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Just Say No To Smart Meters! Jennifer Stahl Says No And Winds Up In Jail. Hear Her Tell-All Story – Episode 141

In a very special edition of Off The Grid News Radio we sit down with a Naperville mom who found herself being arrested on her own property for not allowing city workers to install a smart meter on her property. In Naperville the city owns the electrical grid and they used their police force to get the job done. The result was a smart meter on Jennifer Stahl’s house and her being escorted off her own property in handcuffs.

Stahl walks us through all she did in order to help protect herself against having a smart meter installed on her home. She shows how well she had done her homework. From no trespassing signs to a court ordered affidavit allowing her neighbor to speak on her behalf as the homeowner. She seemed to have everything in place to protect herself, yet how was she escorted off of her own property in handcuffs?

Please join Off The Grid News’ Tony Belha as he interviews one of the victims of a 1984-type scenario, Jennifer Stahl. Jennifer walks us through the moments that led up to her arrest and how she felt being “processed” through the police department like a criminal, even though all she was doing was trying to protect her rights.

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In this episode:

In this episode:

  •   What is the danger involved with smart meters?
  •   Who is really in danger?
  •   Who is going to stand up and protest this 1984-like government takeover?
  •   And more…

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  1. Girl keep it up!!!!
    I wish we had more people like yourself who arent chicken sh#%s. I am an American patriot who believes in our Civil Rights also!!! Keep your head up and I would be glad to help you in anyway and will be in touch real soon to your personal website.

    Thank you for being brave like an American is suposed to be!!!!

  2. So, my smart meter was already swapped. What can I do to reverse this?

  3. WIsconsin utilities have been literally forcing radiofrequency transmitting meters on residents for several years. (see article about Wisconsin utilities bullying residents). The problem is that many went in here before awareness in the general public grew. Most people still have got no idea of the risks. (see BioInitiative 2012 for some of the modern studies, and Zory R. Glaser at Magda Havas site for U.S. 1970s studies compiled on RF biological harm, you just might give up using that cellphone, too…)

    For state groups against smart meters see:
    Also, remember that the 1995 U.S. Energy Act said smart meters should be offered to people, not forced. But stimulus money went for many of the smart grid installations… See “Wisconsin Legislator Packet” smart meter solutions for more links, and Stop Smart Meters dot org.

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