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New FDA Rules To Shut Down Organic Farming?

organic farming radioCould proposed rules by the FDA end up shutting down organic farms nationwide if they don’t abandon their all-natural practices?

That’s what the head of an organization that supports independent family farms believes, and it’s the subject of this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio.

As you may know, the FDA released its original proposed rules for organic farms in 2013 – and farmers went ballistic. The FDA then revised its proposal in September 2014, but the new proposed rules are just as bad, says Judith McGeary, the executive director of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, who tells us how the government’s rules will impact farmers from coast to coast.

McGeary also tells us:

  • How traditional manure and composting practices still could be banned.
  • How time-tested groundwater methods could be outlawed.
  • How farmers with livestock on their property could be dramatically impacted.

The good news? Supporters of organic farms can speak up – but the clock is ticking, and the deadline is Monday (Dec. 15). Listen as Judith tell us why we should be outraged and what we can do.

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  1. Sadly unless America steps up and steps out against the FDA they will quickly do everything they can to make us sick and dying. Why, because they are in bed with Big Pharmaceuticals. All they care about is money. The entire organization should be removed. Let the people decide what is best for themselves and their families with their wallets.

    If people want it then they will buy it. If they feel like it is bad for them they won’t buy it, or will buy less of it. This will cause the party that is making the least amount of money to follow the buyers market.

    With the help of the internet and social media many people such as myself have been made aware of the dangers that lurk in our food and water. Thanks to that some of us have done more research and discovered that what we heard was either truth or lie or not substantiated. Unfortunately I have discovered that mostly the FDA is a program based on Eugenics. If not on paper then by their methodology.

  2. I agree. FDA should be banned. They don’t protect the citizens. As with most things, it’s about the $. They may stop some things that cause harm but also allow things to be approved that hurt us. High fructose corn syrup and other ingredients in U. S. Products are a testimony to that… among other reports of past problems that have made the news.

  3. I absolutely agree with both posts. The bottom line is this: If we n the American people don’t come together and get rid of the garbage that is running this country and the world into the toilet, there will be no world left.
    These scumbags who have poison our food, water, and air. who have dumped all kinds of chemical waste into our rivers and streams and oceans, who have poisoned the grounds with all kinds of cancerous materials, and these scumbags behind the curtains of the big Pharmaceuticals, and the big conglomerates like Monsanto, and Coca-Cola, who have a government green lite to keep the destruction of human life going must be stopped in their tracks before they do any more damage.It starts from the top, with the pathetic president, who is the worst in the history of this country, and goes down from there. Everybody in the White House on the payroll and everyone related to them who holds a job by them, needs to be kicked to the curb, and be replaced with good honest decent God fearing people, who are for the people by the people,just like our fore fathers wanted. Then maybe we can get change for real, and not just some BS lip service.

  4. It failed earlier this year, but in Parliament, the European Commission’s Plant Material Reproduction Law failed. Even though this wasn’t in the US, it shows the times the average joe and jane are living in, that a governing body would have the gall to try and pass a law that would make any seed variety of a plant or tree illegal to plant or to even possess that wasn’t already under a list of varieties that had been tested and cataloged to the govt’s satisfaction and approval. I’m not talking about any type of drug plant, this failed law in Europe was meant to cover ALL seeds, whether it was vegetables, fruits, trees, ect. It covered them ALL. Even though it failed, suppose it passed in Europe, how long do you think it would be before US legislators would try to bring it to the US ?

    These type’s of laws are nothing but a ploy to control the world’s food supply by putting all rights to plant in the hands of Big Agra so they can push their frankenstein monstrosities on the masses while they themselves eat from their exempted private organic farms that cater to the elite. If that’s not Orwellian then I don’t know what is, to make it illegal to possess vegetable seeds that happen to be outside of a list of govt approved varieties.

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