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Here’s What To Say When Someone Accuses Preppers Of Fear Mongering – Episode 007

logoAre you tired of being called a ‘fear monger’ or ‘alarmist’ because you want your loved ones to be prepared in a crisis? Bill and Brian discuss that very point on Off The Grid Radio today. Also, Bill Heid’s explanation of why our situation today is vastly different from that which the founding fathers faced in the late 18th century (and the historical situation that we should be thinking about).

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From left: Jeramy Jennings, Bill Heid, Brian Brawdy, & Ross Eckert

In this episode you’ll also learn:

  • How you’re better prepared just by being aware of what is really going on around you
  • Why its important to prepare spiritually and emotionally for going off the grid
  • What you can learn from Ross Eckert, a man walking across America, about living off the grid
  • and more…

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  1. Hi! I enjoy listening to your radio program. I am a stay at home mom to a child that has had serious medical issues including Kawasaki disease, degree in Psychology and am a Teaparty activist. Most Teaparty people understand what you are saying about saftey, energy and food issues. You had mentioned disease which is something from dealing with my son that I have learned (from experience) alot about. According to the New England Journal of Medicine the Hepatitiis B shot causes Kawasaki. This disease is killing children every month. I had NEVER head about this disease on the news or anywhere else. My child’s Cardiologist says that during summer and fall he is seeing at least 3-5 a month. He moved here from NY city and sees the same here in Florida. It is a Severe vasculitis that likes in particular to attack the heart with coronary aneurysms. It is horribly painful for morphine did’nt even take the edge off of our son’s pain. Our child at nine years old is doing better and happy to say thanks to prayers and faith in God that he is doing much better.
    It may be a bit off subject but due to our very painful experiences with our son’s illness it inspires me to warn other parents about shots. Also wanted to say I was not originally against getting vaccinations and our child had received all his shots up to four years old when he first got Kawasaki. I do my homework and know everything there is about this disease so am able to answer any questions. Thank you for what you do to help your fellow American. It is God’s duty to care for each other!

    • Do you know if the Hep B vac will affect adults? I used to work for the State of Ohio prison system and they forced us to take Hep B series (3 shots) to keep our jobs. I don’t know if I have had any side effects or not, but I do remember a particular episode one night when I awoke suddenly because my heart was racing so fast that I thought I was going to die. I later told my doctor about it and and he listened to my heart and said not to worry, that I have never had heart problems, but he couldn’t begin to guess what it was either. (I used to have panic attacks after my husband passed away, temporarily, so I know the difference. This was not a panic attack). It was around the time when we were taking the Hep B shots.

      • What you describe sounds much more like a “panic attack” than any of the reported side effects of the Hep B vaccine. Virtually all healthcare workers (RNs, LVN/LPNs, medical assistants, MDs, dentists, dental hygenists, etc.) have, for more than a decade, received the vaccine and the rate of side effect occurance is quite low. I am a RN (and nurse practitioner, NP) and know no one who has suffered any adverse event or side effect of the vaccine.

    • read Russell Blaylock MD. He is a renown neurosurgeon who is quite involved in nutritional medicine and the ills of vaccinations and food additives, particularly MSG in its hidden forms— modified food starch, maltodextrin, natural flavors, all causing diseases we see every day and wonder why. I highly recommend his newsletter including the archives. Newsmax carries his info. It is written in plain english and is easily understrandable.
      martin dixon md

  2. Hey Guys: I just love your website, the Radio talks and all the preparation work. I first started ramping up preparation for off grid right after Obama won in November of 08. I went out and purchased a Shotgun, a revolver and a rifle along with at least 1000 rounds of ammo for each gun. I also started purchasing emergency food (from Mountain House and Saratoga Farms) until such time as I now have 6 months worth for my entire family of 4. I’ve supplemented the food/guns with emergency medical supplies, 55 gallon barrels of water (two) and water filters (we live next to a large pool) along with Potassium iodate and 3M filter masks (since I live in the Number 2 plume zone for a nuclear attack (LA/Long Beach harbor). I’ve also started purchasing different tools to use to survive on and stocking items for barter. Best to be prepared in the worst case as you so note all the time. As a Christian man its my responsibility to protect my family and to be prepared for the worst case. I know where the end game is, but that does not mean I give up and surrender against what man (or the Obama regime) may throw my way before the end game plays out. I am not going to panic in an emergency situation. If I lived out in the country (I don’t living in Los Angeles County in a medium sized city) I’d be implementing additional items more suitable to country living. I do what I can including starting to raise my own veggies the best I can. I like 1000s of others are not happy with what is occurring in this country fostered by the Obama regime. I am not counting on the government for my survival, its up to me to be prepared both in the short term and long term, to fight for what I believe in and to stand up to the regime in any way I can.

    Keep up the good work

    • @ WECSRoger;
      I live in the So. Bay area; not far from Long Beach; where did you get the items you mentioned? 55 gal. water barrels; what “kind” of water filters? We too are born-again Christians but as with you, I feel we may have to go thru some rough times before the LORD takes us out of here! (we also need to be prepared for the “big one”, as we do live in So. Ca.). Any help you can give would be appreciated. Thanks.

  3. What a great show! I always enjoy it very much!

    I would like to invite all you guys to add YOUR name to the Republic of the United States here:

    The Republic has been re-inhabited and we need all our good people to step up and be a part of our union. Obama is aware, and the military is completely behind this. So exciting.!!

    Go read and see what you think, my friends.

    • Why should we put our names on ANY list??????
      So the spies in government have a list of everyone
      who is against their NWO!!!!!!
      Think before you write…unless your a shill.

      • Everyone that has an email acct; is on FaceBook, etc., & posts anything neg abt gov., BHO; etc. is already on a “list”. They already know all about us. There is a book “Shadow Government” by Grant Jeffrey that tells it all.

  4. I believe Obama will be our last president. There will be an uprising in this nation or a declared war with another nation. The civil unrest in this nation will cause an executive order of martial law to be declared and no voting will take place. This could possibly take place before November elections. There is a stirring up right now of racial issues that will eventually explode. I believe this is what the Lord Jesus is showing me.
    Thanks, Tim Schaefer

    • I hope and pray that you’re wrong; but I feel very strongly that you may be right. There have been discussions on FB wherein people are saying that BO will declare martial law to stop the November elections. By the way, there’s a video on YouTube where it shows a large airport in Florida (it use to be an Air Force Base) that has 5,000, all identical, vehicles lined up from beginning to end of both runways. The vehicles (they appear to be “hummer-type” ) are white and have UN painted in large black letters on the hood. It’s reported they are there in preparation for martial law. Who really knows what they are there for but it certainly looks suspicious.

  5. Support our troops = let,s think about that. Many have made a religion out of supporting our troops who allegedly are protecting our freedoms. In all actuality, our military is an all volunteer military and these soldiers, employees of the federal government, currently serving in combat roles in Iraq and Afghanistan are nothing more that hired guns, mercenaries being paid by the US Taxpayer to advance the agenda of the global elite, the same bastards that presently and in the recent past, control our Legislature and most of Washington, not to mention their Wall Street handlers. It is time we call a spade a spade. We all, as Americans funding this unlawful genocide, should be ashamed for allowing our military to be used as cannon fodder and instruments of corporatism and financial greed. Eisenhower was correct concerning his admonitions regarding the growing financial/industrial complex as well as George Washington,s caution about involving ourselves in the intrigues of foreign governments. America has much blood on her hands, you and me, we are guilty of murder because of our apathy and lack of vigilance, the loss of so much life in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan and soon, maybe, Iran.

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