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EXCLUSIVE: Nauglers Respond To Critics In 1st Interview

naugler for fbThe story of Joe and Nicole Naugler has captivated the off-grid community – and the nation. Two weeks ago sheriff deputies, acting on behalf of state CPS, removed all 10 children from the home, claiming the off-grid living conditions were unsafe.

On today’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, the Nauglers give their first in-depth interview, responding to critics and answering questions both sides of the debate have had since that initial day.

They tell us:

  • What the state is demanding they do to their property in order to get their children back.
  • Which facts about their lives everyone gets wrong.
  • Why they wanted to live off-grid, and why they believe this is the best way of life for their kids.
  • What people should know about their sources of water and electricity.
  • Why they believe “unschooling” is best for their children, and why it is often misunderstood.
  • What they say to critics who believe no child should be living the way they live.

Even if you’ve followed this case from the start, you’ll hear details you didn’t know – details that will change how you view their lives. Don’t miss this exclusive interview with a couple who, overnight, went from being truly off-grid to being the center of a public firestorm.

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  1. Some schools have gone to individual learning, the kids take all the required classes just when they are ready for them. Test scores are up and the kids stay in school. You need to look into how much money cps got for taking the kids. Kids in other states are being taken just because the parents disagree with the doctor, and want to get a second opinion. The government is targeting anybody that doesn’t knuckle under and do whatever they say to do. We are all targets, for them.

    • Yep, my family was targeted too. I filed a complaint against county officials. I run a cat rescue, I was set up and raided, all our animals were taken. The aco (who the main complaint was against) killed 4 of our cats to get charges against us. We were wrongfully convicted, we were railroaded. I was sentenced to 3 months in prison and 3 1/2 years of probation. Now because I am disabled and can’t do 1000 hours of community service and the prosecutor will not agree to modify the hours they are going to revoke my probation and send me back to prison even though they are violating my civil rights.

      They do not care what they do to innocent people. They do not care if you live different from how they think you should live and they definitely do not care about civil rights for anyone.

    • Anyone harassed by CPS need to join this joint law suit:

      Until recently, no one has had the proof that all government offices are vacant; no one is home; those supposed government offices/agencies are being occupied by PRIVATE CONTRACTORS and are NOT being occupied by a legitimate government body.

      This is equivalent to the ice cream man knocking on your door and extorting taxes from you. He has no lawful authority to do anything other than drive the ice cream truck – he’s not a government official; he’s an ice cream man.

      Your supposed government officials are nothing more than ice cream men/women who are fraudulently extorting money from you and your family; throwing you in prison; taxing you to death; stealing your children and imposing their will on you, and enforcing their own internal-statutory rules and codes upon you and your family.

      Rod Class has now received FOUR Administrative Rulings that prove what many of us have felt to be truth: What you think is government; what you think are legitimate Government Officials/Senators/Congressman/Policeman/Governors/Tax Collectors, etc. are nothing more than private contractors, extorting money from American Citizens and failing to pay off the public debt as they are instructed to do by the 1933 bankruptcy.

      What they have done is this:
      These people have switched places with the average American Citizen. They are enforcing their own Administrative codes, that are only meant for THEM, upon regular Citizens who are not being paid by the corporation. The supposed elected officials have hoodwinked the country into an employment position without pay. They themselves are taking public money to occupy government seats/positions/agencies, when they are nothing more than private contractors … Felony!

      They are treating us as if we are paid government employees; enforcing their own internal rules-regulations-codes, and statutes on the average Citizen, as well as conveniently forgetting to send us our weekly/monthly government employment check.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview!
    Our prayers are with you and your children.
    Our government and their appointed officials are clearly out of control. You both put forth a wonderful testimony and make a strong, INTELLIGENT case for your lifestyle choices.
    You can add two Alaskans to the many that are supporting you in this matter.


