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EXCESSIVE USE OF FORCE: Police Shoot And Kill 95 Year Old WWII Vet With Bean Bag Gun – Episode 169

WranaOn this week’s episode of Off The Grid News Radio, hosts Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy sit down to discuss the paradigm shift of morality in people including law enforcement officers. In particular, Heid and Brawdy discuss the contentious events that led to eventual death of 95 year-old John Wrana.

The hosts recap on a story first reported on on Monday, August 5, 2013 in an article titled, Why did cops kill this 95-year-old in walker? In the story it is said that police, “Tasered him and shot him with bean bag rounds – all because he adamantly refused to undergo high-risk surgery.”

Let’s just say that it takes absolutely no time at all for Brawdy to get REALLY fired up on this issue. As an ex-law enforcement officer, Brawdy knows the rules of the game and insists adamantly that there was a complete and utter breakdown of morals on the officers who decided that they had no other way to disarm the “two foot shoe horn” from the 95 year-old vet than to approach him in “SWAT gear,” taser him, and shoot him in the stomach with a bean bag gun.

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In this episode you’ll also learn:

  • How do officers of the law determine when the force applied is too much force?
  • Was the 95 year old victim armed? If so, with what?
  • What started this whole mess?
  • Does any form of the government have any reason to tell you what type of medical attention that you need?
  • and more…
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  1. Now that’s something to think about. In fact, I had taken my daughters to the clinic for their annual school physicals, when a nurse said, “You don’t look so good. Let me check your blood pressure.” I was feeling just fine and thought it quizzical for her concern, but I allowed her to wrap my arm and check my blood pressure anyway.

    She was somewhat more concerned by a high reading and asked me to lie down for a bit and be retested. After about 20 minutes, she wrapped my arm again and checked my pressure. This time, she was quite alarmed and told me I had to go to an Emergency Room. Still feeling just fine, I said, “I’ll swing by the ER on my way home.”

    The nurse said, “No! You’re not driving anywhere; you’re going in an ambulance.” I said, “But I don’t want to leave my car here, and I’ve got to get the girls to their gymnastics class.”

    The nurse said, “We’re not going to allow you to drive and most certainly not with your kids in the car.”

    When I started to protest again, the nurse picked up the phone and said, “I need a security officer in Exam Room B immediately.” I then realized the seriousness of the situation and capitulated. The next thing I knew, I and my two daughters were flying down the highway in an ambulance with lights and siren, weaving in and out of traffic to get us to the hospital.

    When we got there, my oldest was so car sick that they took her into a separate ER room, and we all waited for doctors to do their thing and for my wife to come and take custody of our girls. I ended up being admitted to the hospital for two days, and the cost of the whole deal ran to about $30,000.

    I don’t know what might have happened had I continued to resist being scrambled to the hospital via ambulance. I felt just fine, but a bean bag to the gut might have put a touch on me.

    • You didn’t say wether or not they found anything wrong after 2 days and 30K

      • It was a “hypertensive crisis,” for which they messed around with blood pressure meds, at one point giving me something that was supposed to relax my muscles but it did such a good job that my respiration nearly stopped. They sprang into action with a shot of some sort of stimulant. Since the doctors were not my regular doctor, through whom I had discovered that I could not tolerate a lot of common blood pressure medications, I was subjected to a series of medications that I told them were not compatible. They tried them all anyway, with no effect on blood pressure, but with the serious side effects I had warned them of. Why don’t doctors listen to their patients? It can only get worse under Obamacare. In the end, I was sent home with the same blood pressure medications I had been on to begin with.

    • I did not see where these jackbooted thugs murdered this veteran, but I am sure if they do reveal the city,in which this occured,there will be some dead assed jackbooted thugs!!!We are tired of this $hit obama!! I know this is what the head kenyan in charge wants so he can declare martial law, but enough is enough. Bring it on NSA, FBI, BATFE, DHS, all you communist, out of control, agencies.

