Was Greater Than My Fear: Freeing My Husband Completely From The Healthcare System And Home Deathing Him Naturally”, is about what I call now going ‘off-grid’ from the healthcare system.

          My second book, “Off The Grid Living In Southwest Florida – One Woman’s Story, Volume I: a.k.a. Adventures Of A Nature Girl In Her Quest For Freedom”, is about my seven month adventure living in the woods of Southwest Florida.

          My third book, “Off The Grid Living In Southwest Florida – One Woman’s Story, Volume II: The Urban Adventure”, is about my year living the urban off-grid in the City of Cape Coral.


          • I was planning to buy some land in the Boonies between Crystal River and Dunnellon, Fl. And I WANTED to live off the Grid. This is Eye opening and I have been aware of Agenda 21 for some time now. I will be buying your books. God Bless ya, Sister. Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!
            De Oppresso Liber!!

          • Americans, our Country is slipping away. Be vigilant and fight as our Founders HOPED we would when this evil happens. Stay strong. My prayers are with Our God, Country, The freedom and grace for ALL of US.

    • There is a big difference between living off the grid and living like a homeless bum. People need to see the truth behind this lady and the way she lives. This is not why I moved to Cape Coral and she is making my property value go down. Grass is almost as tall as her duplex. She does not live in a single family home like the media portrays. People should drive past this house everyday and see what I see. This is not normal. This has gone on long enough and these conditions she lives in cannot be safe for her or the two dogs living there.

  2. Amen!
    Fight the Good Fight!

  3. We should all write to the local paper, too. Might have even more effect that contacting city hall.

    Cape Coral Daily Breeze
    Editor: Chris Strine, [email protected]

  4. She’s right… consumerism is a lie. I did 3 years off grid, built my own $130,000 house by going to building sites every day and getting all my parts from the dumpsters. Check out the house on my facebook page…. or even better on my Myspace page here .

    I lived off a set of Harbor Freight $150 solar panels and 3 truck batteries and at first an old motor home generator.

    When I started I had an acre and a half that once had a house on it… so it had an existing well and a septic system and a 40 year old shed.

    I moved into that shed when I went completely broke! I worked $10 an hour odd jobs to live… when I could find them, and hand dug the foundations, hand mixed the concrete for the footers ( 5 gal bucket and trowel) and over a 5 year period spent MAYBE 3,000 to complete the house.

    The rest is too long to write here.

    The point is… I hand buit a $130,000 house in 5 years out of the dumpsters… had I bought it I would have had to make house payments for 30 years!

    • Love your story. That’s true America grit and what we should all aspire too. We built and remodeled several houses and lived in travel trailers for 8 years with 2 kids. One of the houses (circa 1888) was slated to be burned down. We new the county would never allow us to make the repairs on the house. They said it was too far gone. So we didn’t tell the county we were going to fix it and pulled no permits. We did all the repairs and then pulled the permits after the fact. The house is beautiful! The county rewarded us for our efforts by raising our annual property tax assessment by several thousand dollars and declared it a new house. lol! Part of the time we lived in the trailers we had no running water and no power. We hauled water and lived off of batteries. That was 25 years ago. Now we could never get away with that. It’s against the law in our county to live in a trailer and they won’t let anyone move onto a property until they have power and water on site. I fear the good ‘ol days are gone….this is why I find Robin’s fight so important. We need to get back to allowing people to simply live simply!

    • You sir, are an INSPIRATION!!! Job Well Done. I salute you!

    • You sir, are to be admired for your — (I don’t even know what to call it, but it’s admirable) pioneer spirit.

      150 years or so ago, this was almost everyone. (Other than City Dwellers)

      You make it obvious that that spirit is not completely dead, but it IS all too rare.


  5. God bless you!!!

  6. Hi Robin,

    Just wanted to say thank you for taking this fight up. Your heart and motive is right. The past many years America has been going the wrong way and has tried create an atmosphere of control. We appreciate and support you!

  7. Hi Robin,

    I live in CA. I wrote to your local council members about your situation. That was was about 2 weeks ago. I got no response. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at that though. I told them they should hold you up as an example for all Americans. Saving energy and “going green” is exactly what you are doing, and isn’t that what the government has been touting? In my opinion, you are a hero. I am not a “greenie” but I do believe in conservation, and I also believe that people should have choices.

    I urge everyone to write or call the authorities about Robin’s situation. Below is a copy of my letter:

    [email protected]

    Re: Robin Speronis

    Dear Mayor and Council Members,

    My mom was born in the early 1920’s. She lived in a sod house, in Kansas, with no power, no running water and no indoor plumbing. It was her job to gather dried cow patties every day. Her family burned them in a little stove to heat the house. That may sound awful by today’s standards but, during that time, it was perfectly normal.

    America has been blessed and has made a lot of progress since my mom was a child. The problem is, we have forgotten that people can survive without modern conveniences. They have done so for thousands of years and many still do so today.

    We are heading for scarcity in every area of life and are constantly being told the world is running out of food, fuel, water. etc. yet your city is punishing this person who has learned to live with less. In my opinion, your city should be featuring her as a role model for every American and should give her an award for sustainability.

    Thank you for your time.