    SueJean & DannyLee

  3. Rebecca Howell

    I’ve listened to her and she says that the children are very excited, but what do they know? When the parents say that they don’t have to go to school, don’t have to take bathes, get to watch crap on the internet (BTW- Nicole was claiming to use the GoFundMe funds for 10 lap tops) then I guess they would like that. This is not a family who is trying to live off the grid! They are very involved in the Cyber world instead of cleaning up their pig sty. They have lived on this land for three years and haven’t got it together yet. Now they are begging left and right (for the business and their home) on the internet. Why didn’t they put the kids in school and both work? What can Joe do? He is not cooking (kids do), he’s not cleaning, he’s not farming. It seems like what does get done is done by Nicole. As for the livestock and dogs- are the goats wormed? Are they given the nutrients they need? Are the dogs and animals getting enough water? I don’t know the answers, but given their slovenly living conditions- it makes me wonder.

    • Stop wondering it’s none of your business! How would you like someone coming into your family life and judging or “wondering” why and how you do things…oh wait you’re perfect right?

      • People have a right to express their opinions both positive and negative, to criticize the Naughlers if they choose, because the Naughlers CHOSE to put themselves in the public eye.

    • Could you please post a link to where she says she’s using the funds to buy laptops? As far as the goats go, I can tell just from looking at their pictures they are healthy. Not sure what method they use for worming but, I do know it an be done naturally. As far as water goes for goats, as long as they have access to vegetation (which they obviously have plenty) they don’t actually require much as they get most of what they need from the plants. (We put out plenty of water for ours and they hardly touch it)

      • I’d have to read through the thousands of comments left on the Blessed Little Homestead FB to find Nicole’s comment about buying 10 laptops (which made me laugh when I read it- what an idiot!) anyway- it may or may not be there. The moderator has deleted posts and blocked people from posting. You’ll have to look for her comments- probably going back to about May 16th.

        • This is from their own GoFundMe donation page:
          $25,000 – Physical materials and upgrades including labor costs to the home including a fence, finishing a new primary living structure, and permanent solutions for clean water and electricity.

          $3,000 – Purchase of laptops or phones and other technology aids and a reading library of age-appropriate books for their children.

          $15,000 – Purchase of a newer, more reliable 15-passenger van for family transportation.

          $2,000 – Possible unforeseen expenses related to the children being kept in the home such as the cost of travel to fight this and time off work from Nicole’s pet grooming business.

          and from the News article dated May 13, 2015
          Ellsworth also created a Go Fund Me account to benefit the Nauglers. In less than a week, more than 1,000 people donated over $45,000. That money will be used to build their home, get water, electricity and purchase a 15 passenger van and laptops for the Naugler’s 10 children, according to the website.

      • Yes, they asked for $3,000 for new laptops, $15,000.00 for a new van, and some to fix up the fence and living structure. But her first priority she said was fixing up the dog salon. She also said CPS only is requiring them to clean up, and put a fence around the garbage. So I guess they may not even fix up the house. To me it is unbelievable. It is sad that some people have disabled people in their homes, and there are other people who can’t get help at all, and people gave these people over $46.000.00. What a shame.

    • Holy crap, Rebecca! You really think that, even if that was all true, it’s reason to take their kids away? Are you nuts?! Talk about totalitarianism…

      • Rebecca, from reading your comment, how about a bit of judgment of you?
        You are probably not a rugged individual and could NOT live off-the-grid as many people do, you are shallow and things should be just as YOU think they should be even when its NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS what other people are doing, people should raise their kids and animals just as YOU think they should, even though its probable that YOU are not an expert on any of these things. You should be ashamed of yourself for calling peoples home/property a “pig sty” because quite frankly, its not going to be on anyone’s headstone “their property was really clean and nice”.

