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Is the Stock Market Lying To Us? – Episode 035

When we went off the gold standard, our government became a government of counterfeiters. This surprising claim begins to make sense as our guest on Off the Grid Radio today, Porter Stansberry, explains what coming off the gold standard actually meant for our country.

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In addition, Porter explains why the rising stock market isn’t really an indicator of economic recovery, but inflationary momentum, and why fear of the dollar is driving agriculture, energy, and precious metals prices up at an alarming rate.

Join us today on Off the Grid Radio as Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy interview Porter Stansberry of Stansberry  & Associates, the publisher and editor of the Stansberry’s Investment Advisory (among others), and the largest investment research business of its kind in the world.

In this episode:

  • Why price controls and quotas disrupt the transmission of information on a nation’s economy.
  • Why fear of the dollar is driving prices up, up, up!
  • The economic lessons of Poland in the 1980s.
  • How media complicity in silencing the voices of revelation and restraint is driving our economy into the ground.
  • And more…
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  1. Until rich Americans who believe that this country is worth saving, invest in TV networks with the goal of spreading the truth, this country doesn’t stand a chance to survive. Fox networks are way outnumbered. Think about it.

    • If you belive fox news is telling the truth you are a puppet already.!!!!!!

      • This is interesting and I bet the dpcagroehims described by the study apply to many other conditions besides healthcare for kids. I would bet that Florida not only scored low on healthcare, but low on other critical issues, too.In Florida I see more problems related to lack of education and work ethic drugs, alcohol, obesity, poor nutrition, crime, kids being raised by someone other than a parent, parents in the prison system. Poor health care for kids is just part of a bigger cultural problem. Interesting post

    • Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. You will learn that those who control the world own ALL the news stations. They take on all the facades from liberal to conservative, then direct us, the “cattle,” right where they plan. They use every means of propaganda to make us form views that are in accord with their plan.

      • Oh pshaww! Those were contrived documents made by the Russian secret police and printed in 1903. The whole thing was lifted from a French political satire that had nothing to do with the Jews. This kind of garbage has no place in rational, public discourse over the monetary policy of the United States.

  2. Between that and today’s Rolling Stone article…yea, the fur’s gonna fly. The cheating people at the top, the liars, whatever…they fall further and harder. This time if the administration bails them out, I predict a full outmajor revolt in this country,

  3. Another reason the stock market is doing so good is that banks and certain investment companies are borrowing money from the Federal Reserve and investing it the stock market. However, the time will come when the stock market will go down as banks, investment firms, and fund managers take profits and the “average” investors buy into the stock market and eventually get discouraged and sell their high-dollar purchased stocks at losses to the banks, investment companies, and fund managers. I’ve been watching this “cycle” repeat itself for over 30 years.

  4. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I was always told that as a kid. But it never pitted me against folks who have money, I just don’t want anyone getting in my way, in my quest, to earn it. I read where the stock market soared in 1929 just before the crash. Then came the crash. I’m really not going to trust them since they sold 60% interest to the Germans. Something there does not seem right? Don’t want to see our nation destroyed but were on a one way road and it looking worse everyday. God help us all. Thanks for letting me speak my mind. AP

    • Honestly, this really brtheos me, and has ever since it was announced last year. Can anyone really tell me a worthwhile use for this other than confirming that there is no reasonable expectation of privacy on even our quiet neighborhood streets?And I’m no tech-adverse guy either, I just hate the thought of being caught on camera for the world to see without me ever knowing it. It’s a little too Orwellian for my tastes.

  5. Great article. Thanks for keeping us informed and doing such a good job. I’ll be passing this along to others.

  6. we all need to remember folks that they’re not stupid up there at the top. doing what they’re doing requires a LOT of brainpower. fools can topple an awesome nation – it just takes time, buttt if you want to convert that nation deceptively to something where you have more control to do what you please as an elite, while the populace as a majority doesn’t even have a clue nor has the time to figure it out, now that’s power… raw power and quite a challenge. how do you get the world to a one world government and eventual dictatorship with the people as a majority feeling ok about it and helping it along without them really knowing? they already have a plan for a world currency so they’re just working their plan to destroy the dollar and neutralize it so that it becomes easier to create that one world currency. the easiest way to understand their plan is to go back in history – the history they hate – that of the Holy Bible because the Holy Bible reveals their plan(s). once you know the end plan then you backtrack the logic and see where the current world falls in that plan. it’s pretty cool – you should check it out.

  7. Maybe wise in their own eyes… Jesus said (let) the blind lead the blind…

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