    • unbelievable the whole thing is a giant scam

  2. Sounds to me like you were kidnapped. Get an attorney…

  3. Not only should these storm troopers be fired they need to be prosecuted. I am a former corrections officer of nineteen and a half years and we have morons like this working in the prisons too. Wannabes who talk a better game than they play and possess no judgment whatsoever. When real shit hits the fan they are always somewhere else or disappear, unfortunately the bureaucrats in charge hire these people and keep them around while officers who actually do the job and show some judgment and handle business get screwed with and either fired or quit out of disgust. I honestly don’t believe any of our officials want any of the problems solved else they won’t be able to justify their budgets. I have seen too many corrections and police officers that I wouldn’t trust with a slingshot yet they are issued a firearm with very minimal training. I am not disparaging the good cops and officers that are out there but they seem to be getting fewer and fewer. God speed and God bless the good ones out there.

  4. AMAZING! Just wait for ObamaCare be thankful, surprised they didn’t try to euthanize ya as “not worth saving” . . .

    and COPS like depicted here will become full-auto TARGETS themselves soon enough!

  5. We are being hoodwinked into giving up our freedoms and no seems to care . I work for a EMS service and doctors are the largest abusers of the system calling 911 and telling patients they must us EMS to go from their office to the ER. My experience is about 5% of the time the patient needs an ambulance .

  6. Rebbecca Maxwell

    Wake up America!!!! It’s time to control your own lives and make your own decisions, first of all, they would have never gotten me in an ambulance! I would have gotten up and left with my daughters one way or another! stop me m____ F____r’s I’m outta here this is a free country and you have no right to hold me against my will!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I were you one word……SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BNGO! Exactly. ” Subject refused treatment ; case closed by exceptional means. 10-8 I’ll be back in service.”

    • Absolutely! I don’t go to doctors except for a refill on my one asthma medication or for an out of control infection that requires anti-biotics. I am 71 and doing just fine. Most doctors are TEST crazy and use us to make money for themselves and their colleagues. As a free American human being it is my right to accept intrusive medical intervention or to have no medical hocus-pocus performed on me at all. I’m old enough to remember when nobody had medical insurance and a person only went to a doctor when home remedies and self treatment didn’t work out. We all lived happier, slower and healthier lives back then. And lived just as long if we took care in our lives and used common sense.

  7. This story pisses me off, …. and scares the hell out of me. Since when does law enforcement mandate what type of medical treatment we are due? If the guy didn’t want a medical procedure, law enforcement has absolutely no business forcing the man to do anything! What kind of punk ass cops can’t subdue a 95 year old man without shooting him? Those bastards should be laughed off the force.

  8. The founders said that if they didn’t put medical freedom into the constitution a medical dictatorship would form and that is exactly what has happened and it’s only going to get worse!

  9. It’s only going to get worse, with the conferring of more power on cops and other authorities. Look at the militarization of local police forces with SWAT equipment, armored personnel carriers (APCs), community pacification training, etc. All that power and perceived authority WILL be used, just because it can. Unfortunately, some cops will have to go to jail in well-publicized cases in order to teach the rest of them that they are responsive to the community, not BHO. Consider that DHS has now enabled itself to evaluate your community to decide if it’s diverse enough and then to require local public policies to”balance” the demographics. This is done by extra-legal means (bureas regulations, etc) that do not require legislation. We are in for some hard times and it’s our own fault. I read a great bumper sticker: If you voted for Obama, you are a threat to the gene pool”.

    • OMG, I want that bumper sticker! I am so afraid for my grandchildren, the country we are leaving them is a disgrace and nothing like what our ancestors provided for us. I just pray that people wake the f…up and that they do so before its too late, if it isn’t already!

