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Hidden Dangers In The Middle East: Why The Conflict Must Continue with Patrick Poole – Episode 171

Photo courtesy of Reuters

Photo courtesy of Reuters

In today’s Off The Grid News Radio show, host Bill Heid discusses with special guest Patrick Poole the implications of the current administration’s foreign policy in the Middle East.

Because the current state of “political correctness” governs the American news cycle … the truth about the Middle East can NEVER be told.

Find out what’s really going on behind the scenes as Bill and Patrick take you deep into the heart of the real problem in an interview that will be upsetting to the left and very sobering to the right.

Ideas truly do have consequences. Like most “laws of the universe” this one is going to profoundly affect every American’s life in the near future.

If you are interested in the geopolitical crisis of this region… this will be one of the most informative discussions you will ever hear.

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  1. I could not get the link to play the radio show. I must not be clicking on the right button.

  2. Where do I find you on the radio?

  3. Luther, a Protestant, said the Reformation, (a movement to free true Christians from the accumulated errors of Rome), was able to move forward because the Islamic tribes regularly attacked the armies of Rome. Being busy fighting Islam, Rome was unable to keep the Reformation from taking root.

    Do you think the “Protestants” have gone back to Rome, and accepted their influence and leadership, thereby ceasing to be Protesting? If so, do you think this is why Islam is attacking Christians?

    And if so, do you think you are standing with God, or against Him?

    • Betsy,

      One thing you must remember is that the roots of Protestantism stem back to the Roman Catholic Church. Although, Martin Luther was given credit for the Reformation, he continued to preach many of same doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, such as Water Baptism, the Trinity, Communion, etc., which have been carried over to many of the Protestant churches today. Protestantism is simply a branch from the Roman Catholic Church. As far as I am concerned “Protestants” never completely left Rome, as the Roman influence is still seen in many of the Protestant churches today.

      Islam’s attack on Christians has nothing to do whether the Protestant churches carry the influence of Rome or not. Both Protestants and Roman Catholics are considered enemies to the Islam Religion, as are many other religions in the world.

      Whether you are standing with God or not is based on if you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and have truly given your life to Him, not so much on what church you attend or whether you are Protestant or Catholic.

      God Bless

    • I’m not sure what you meant by “Islam is attacking Christians”. Islam attacks everything. Even other muslims when no other target presents itself.
      Spanish trains, British subways, Russian preschoolers, American skyscrapers, a continuous campaign in Germany, France and Holland, attacks in Bali, Mumbai, and the self destruction in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Egypt, everyones airliners, Sunnis (if you’re a Shiite) Shiites (if you’re a Sunni) and of course, Jews.
      Also, I’m not sure what you meant by “do you think you’re standing with God, or against Him”. The folks perpetrating the partial list I just presented are anything but Godly.

  4. Rich has posted Islamophobic nonsense! This foolish, seemingly uneducated person has just identified Christians, who have always fought each other, and have destroyed an untold number of non-European Peoples and their cultures! Additionally: History proves that Jews have never lived more prosperous and safer lives than when they lived under Muslim Rule! Also: can Rich even count all of the Christian states which have expelled Jews from their territories! Some more than once! The Germans tried to annihilate them with the acquiescence of official Christendom! I could go on and on, but I am sure my point has been made.

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