        Its people like you with your judgmental attitude (and I was judging you and speculating about you just to show how ignorant it is seeing as I don’t even know you at all), that also allows you to feel superior of others, that are helping CPS and so-called animal ‘rescues’ literally STEAL peoples children and animals under color of law.
        More about donation-funded “retail rescues” stealing peoples animals here:

        While I normally would not judge you because I couldn’t care less about you and yours, people like you are butting their judgmental selves into other peoples lives and ruining lives without a second thought as you go on your snobby way.

        Maybe you should simply stick with the life you have chosen to live, be the good little sheeple, eat the spoon fed pabulum the government is feeding everyone, and stay the hell out of other peoples lives that live differently than you do.

      • Nicole had her kids taken away for a few reasons, the most obvious one being that they were living in filthy, horrible conditions not even fit for animals. There is something seriously wrong with this whole situation. There are many things that the Nauglers are not being honest about. Her children weren’t even being afforded the most basic human necessities. Their food was being prepared in a dirty firepit, they are eating from grime – encrusted plates, they don’t even have beds to sleep in or even clean sheets to lay on. The kids don’t get baths and walk around filthy and barefoot all day long. The land they are living on is covered with animal feces which means the kids are covered in it also. It’s disgusting that she would make her children suffer this way ,also did don’t even get me started on her husband. Shady, shady character with plenty of skeletons that will be revealed soon enough. Nicole, get your shit together , otherwise you don’t deserve to have your children back.

    • If you read Nicole’s blog which goes back to 2011 when they lived in a house, they are asking for donations as far back as 2013. If they really want to be independent they should not be asking for other peoples money. They are in this homestead now because of lack of money. The rest of us have to work and pay insurnace on cars that are driven and other obligations of life. She does work but appraaently it is not enough to even get by with so many children needing care.

    • If you read Nicole’s blog which goes back to 2011 when they lived in a house, they are asking for donations as far back as 2013. If they really want to be independent they should not be asking for other peoples money. They are in this homestead now because of lack of money. The rest of us have to work and pay insurance on cars that are driven and other obligations of life. She does work but apparently it is not enough to even get by with so many children needing care.

    • Rebecca I was banned from their fb page because I asked questions about Joe and his role in the family. I am genuinely interested and pray for them. And I’ve read way worse comments than mine yet those people are still there. Perhaps the moderator didn’t like my comment about Nicole’s chronic pregnancy. I don’t think the Nauglers banned me themselves. While many people do not think its my place or right to judge these people I know many have the same questions I do. I believe they had great ideas about homesteading but were not prepared. And just because I say I would never put my kids in a situation where there is no water source does not mean I dislike these people. I don’t agree with them but if there are no findings of abuse and their homestead is made safe then they should be reunited soon. I’m bothered by the fact that they need/accept large amounts of donations but they could be working to support their kids. My kids didn’t receive their court ordered child support and I struggled but it never crossed my mind to set up a donation solicitation account. Again, my opinions are mine and I don’t expect anyone to agree with me.

    • This was also what immediately struck me when learning of this family…I have nothing against living off the grid..actually I hold those who successfully do in high regard. However, it appears there is a marked absence of the respectable skills needed for truly living off the grid (as Rebecca noted, mostly with Joe).

    • Why would you wonder its there job to take care of there kids the way they see fit doesn’ . Look to bad to me but i’ . Poor to i think the real problem here is different stroke . For differen . Folks lets mind our ow . Business

  4. How sad, that you have to defend your lifestyle choices in such a manner! Where is the “beauty in the diversity” of people-their beliefs, customs, careers, jobs; the way they raise their families? Are government officials going to go after families who choose to sail around the world or sell their belongings, and take to the RV life? If there is no evidence of physical abuse, the government has no business telling parents how to raise their children.

    • I salute diversity in every form. America was founded on the notion of self-reliance, that we do have the freedoms to make our own choices, but also that we are responsible for the consequences of our choices. The Naughlers refuse government assistance, such as Medi-Cal, food stamps or welfare (which they need), because there would be oversight and requirements to comply with. And they don’t want to do that.
      They would rather ask people for private donations because there is no accountability.

