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Nationalization of the Food Supply Is Here – Episode 004

logoWe’ve been warning you about the coming food supply crisis and the future is here…on today’s ‘Off the Grid Radio’, Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy explain how Hugo Chavez has taken over his country’s food supply and how we can learn from it.

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In this episode you’ll also learn:

  • The best kind of food to buy right now, while it’s still cheap.
  • What the recent Chinese currency revaluation really means (and it’s not to help with the US deficit!).
  • What should be on your short-term ‘to do’ list.
  • Why you must have a retreat to go if things get really bad…and where Bill Heid and his family will go.
  • What it might look like if an Iceland-style currency failure happens here.
  • How to find alternative investment options so you’re protected if and when the collapse arrives.
  • Why you might want to setup a bank account outside the US.
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  1. Agree…can’t stream with my broadband…can only read comments!

  2. Agree, with putting it in text. Don’t have the time or patience to listen this long. I am an avid talk show listener from the radio, but I can work around the outside and listen at same time. Can’t drag the computer around to listen and do not have a device to record it.

  3. must be in writing–7 minute bullet-point video–maybe- but still must be in writing……

  4. The Constitution is still relevant today! It does not change, only people change. Any law put into action will always have those who choose to oppose it for any number of reasons. Does that mean that we abandon the use of laws? Of course not. If people choose to ignore stop signs or red lights does that mean we abandon that? Of course not. If you read the Constitution you will see what it states for all people. It is written by men for the purpose of basing government on. I believe we are currently losing our Republic, partly because our legislators have been ALLOWED to write unconstitutional laws … slowly rotting our freedoms. It is the job of the People to defend our republic, not Congress or the President — we have to protect ourselves from them with Constitutional checks and balances — and when they exceed their power, we must lay charges against them, for it is Treason. The problem has been that the things that have been going on have been going on so long that we haven’t done or said anything.

    If you remember much from your high school history classes about the founding of this country, you know there was a great deal of controversy about what type of government the newly independent states should create.

    The first effort, the Articles of Confederation, was generally regarded as a failure. But what should replace them? Each state sent a group of representatives to meet in Philadelphia and hammer out a new agreement. The deliberations of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 were held in strict secrecy. Consequently, anxious citizens gathered outside Independence Hall when the proceedings ended, eager to learn what had been produced behind those closed doors.

    As the delegates left the building, a Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got?”

    With no hesitation, Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Not a democracy, not a democratic republic. But “a republic, if you can keep it.”

    It was said a few decades ago that if the people of the United States did not stand up for their freedoms then they would be laying in the ditches to fight for their freedoms.

    Just because someone tries to destroy what you have does not mean you give up. Stand up and stand in place. The Founders gave of their fortunes, their sacred honor and reputation when they signed their names on the Declaration of Independence. They were signing their deaths for freedom for America.

  5. May god Bless America and ALL who stand to protect her.

  6. Text, text, text is all I need, please no sound since I am a deaf individual.

  7. Warrior Patriot

    Amen RONAN, amen!

  8. I’ve jumped through hoops over and over to “re-register” to something I have been recieving for quite sometime. Now the audio won’t come through, bits of sound only. I like it better when you just printed it out and all the mumbo jumbo passwords weren’t needed. Most of us can’t do all this jumping around, I know I won’t bother again. too Bad cuz I have ordered from you and valued your information. Debra O’Donnell

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  9. I’ve jumped through hoops over and over to “re-register” to something I have been recieving for quite sometime. Now the audio won’t come through, bits of sound only. I liked it better when you just printed it out and all the mumbo jumbo passwords weren’t needed. Most of us can’t do all this jumping around, I know I won’t bother again. too Bad cuz I have ordered from you and valued your information. Debra O’Donnell

  10. I love Off The Grid Radio. I can download it and listen to it whenever I have the time. I always seem to have so much to do so I’m able to learn the truth and some useful information while working. Keep up the good work.

  11. For all of us who are trying to prepare quickly for what is coming, there is much to do. Most of us can scan quickly the text version of info. Please help us to use our time wisely by providing text. Thank you!

  12. One more thought…..put your commercials on text too. Most of us will be just as interested in the info in these commercials as we are in the text. I tend to tune out audio commercials, but will read what I think would be helpful.

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  13. Some of us older folks would really appreciate the radio show content in written form and would even pay a fee to subscribe for written info. We just can’t listen to the shows and don’t have IPODS, etc.

  14. What are you talking about? You must be doing something wrong. The radio show works fine for me, stars and plays without a hitch.


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  16. bcguideoutfitters

    In Canada we live prepared. There is still cheap remote land.

  17. Looks like they are still doing the printed ones as well, at least they have had about 2 weeks of new print content. The episode 5 has a print version of the show as well i see.

  18. Reported today by Beck: In the Frank & Dodd Financial Reform Bill, reports and other information provided to the SEC, or any other self-regulatory organization, will be excluded from the Freedom of Information Act. One more thing you can tell your unbelieving friends about where they’re taking the government. Be prepared.

  19. Those of us who are old read better than this new generation who have had the benefit of “Out come based education” Even my children prefer to watch videos rather than read. But…….Talking about EMP……what are you going to get info from? Kindels? Smart phones? Video disks? Without electricty PAPER still works! Go to the shelf, light a candle, and read what info you need!

    • How true on reading. The attention span of many young folks is appalling. I operate a bicycle repair shop and so many of the young ones in and around the shop stand with their faces glued to their phones and seem unaware even of their surroundings. I try to instruct them on keeping their bikes up almost to no avail, they just don’t pay attention long enough to learn, probably the outcome-based thinking ingrained into their brains… I recall one young man I had to tell him that if he didn’t pay attention I would stop working on his bike. It helped for a few minutes. but eventually had to finish the bike myself and send him on his way. I fear for the future of this country if this is an example of the people that may run this country. There are a few good ones so I do remain optimistic.

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  21. Yes, please print! I won’t take the time to listen. I am just too busy. I read a lot faster than the audio. Thank YOU!

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  23. wish I could say the same. I think we will be bugging-in

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