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One Man Living His Off-Grid Dream with Rich Scheben- Episode 060

Rich Scheben’s journey began in New York and ended in northwestern Montana, where he now lives off 150 beautiful acres of land that is almost the embodiment of Eden. Wildlife abounds, streams and creeks teem with fish, and greenhouses flourish with vegetables and fruit. He left the hustle and bustle of urban living in 1986 and has never looked back.

Scheben grew up loving fishing, hunting, and trapping. Sitting through the movie Jeremiah Johnson in 1972 only reinforced his dream and desire to live the life of a modern-day mountain man. However, he found achieving that dream was nearly impossible in the politically correct charged atmosphere of the times that we live in.

Please join Bill Heid, Brian Brawdy, and Rich Scheben as he describes his journey from native New Yorker in a concrete jungle to the beautiful mountains and streams of northwestern Montana. Rich’s story is one of hope—that no matter what the circumstances, achieving your dreams is possible with hard work, effort, and determination.

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In this episode:

  • Keeping your eye on the goal
  • Political correctness run amuck
  • The beauty of Montana
  • Never give up… through hard work and determination, you can achieve your dream
  • And more…
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  1. I admire you for following your dream…

  2. I had a football coach in 1970 in Houston tell us players to set goals in life and when we accomplished that goal set another and I did also like Rich above..My goal was to move back to the east Texas area where I was raised ,buy some land in the woods..Cut down trees off my property and build a log home..I purchased this 15 acres outside Athens Texas in 1978 after working years saving up money to buy a piece of land where I fished and hunted as a teenager..I’m now typing this from my computer in that log home of my dreams..There was only pine ,oak and cedar trees on this hill one half mile from a blacktop road..I then saved money to build the concrete slab.After I poured that I then started cutting down pines and cedar logs for my home.Saved up more money and brought water and power here..I’ve been here 33 years,married for 16 years now and I urge you all>>”TO SET GOALS IN LIFE AND WORK TOWARD THEM”..I’m living my American dream..I raise chickens,a garden,fruit trees,and even drilled my own water well..Hard work and belief in God and His Son Jesus, will get you your goals in life..God Bless,Ben from Texas

    • You and your loved will survive thanks to you diligence. A lot of us will not; especially those of us who are in ill health and in our 70s and that is alright; it is just our children that deeply concerns us and it would be great if they, in their late 30s and early 40s, had followed you path to self sufficiency.
      You and your family are truly Blessed and there is no question that you well know the source of those Blessings!!!
      James Allen Wyatt, Jr.
      Kosciusko, Mississippi HS Class of ’56
      Mississippi State University Class of ’61
      Frances W. Saxon Wyatt
      Tallapoosa, GA HS Class of ’55
      all else is highly suspect!

      • You have said that correctly…everrything we have and will have comes from the Creator, our Lord God, and when those who call themselves Christians straighten up their/our ways and glorify HIm, He would/will straighten up our land. Repentance/Forgiveness promised.

        I am so happy for their “living off the land” as we did in the years past. LOTS of hard work, but blessings galore.
        God bless the writer and the New Yorker becoming dependent on the giver.

  3. Rich, It is great to read about your successes in both achieving the dream and a sustainable life style. So many people are seeing a need for a simpler life style. I too have joined the simpler life style quest, now building a off grid sustainable farm with Steel shipping container (ISBU) and straw bail construction. Perhaps I have gone off the deep end as we are using compost toilets, LED lighting, solar thermal tubes, PV and wind for power needs. So much more to talk about, but again, thank you for sharing what you are doing. Good luck and God Bless you!

  4. I really admire your going after your dreams in life. Your life sounds wonderful. Wish I had done something like that, but one seems to get trapped in his life style and then it is to late. I know that my family would not go for such a life style and I am in my 70’s. Sounds like you and the coach are really living a my dream. I grew up in a rule area in Missouri, on a small farm. Love the country, to fish and garden. Also love the Mountains trees and wildlife. I feel that you have chosen the right areas and way of life with the way economy is heading. Best of

    Continued Luck to you both!

    John V.

  5. I live in northwest Montana and I admire your determination. Although not easy to do, many places around the country allow that lifestyle such as Main, Kentucky, Oregon, Washington etc.
    The one thing about Montana that people must know is WINTER! We gets lots of heavy snow and bone chilling cold way below zero. I have seen it 59 below at my place! Summers are short and the nights are always cold so a heated greenhouse is mnandatory to grow many types of veggies.
    I also am a fan of Jerimiah Johnson but reality is way different than the movies. I live off the grid as much as possible and am trying to fully remove from it.
    Great radio show!!!