  8. Hi Robin, Happy Valentines Day! I listened to the radio program and some of the t.v. news clips on other sites I found. Please know that you are being lifted in prayers. Your a beautiful woman! God Bless you!

  9. You have our support Robin! We are headed in the same direction! Let us know if we can help!

  10. YOU ARE AWESOME !!! Keep on fighting!

  11. Robin, it is awesome to listen to your story please know that many
    of us in the prepper community are pulling for you, know that you
    are not alone in your noble fight against the powers that be.

  12. “Laws” abhorrent to the Constitution are null and void from inception, and “create no duty to obey”, according to the Supreme Court. Also, “crimes” without a human victim are not crimes per common law. This is a case that cries out for jury nullification, folks…

  13. Robin, my family currently lives in the city and plans to make the move to the country and go off the grid probably towards the end of this year, close to an area in a state that has been kicking people off their land during the past several years for living a sustainable lifestyle. I find your story, and Attorney Todd Allen’s innovative approach to tough situations, inspiring and encouraging. I am proud of you for standing strong, and I salute your for honoring God’s laws and ways above the government’s. I also love how you stated that you are here to LIVE…why not live abundantly both spiritually AND physically so we have the greatest impact on the Kingdom of God here on the earth during our journey here? May the Lord continue to bless you and your efforts, and may His favor surround you as a shield. Remember: He has prepared a table before you in the presence of your enemies and is fighting this battle for you, for He loves when His people honor Him and give Him the glory and praise through it all. 🙂

  14. Beautiful Janet. Thank you. I WILL carry the energy of your message into the hearing on the 20th.

  15. Hi Robin;
    Your story is truly inspiring. I really must agree with a comment you made – namely – that we can serve only one Master (Deut 30:19; 1 Kings 18:21; Matt:6:24; Luke 16:13). It’s a choice that our Creator commands each individual – as free moral agents – to make. I’m born and raised Canadian, and consider myself a brother to the US believers of the Messiah. As a North American Nation of people (USA & Canada), we are all descendants of Israel, and as such are brothers and sisters in the Messiah AND also as Abraham’s descendants. I will certainly order your books – looking forward to reading them. I have also published a book (The Commandments of God) and am in the process of publishing the second book (Traditional Anti-Torah Church Doctrines – the Curses of Our Fathers). Hoping – God-willing – to have it published by May 2014.
    I believe that our whole Nation is experiencing some of the curses which the Eternal promised He would bring upon a people who would forsake Him. Our Nation of people has at large forsaken Him in many ways, partly because of the many ways in which the leaders in congress and Church have deceived the people into believing that doing what we’re doing – living Godless and in debt – is freedom. That political/religious corruption – coming from the Church and from the State – is what I’m trying to expose in my books. As you have unfortunately become a prime testimony of, it’s ALL about taking control of the people – financially, religiously, and mentally.
    My family is weaning off of that system, and we’re experiencing persecution every step of the way. People find it unacceptable for a family to step aside from the status-quo and commit to follow the commands of God. As you indicated in your interview, we can serve only one Master.
    We will keep you in our prayers so that our Creator may blaze the trail for you to conquer the wicked perils of this Satan-inspired world. May the God of Peace bless and keep you.

  16. Robin, you rock. we are all paying way to much for utilities our hydro is insane and here in ontario they give it away to quebec and the states and charge us way too much. the ceo’s who are ripping us off as well with their paychecks that are beyond anyone’s comprehension. I want to slowly get off grid and turn away from all the consumerisum of this world. So many of us are in debt beyond our means. God Bless you and I will hope the best for you. Looking forward to your books.

  17. question: How do you dispose of your waste water? Do you flush your toilets with rain water or are you using a composting toilet? Are you recycling your waste water? The reason I ask is that if you are indeed using the city’s sewer system for drainage, do they charge a fee that?
    I am curious because most times the water bills include the sewer fee, and there are regulations on disposing of human waste.

  18. Hi Robin,
    I just learned of your off-grid situation with your community. Terrible. 🙁

    Is there a place I can go, like a website, as a single-source of your official information about what’s going on, and more importantly, how people such as myself can help? I’ve been searching the internet for about 20 minutes now, and mostly all I can find are news articles, and people expressing opinions. I haven’t been able to find a direct way to contact you, though I see you’re responding on this particular web-page. I have limited time to read through lots of stuff from lots of people, without being sure what actions of support you consider to be helpful or not, etc.

    One suggestion – have you tried creating one of those “petitions” via Some of them get a lot of response, and sometimes help officials “change their mind”. If you do that, be sure to be factual in terms of what they want, vs. what you’re doing. Make it clear for the layman and non-offgrid people (such as myself), in what ways you’re NOT failing to achieve their ultimate goal (public safety, health, etc.).

    Congratulations on standing your ground, and good luck…

    -dave d. (Connecticut)

  19. Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having problems locating it but, I’d like to shoot you an e-mail.
    I’ve got some ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing.

    Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it
    grow over time.

  20. Robin, you are an amazing strong woman and very inspiring! Can’t wait to read your books! Will be following your case in court, you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Peace!!!

  21. Why has your website been deleted?
    Please tell me how to get your info.
    Thank you and God Bless you. I will be
    praying about this.

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