      Off-grid living and home or unschooling is great, but you must have the resources and knowledge to make it successful, not only making you self-reliant but also educating your children so they have choices of their own upon adulthood. This was NOT a conscious choice but a last resort due to financial strife, evictions, back child support to Joe Naughler’s older son that remained unpaid, job losses.

      I’m all for people adopting this alternative lifestyle, but when there are children involved you must give them adequate shelter from the elements, clean water, sanitary conditions, and be able to support your family without at least three successive years of living off donations from others! Isn’t self-reliance what it is all about?

      I hope this family gets it together—- cleans up their environment, gets a revenue stream going so they do not continue living off the generosity of others!

      There are thousands of families out there who also desperately need help to survive— their voices are UNHEARD. The Naughlers are getting this level of attention is because they were already well steeped in social media, and there is fascination by the world about a family where all TEN children are removed from the parents. Families this large are a rarity today in America.

      If you are reading the posts, Mr. and Mrs. Naughler, I hope for the sake of those beautiful kids that you turn your lives around. Be extremely grateful for the generosity of others, this gift won’t come again.

      And KUDOS to the folks who can REALLY succeed at Off-Grid living!

      • So, what if there is a variance of “Gridders” living off the land, isn’t this the way it all began, back in the day of Jesus? The ideology during this time ERA is preparing our future for unknown terrorist attacks causing an event like the “High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse” which is a detonation in the earth’s atmosphere of a bomb, which will cause all electronics to go astray and fail, causing a grandiose disruption everywhere! If ppl don’t wake up and learn to live off the grid, they will die in such an event. It will be survival of the fittest to say the least…..

    • There is proof of abuse all over her BLOG. Kids with.burned hands, from starting fire with gasoline. A busted open scalp wound that clearly needed stiches that the mom reopened to keep clean – that alone shows she simply doesn’t have the knowledge required to provide kids with a safe environment. Don’t get me started on the lack of shelter. They have a long list of crimes and bounced checks. Real loving environment where the dad takes the kids with him to steal water, and threatened the victims with violence in front of the kids. Buying firewood while living on 26 acres? That’s the opposite of homesteading. These people are the reason we need cps. Everybody is all up in parents rights – what about the kids having a right to a safe, crime, violence, abuse free home?

  5. Their spokesperson Ellsworth on May 13 in an article stated that they planned buy laptops for their 10 children. And it’s also listed on the inventory of the things they plan to buy on their GoFundMe page. Nicole was the one that posted that she planned to buy 10 laptops on her Blessed Little Homestead page, but since then may have deleted it. Here are the sources I have found easily.
    “Ellsworth also created a Go Fund Me account to benefit the Nauglers. In less than a week, more than 1,000 people donated over $45,000. That money will be used to build their home, get water, electricity and purchase a 15 passenger van and laptops for the Naugler’s 10 children, according to the website.”

  6. I agree with all you’ve said here and salute your choices. Thanks for doing this interview.

  7. I don’t believe one word she or her husband say. There is no way they can clean that up because of the animal dung that has dirtied the pond. Also none of you are taking into account her threats by email to law enforcement. If her and Joe are convicted, with their previous criminal records, they are going to do time, period. There will be no return of the children. There is no way CPS told them to just clean up trash and that was it. That so-called home is not suitable to live in. Also, if you want to know what she plans to buy with the GoFundMe money, go the page and it clearly says “ten laptops, new larger van, and materials to upgrade the home.”

    • I believe this was all apart of the plan. Playing the victim to get money from people who would not dig further into the family history of abuse, crime ect.