  6. I rtoo admire those that are achieving their dreams. Even though I am a single 60 year old female, my dream is still to live in the desert….I have made that first step with the purchase of 36 acres, totally undeveloped.
    If any one out there has hints and suggestions for moving onto the next step, all are appreciated.
    Ben from Teaxs, I too am living currently in East Texas, not that far from Athens. Although my dream is to get out of the piney woods.
    I am probably going to have to live totally off grid…power is so very expensive to go very far.

  7. OUTSTANDING show. Great guest. Please keep up the good work.

  8. Agenda 21 and its abolition of private property is attempting to destroy your dream. I desire they fail in the implementation of such a reptilian-Illuminati dictatorship!

  9. Is agenda 21 still a threat?

  10. Great show. I have done almost the same thing here in New Hampshire. I moved out of the Boston area, bought 55 acres of great hunting and fishing land. I have solar panels and a wind generator that allows me to have 2 rooms completely off the grid. The remainder of the house is on the grid. For people who love to hunt, fish, trap and grow a garden, it is very feasible.

  11. I am here in Montana…following my dreams of getting off the grid. After living in Leadville, Colorado for 10 years…to relocating back to 70 miles outside of NYC and 50 miles out of Philly… I am now living in Red Lodge Montana. I love being in the middle of nowhere in a small mountain resort town. Now the big challenge in bringing my “off the grid” philosophies is finding a like minded male companion that appreciates a “mountain woman” who can do everything to stay “off the grid.” I am here waiting in the mountains to find my life journey companion…waiting in the wilderness.

    • may we talk on the phone–(316-371-5297)—thanks–larry

    • Hello, just wanted to say that I am a like minded man who would enjoy living in the wilderness with a like minded “mountain woman”, but they a hard to come by. It is great to hear that it is possible. At least I know there is one out their, and that gives me hope. Patiently hoping that one day I will live and be able to share my dream. Thank you, 1Va-Gent.

  12. I read all of yall’s comments and stories because it is my dream to settle down out west and live “off the grid” as much as possible and have more freedoms, away from the hussle, bussle, and so stressful lifestyle here in the east. I would love to be able to one day be able to walk out my back door and see mountains, streams full of trout, wilderness, peace & quiet. I would have no problem with this lifestyle, for I am a countryboy and I can survive. Grew up on farm and learned how to make it on the land. Raised horses for the most. And hopefully maybe if I make it out there, and I am riding my horse on the mountain, I come across this “mountain woman” patiently waiting in the wilderness!

  13. I guess you could say I live off the grid as far as trying to play your videos and audios, as I can only use a dialup connection where I live. So I must forego your enlightened stories and leave them for your guests who live in the cities and/or are able to afford wireless internet or satellite internet connections with broadband or DS or faster connection than I have.

  14. I just finished listened to tthe program with Rich Schebens and i wuld like to say i really enjoyed it. I retired from the US Air Force and also looking forward to living off the grid. As with Rich i know how the government can be by not giving us the real story about things. I am looking for property in Montana to move to with my wife. I have done alot of research on alternative power sources and have finally came up with a plan to get rid of all the money stealing utilities. I would enjoy talking to Rich or getting in touch with him personnaly if that is possible.
    Thanks for the outstanding articles i receive from OFF THE GRiD.
    Keep up the great work.

    • Hello Mountain camper! I appreciate your kind words and wish you the best in pursuit of your dreams too. Pardon the delay but, I have gotton so many communications I can hardly keep up. Please let me know if I can assist you in any way regarding your goals.


      Rich Scheben

  15. I’ve just found and I’m listening to this on the web. Is there irony here?!!!!! Now I have to listen to a commercial!? …and for how long!?

    Perhaps my loss, but I’m outta here.

  16. ICLEI, through most local governments, coupled with its treasonous arm at the federal level will not allow Mr. Schebens to keep his Eden. None of us owns anything, contrary to what our Constitution says. These filth, at all levels of government, doing the bidding of the UN, have us under UN rule now. Slick as snot……The goal is to cram us into cities as slaves for THEIR purposes. Is Agenda 21 still a threat? They’re ramping up their treasonous traitorous efforts to steal EVERYTHING, even the pores in the soil between the particles.

