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Off-Grid Life In A $4,500 Converted School Bus

Off-Grid Life In a $4,500 Converted School Bus

The off-the-grid life can take many forms – a traditional home, an earthbag house and even an underground abode.

But what about a converted school bus? That’s the route that off-gridder Patrick Schmidt took when he bought a used school bus and then converted it into his own home on wheels – complete with a bed, a kitchen area, a restroom and solar panels.

Schmidt is this week’s guest on Off The Grid Radio, as he shares with us how he converted the bus into a home and also provides details of his journey across the country.

It’s an off-grid life like no other. Schmidt tells us:

  • Where he found his used bus, which cost $4,500.
  • Why he chose a bus instead of other forms of off-grid homes.
  • How he makes money off-grid while living on the road.
  • Which parts of America he enjoyed most on a recent 15,000-mile voyage.
  • How he repaired the bus when it died, simply by posting a picture of the engine on social media.
  • Why he chose not to put a television in the bus.

Schmidt left his job to buy the bus, and he shares with us all of the priceless benefits of escaping the rat race. If you’ve ever wanted to travel the country or live in a portable home, then you don’t want to miss this week’s show!

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  1. Christian Gains

    Did this in the 70’s…quite inspiring! I Can’t outfit one now, nor afford it; but LOVED it while it lasted. Several weekends a month we spend the weekend living out of our “Extended Van”, with refridge, porta potty; electricity, (two lamps), and LOTS of COZINESS! (I usually sit in the front “shotgun” seat, — call it my “Gemini Capsule”, lol! and read, whil sweetie lays on the bed in back, and reads or does our finances, and watches movies! GREAT!!). I STRONLY URGE ANYone who CAN, to do it!

  2. If he paid 4500 just to buy the bus, he shoulda looked around first. I see them on craigslist all the time for 3 grand or less.

    • it only has 68,000 miles dude. $4500 isn’t bad for that. most of the ones i see for sale have over 200k. it is diesel though, and will last a long while.

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