    • Sadly you are right. $$ rules when you get 21 yr olds or even older who bark at child molesters on the phone but call them sir when they come in to register and get them a cup of coffee. You’d never catch them going to that criminal hood or house. They send the old guys like me who ain’t scared and know how to treat people s as t not piss them off for no good reason or any reason-especially when you just stop someone walking down the street and need info so you say ” Hey, can you spare a minute of time to help/talk to me. Instead of hey mans…..c’mere…hands on the car….Pitiful…. a uniform or badge may comer your chest or body but it don’t automatically cover your ass! I read about a county in Alabama, NE Alabama where a police chief went away for taking bribes from drug dealer years ago. After eh got out the idjits in that county voted him in as sheriff/ I guess the whole county is on SSI, after never having paid any taxes in their life, and living in rusty trailers and loving to hang out a Walmart who is their town only employer now. The jackasses name was something “buckshot Saint. I think he would still be in office. This kinds of trash makes me ashamed and proud to know I didn’t ever treat people like these dick fandango ranger wannbes did in whatever “Feinsteinesque” place in which this disgraceful fiasco occurred. Vote for an of them they will all screw us.

    • You are so right. It is going to get worse, much worse. Prepare to resist or prepare to comply on your knees.

  10. I just retired after 2 yrs. The morons they are hiring now are often Walter Mittyesque wanna be airborne ranger beret forces etc. Admistrative ho’s will do anything to et more more more federal $$ or castoff equipment. What do police departments ( they may be a few exceptions) need wih a 5 ton military truck or a deuce and a half? Also a school nurse has no authority to make to do jack. Neither does a security guard. I would have told her piss off and left. Let them prove what they wanna prove after I am gone. n doctor and nurse Nazis. Nauseating as well. I would definitely seek out the advice f an attorney, add the app to your phone designed to protect you from abuse by anyone in authority-can’t recall the name- and which cannot be turned off…it keeps sending video and/or audio to another location so no matter what happened they can’t stop it even if they knew to try it. Being on bad terms with the royalty scum leadership of my dept, I am glad to no longer be a part of their rotten house of cards. Most state training authorities are in some part named Peace officers training or whatever. I always remembered that some 30 yrs ago when I was trained and sill do. Peace officers peace officers……also they hire so many scared little yuppie assed wusses with $$ parents who get the head MFIC knocker into golf courses he could not otherwise pick up trash at, send them n vacations o hotels hey own in Fla. and other untraceable benefits that the ethics regulatory people in your state would never look at even if they were not filling their pockets while supposedly protecting the public ( A cash cows, field hands, sub humans etc as we are considered by the DC crowd et al ) that they cannot watch with one eye while counting up their take with the other ergo WE LOSE. As to mistreating in any way a 95 yr old man…that may have to wait for judgement day. The lack of decent values some people teach their kids or DON’T is a big part of this too. M grandparents were born in yrs starting with”18″. While some of their views may have ben a little backward the gist of them were just what people need to teach their children toady , otherwise they are just victims/fodder for demagogues. Sadly, sounds like some big welfare loving stte like Kennedy land or Cuomoland or NJ, Bloomberg/smegma land of the world

    • Bob, I need to correct you on a couple of points. First, it wasn’t a school nurse; it was a nurse at my clinic. The exam was for school, not at school. And second, it wasn’t a “security guard”; it was an actual city cop. A lot of clinics have real LE officers on hand these days to deal with violent drug users and such.

      • Thanks for that clarification . I never heard of any city, county or sate ordinance that allows a cop ( or me for about 32 yrs) to mandate someone getting medical treatment. In late summer or fall of 2000 I had a guy on my beat to whose home I was called cause he was refusing to go to the hospital and was about to die from a destroyed liver cause he drank a huge amount of ber. I was often getting calls from transplanted city or yankee neighbors who did not like guns that they ” wer out there shooting guns”. Sounded like really dumb Yankees ( no offense to Yankees here cause I do not assume you are dumb, but these were just some are taught that them ol’ guns is bad…Mkay?