  8. The Nauglers had an improvement day at their homestead today where they invited the public:

  9. here’s my opinion. it’s none of my business what they do in their family and it’s none of your business. in fact it’s not the government’s business either…. the fact of the matter is this liberal controlling nation which is losing all of its rights to these nutcase left wingers and right wingers.who have taken upon themselves to play God.and to dictate other people’s lives has gone way too far…. we’re losing our rights because we are not standing up for them….and I would definitely follow the money trail with the kids how much are they getting paid to do this 10 kids 10 foster homes sounds to me like there is definitely a money trail needs to be followed how much were those kids worth I’m curious….that’s why I gave a healthy sum of money….to their go fund me

  10. I did not allow my children to speaking with CPS with out legal representation for them.

    • I didn’t think they needed legal documents. I have been told they can just pull kids from school or out of an activity. As if parents have no rights.

  11. Sad I was with you but you continue to lie so sad but every interview every recording you let the real truth slip out, just like telling your children the police were going to kidnap them, they are children who had to go into the custody of the police and you frightened them into thinking they were going to be kidnapped and suffer something horrible

  12. There is a major difference between living off the grid and living in filth. Every time they post pictures and videos to their page, their children are always covered in dirt. The baby/toddler always looks like it needs a diaper change. They don’t take care to keep the young children away from harmful objects or give them shoes to help protect their tender little feet from all the sticks and rocks around and in their “home”. How they are living is not at all what living off the grid is about. I have every intention of eventually living off the grid myself with my daughter. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years. It’s expensive to start up when you do it right though and it takes time. You don’t just dive in head first without thought or preparation. You don’t live like an animal. And you certainly don’t live and sleep in animal feces. You don’t ditch hygeine and you still provide your kids with everything they need. They have not done this and I don’t think they ever will.

  13. In the posted audio she never said anything about calling ahead, the sherriff stated they had tried to get a hold of them numerois times, because it was his job to follow up on allegations against Joe. They had never called back, she says she has those phone calls recorded, why not share them like everything else? Probably because they dont exist.

    If you listen to pace elsworths audio statement on their saveourfamily page, he states that the family was home the first time the authorities vame, but the family hid on the property then took off to a friends. They knew they were being investigated, had plenty of time to seek legal council, and chose not to. The sheriif warned them that the judge thought this case was an energency and would have him take away the kids if they kept refusing (seeing that they have a history with cps, and running it wa likely thats what they were doing when the sherriff showed up), after they again refused to let them speak to the children or call a lawyer, the judge signed an emergency order and thats when the sheriff picked them up.

    And I would encourage anyone to look into the case with the sherriff todd pate, the man was a hero, saved a little boy from being lockrd, up chained and tied tightly in fencing in a closet, hardly fed. His step sister had run away from a different state and was picked up by tate, and told them everything. He tried to go tge right way, but cps cleared the child that was being horribly abused, Tate knew the sister wasnt lying, so had to devise a plan to save this boy, and truly thank God he did. In his place I cant imagine doing any different! I wouldnt care about the law like Joe said if it meant saving a childs life.

    Some of us like my family do believe in homeschooling, trying to get to be completly self sufficient, and are working to get off the grid. This family is nothing bit homeless, and give all those that want this lifestyle a bad name.

  14. I lived in the country most of my young life. We put shoes on to go to the store and school. While my parents built a usable bathroom in the house we used an out house, twice. Once we had a bathtub in the back yard. We heated water on the stove and carried water from neighbors and/or town. This is not a new story. Kids can walk around without shoes and not step in animal feces. And as for being dirty, it’s country, and being dirty is how kids play. That is what a bath is for. haha I can not believe any one would have a problem with cooking on a fire pit, we do it all the time when we camp or barbecue. If these people have truly abused their children, then good for the authorities. If not, what gives them the right to tell any person how to live?

  15. antonia hernandez

    This same thing has happened to my family of 6 for going off grid/camping for the summer. I don’t know when I can get them back but we are told we must aquire “suitable housing”.

    • Rebecca Howell

      I would assume if you were Off Grid Camping for the “Summer”- that you have a winter home too. You can’t camp in a state park permanently.

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