    The Department of Transportation is hell-bent on destroying what’s left of the smaller farms by requiring CDL driver’s licenses for all on the farms–including drug testing, expensive classes, no under-age drivers… get the picture. The result will be more and more impoverishment, less and less food produced and voila! revolution, if there are enough to realize just what the hell is going on.

    Driver’s licenses are for those who drive for hire…….the rest of us are traveling and we have that right with NO government interference. That worked out well, huh?

    Welcome to our very own dictatorship/corporatocracy/new world order.

  17. (That should be “Federal Motor Safety Administration–not DOT….another bureaucracy that has no business existing.)

  18. Hello all that is why we are developing a Magnetic generator to meet all the power needs and be off the GRID.. We need your help to achieve this life long dream we have.Watch our you Tube video and decide do you want to be involved?
    Thanks MArk

  19. Kin ya skin griz, pilgrim?

  20. In your “Huntng” quesionnaire, you left out “Wacko Liberals and anti-Americans” as a choice!!! 😉
    We don’t have 150 acres, but we are in the mountains away from the liberals of the Bay Area! Congratulations on setting and reaching this set of goals. If we move up to MT, we’ll have to move near UM and adopt the Grizzlies. What a beautiful setting that campus is in!

  21. Agenda 21? Being implemented right under your noses….the national animal ID scheme (no, it’s NOT dead), the “food modernization” law crammed thru during the lame duck session under cover of the Dream Act; the federal DOT regulations for anyone pulling a trailer (that’s what we were told – an “articulated vehicle” – we’ve gotten two tickets now on farm tagged trucks, one just this spring but that truck wasn’t even pulling a trailer) or driving farm equipment/vehicles; child labor laws; licenses for driving, vehicles, etc.; the “health care” law; the ICLEI/Sustainable Living; pushing citizens out of national parks in various ways (state parks next); Extraordinary Resource Waters….”AND WATERSHED” (they did that here in Arkansas and we know they’ve done it in other states); outlawing collecting rainwater (already in place in several states); traceability of all food; stopping all food production outside of “approved” farms – that’s why the attack on raw milk – gardens next; and so much more and so many different fronts. And how do they get away with this legally? Because if Americans don’t stand up and say NO!, then we VOLUNTEERED to do what is being crammed down our throats. As one state official said when we were fighting to stop the animal ID (it was embedded in the food safety bill anyway), “You can either volunteer to sign up in the animal ID/premise ID, or you can volunteer not to own any animals at all.” A man whose paycheck comes from the very people he’s talking to said this! No private property ownership – no independent businesses (all corporations) – no private production of your own food – no using water except what is given to you (chlorinated, fluroidated, etc.). No living anywhere except where you are told you may live. It’s rapidly getting to the point where we will not be able to stop it – the North American Union is around the corner and we will become a STATE instead of a sovereign nation under our Constitution. Remember the Soviet Union? And we will be told that we VOLUNTEERED to become this new State because we didn’t say “no” when we could have. We learned a lot while resisting the animal ID scheme – the USDA is getting ready to come out with the new mandatory national animal ID program any day – maybe tomorrow. We stood up all over this nation, stuck our fingers in the USDA’s eye and said NO TO MANDATORY NATIONAL ANIMAL ID! It’s a direct assault on our private property rights. They countered by announcing that the “National Animal ID” is dead” and immediately started working on a new way to bring it about DESPITE us saying No. By declaring “NAIS is dead” they accomplished one thing over night – FIVE STATES had already passed anti-NAIS laws and in one fell swoop, the fed gov nullified all five state laws – because they made the mistake of NAMING the program in their bills (which we in Arkansas were NOT doing and that’s why they fought us so bad here for two sessions….INCLUDING THE ARK. GOP!!). It’s evil, pure and simple, and we pray that the people of this Republic will wake up and stand up before it is too late….

  22. Why did this guest have such a hard time getting into his “Living in the Woods” stories and couldn’t stop talking about philosophy vs. telling people about how he built, trapped, eats, respects nature, got off the grid and how he deals with it. Does he not want any more people doing what he is doing? Haha… maybe the question to him should have been: “Do you want any more of us living out in Nature?” I’m sure he’d say NO! get the heck out of my forest area were I live.

  23. Hi
    We are trying to prepare to live off the grid. We want to raise fish to eat in a large stock tank we have. Does anyone know how to do that…..

  24. I would love to talk to Rich Scheben. Please let him know. Need some advice, and possibly help locating a property to settle on. I just paid off my Class A Deisel pusher, and am ready to go!
    Troy Guidry

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