        We would go and they were always finished when we got their shooting n a holler behind his medium sized, well kept old frame type home, sitting in the back yard in a fence with huge trash cans full of beer cans. Never drank until they’d finished shooting which probably lasted 30 minutes a session. I always asked the dispatcher the same questions….”does the complainant want to see me”. “NO” “Did they allege unsafe shooting or shooting toward the road or their house”? “NO”. “OK I’ll be 10-8 in service” But this guy was crawling around falling down and puking profusely, and his Mom, sisters, stepdad nor I or the medics who he knew from the rural community where he lived could get him to consent to go to the biggest trauma center in the state where thy would have surely saved his life. I cleared up and 1 and 1/2 hour later I was back working a death investigation on him. At one time he passed out. They went to load him on a gurney and he woke up and said “NO”.

        They had to stop. Other than putting his girlfriend in jai knock out drop dead gorgeous blonde with a drinking problem too) l cause after a domestic I had to chase he into the road and almost got my ass runned over cause of her. Disordelry conduct. 50.00 fine cause I could not leave her there after that and + I almost had Buick Regal impressed into my left asscheek from the car that almost widetracked me as I chased he across that blind curve in the road.

        So whatcha gonna do? Sadly, 3 days later I rode by and thought I saw a possible burglary in progress with a truck backed up to that house. it was contractor redoing it for his family to sell. Sadly he was a good old boy who liked to play with old cars, guns and talk to the police. But he chose to die. here was nada any of us could do even Mama. Aneat guy, h had old Winchesters and Bowie knives and other guy stuff hanging everywhere in his house and in old dimestore display cases and lived in a great mancave. Poor Derrick was a good ol’ boy but he made his own decision. He was 46 or a year older than me on that day

        • I does bother me that neighbors go immediately to the 911 call for minor neighbor issues. People just don’t talk to each other anymore, and that businesss of the complaint caller not wanting to talk with the police is just pushing it too far. They think all they have to do is lodge a complaint and have the police do what … throw them in jail, burn their house down? Sheesh. People don’t even know their neighbors’ names anymore. I know it has been really hard to develop relationships with my neighbors. I even used my snow-thrower to clean my neighbor’s driveway and sidewalks, since all he had was a shovel, but he still keeps himself to himself. People either don’t make the effort to be friends, or maybe they fear that any overtures toward friendship are a ruse to take advantage of them somehow.

          I think we have a basic trust issue in America today. Well, that would be more true of the suburbs and urban areas than rural areas, as evidenced by my experience when I was doing the American Housing Survey for the Census Bureau. City folk were very reluctant to come to the door, but country folk would invite me in for coffee and a piece of pie.

          I’ve never known a conservative to complain about a neighbor’s shooting (out in the country), but I bought some land out in the country next to a liberal who was not bashful about laying out her dislikes about her neighbors — as if as a warning to me — especially relating to shooting. I haven’t been down to my land for years, but there are pheasants there, and I told the Amish farmer down the road that he could hunt my property any time he wanted. I suppose that old liberal is stewing in her panties every hunting season.

          I called my clinic today to ask about the situation I faced regarding my ambulance ride. They told me that by law, they could not allow me to leave the clinic and drive with minors in the car when I had presented with a condition that could have caused me to stroke out or have a heart attack behind the wheel without notice. I was, they said, an imminent danger not only to my children but to others on the highway as well. Had I decided to walk out of the place, they wouldn’t have stopped me, but I couldn’t walk out on my children, of course, and I was concerned that they might too soon have no daddy if I didn’t just give in and get to the hospital.

          I also talked with the nurse that checked my blood pressure. She said that my face was bright red, which triggered her concern about my blood pressure. She said that she was alarmed when 20 minutes later not only was my face purple — something she’d never seen before — but my blood pressure was higher than any reading she had ever seen. Okay, maybe I was ready to blow a gasket, even if I didn’t feel a thing wrong with myself.

      • So what if it was a badge toting thug of a cop? When did it become illegal to refuse meds?

  11. Stand by, folks, there’s more to come and absolutely nothing you can do about it so you’d best just take your medicine then shut your traps.

  12. I used to be a healthcare worker years ago and it wasnt unusal for people to refuse medical care or to leave a hospital against medical advice. When did it become illegal to do so?


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