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Fighting the Earth-Worshipping Stereotype of Alternative Living with Joel Salatin – Episode 145

For centuries, Greco-Roman thought has dominated western civilization, and this paradigm has always marginalized the physical world in favor of the esoteric spiritual realm. Biblical stewardship and engagement with the earth has been viewed as something less than desirable, and in our age brings to mind tree hugging Gaia-worshipping environmentalism. However, conservatives are beginning to realize that we can be caretakers of this world, living in harmony with nature and protecting our resources, without elevating the physical realm to an object of deification.

Please join host Bill Heid; Nick Huizenga, Senior Botanist of Heirloom Solutions; and farmer Joel Salatin on today’s episode of Off the Grid Radio as they discuss man’s place in the world that God has created, his responsibility to it, and how it is possible to merge the respect of the physical realm with the desire of the spiritual without forsaking one for the other.

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In this episode:

  • How we react when our lives are bleak and our world looks grim
  • God may have made farmers… but we still think of them as second class citizens
  • God’s attributes are reflected in his creation
  • Is God working out a redemptive plan through our caretaking?
  • And more…
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  1. How can we have a garden on the roof and solor panels too ? ? ? ?
    Free range chickens have a problem with hawks ? ? ? ?
    My son has tried so many of your ideas in CT, on a single house lot,
    on breakish water that goes in and out with the tide, we are proud of him
    and his work to be independent. Keep up sending out the good news.

    • I lived on a farm as a child and free range chickens means they ran around the yard and ate their own poo along with pebbles and insects… Free range is only the new description and a little funny…

  2. I would like to know more about SB-510 and how and why our Go ernment is putting restrictions on personal farming and food production?

  3. Bravo! You framed the juxto-position of these two extremist forces well.
    I always say, “Conservation’ is a Conservative value, not a Liberal one”.
    It wasn’t Al Gore and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. who drummed “Waste not, want not.”, and a deep abiding love for all of God’s Creation, into my head, it was my conservative father, and my ultra-conservative grandfather.
    We are losing elections, because we let Reagan Neo-Cons, that almost all came over from the Dixiecrat and Democrat Parties, detour the Republican Party away from our traditional sensible positions on important issues, like this. These extremists relish war as “good for the economy”, something every Democrat said, back when I was a kid, and a corporate raider mentality that leads to the destruction of All Creation.
    You cannot say you love God, yet hate and destroy His Creation. Likewise, Man is His Most Cherished Creation, for which God created The Garden, and Man for it, to “husband” All Creation, Forever.
    So, sustainability is also a conservative value, as ‘Forever’ is impossible without sustainability.
    Man is God’s essential tool for sustainability, His Warrior Against Entropy, as we are the only animal in the Garden, who can weave a basket, fill it with mud from the bottom of the swamp, and carry it back to the top of the hill, or build a pump, and a windmill or waterwheel to drive it to pump that ‘real black gold’ back up the hill. THAT IS MAN’S JOB IN THE GARDEN! Regenerative Husbandry yields sustained abundance and eternal life.

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