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Death and Taxes—The Only Two Constants In Life with Maurice Glazer – Episode 144

It’s that time of year again… the time of year that ordinary, docile, American citizens either become snarling, snapping, frothing-at-the-mouth, kick-the-dog lunatics or they walk around with boxes of papers and a perpetual look of confusion on their faces, entering and exiting tax preparers’ offices like mindless little robots. Aspirin and Tylenol sales go through the roof this time of year, and is it any wonder? Tax season makes the sanest of us just a little bit twitchy.

Today’s guest on the first half of Off the Grid Radio, Maurice Glazer, is the CEO of Glazer Financial Network and has been a financial advisor for over 40 years. Today’s broadcast gives our listeners information on some of the new tax changes that have come down the pike, and if you run a small business, is especially relevant for you. From passive income tax increases to Section 179 business deductions to tax havens, today’s show has a little bit of something for everyone.

And for the last half of our show, we have the second half of the previous week’s interview with Dave Eubank of the Free Burma Rangers organization. Our interview was cut short when the satellite phone connection dropped, but we were finally able to reconnect with Dave to finish the interview. From prayers to funds to congressional action to committed folks directly on the ground, the people of Burma are in need of it all. We hope you’ll join us for the conclusion of this interview and prayerfully consider how God wants you to answer the call of Burma.

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In this episode:

  • New tax increases on passive incomes
  • Section 179 business deductions—is anything new for 2012?
  • The new two-tier system of taxes for high-income earners
  • How the government is closing up those tax haven loopholes
  • The greatest need of the Burmese people
  • The many ways you can help bring hope and needed supplies to the Burmese people
  • And more…
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One comment

  1. As an accountant having specialized in Tax Reduction for large business and personal tax counseling I can say that while death is a constant, TAX IS NOT.
    Knowing the law I can say that not only do you not need to pay any more tax than you want, but the law states, “no person shall pay any more tax than is required . . .” (1969 tax reform act second paragraph, page 1) . The process is simple and was tested in a six-million dollar case by the 1989 Supreme Court. The key vehicle used is well known to you as it is to most people. Insurance indeed is the key. What you pay in is an expense, and therefore not taxed (a tax deduction). What come out as a claim is also not taxed. The Constitution allows you to form your own INSURANCE TRUST (all insurance companies are trusts, even your private insurance company). It must be changeable, and live longer than you live. So we will call it the XYZ Revocable, Inter Vivas, Insurance Trust, and you write the ‘baby sitting instructions’. Many more things that I know that you don’t but you have the ear of the people, and much of what you say is worth while. What will help people is to know things like: How do I get the City or County from acting like they have jurisdiction over my real or personal property?, How does a person really find the true Church of Christ?, Can I learn to dowse and find what I need at any given time, and how does it work? and can it answer prayer? What about the scientific inconsistencies in the Bible, are they really inconsistent, or does science not have the whole story?
    That’s just a few there are many other subjects or tools that people should have the use of but don’t. The last subject mentioned I spoke on at a university in California for 5 hrs. Open your mind, Steve

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