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President Obama And The Rodeo Clown: Legitimate Concern Or NAACP Searching For A Story? with Brian Brawdy – Episode 170

obama rodeo clown

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Hosts Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy uncork the real news hovering around a performance by a rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair.

That’s right…a rodeo clown…but not just any rodeo clown; this one is spurring a secret service investigation and Bill and Brian beg the question of whether the investigation is merited or not.

In an article by Tara Dodrill titled, “Opinion: Obama Rodeo Clown Critics Forgetting Past Presidential Jokes” Dodrill asks why this event led to a call for an investigation when similar events in the past have not. Bill and Brian recap on this story and in an in-depth conversation, they wonder if this investigation is really worth the tax payer dollars. They even go as far as to sight previous exploits where the Executive Office was the punch line to a comedian’s joke.

What made this event so much different than events prior? Is the NAACP just searching for a story as the Zimmerman trial has come to a close, or did the act more closely resemble a clan rally as fair-goer Perry Beam reported in a CNN interview?

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  • Rodeo clowns antics prompt Secret Service investigation.
  • Is what the rodeo clown did a true threat or just bad judgement?
  • Bill and Brian lay down how they feel about this breaking news story.
  • Show Me State hangs its head in shame while comedians still reap the benefits of jokes about the Executive Office.
  • and more…
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  1. for 8 years we saw the left burn and hang effigies of George Bush and no one on the left complained as well as hollywood using every chance they had to belittle Bush but the NAACP is always fishing to use their ace in the hole racism. they are pathetic and are the opposite of what Martin Luther King stood for.

    • The NAACP is like a lot of formerly relevant organizations, struggling to exist. They have to have an aggrieved minority population to exist. Expect them to exploit, exaggerate and create any event that will keep the uneducated, violent, exploited “black” masses upset enough to support them. That also brings in money from the knee jerk liberals with guilty streaks. If no criticism of a minority president can exist without an accusation of racism, I for one hope Obama is the first and last minority president. I am tired of every move by anyone who isn’t worshiping at Obama’s feet being ascribed to racism. How about the fact that he is the most incompetent, least experienced, most narcissistic president in the history of the country? It has nothing to do with his race. Maybe like Zimmerman we should call him a white black Then the evil white man part can take the blame without racism being alleged at every turn.

      • oldest and boldest civil rights organization in the nation.‎

        Search Results

        The NAACP needs to revise their name to the Nationally Ashamed for the Aggrandizement of Confused People

      • The NAACP was not started by Black People, it was started by white people (Jews). The reason they used Colored People was because of White Men who had babies by Black Women. I am a Black Male and does not considered Obama to be a Black man. He was raised by his White Grandparents. In my eyes Obama and Bush are the same. Obama has used the Black people to get their votes and has not done a damn thing for Black People. I am not a member of the NAACP or any of the other Black organization, because they are all funded by big business that are control by Whites. In other words the Big Business control all of the Black organizations. In my eyes Bush, Obama, Clinton, Reagan, Carter and Nixon have all been a part of destroying this country. Racism is used to play with the emotions of the people. All of the people in the country (Blacks, White, Brown, Red and Yellow) have all been fooled by this government.

  2. Why do we as FREE loving and responsible americans have to puy up with this garbage every day? Why can’t we keep him in dc doing real work rather seeing him grinnn and smilin on the golf course, he does have some sense of humor, but Rome is burnin boy get your a—ss back to work and deal with it if you want us to love and honor you.

    • Right on!!!! And then there is the ‘brag’ of what is cost to fly to the dog to the vacation house and cut the food for the injured vets!!!!!

      it costs $11,000 per hour to fly an Osprey on

      At least the cut in meals has been reversed when I went looking for the link.:

      • Why did it happen in the first place? Who in the hell would have even thought about considering their actions without considering the consequences. It reminds me of the furlough decision they made without fully considering all of the courses of action to cut the budget (i.e., cutting foreign and military aid to unstable countries). What kind of nation sacrifices their own that have already given the ultimate sacrifice to appease backward ass dictatorships for the sake of stabilizing a region. Hell, we’ve been trying to stabilize the Mideast since 1990 in modern times and what has that done for us?

        Reminds me of Einstein’s definition of insanity….”doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

  3. Politically Incorrect

    Isn’t this standard operating procedure for socialist governments? Everything is forced on you to accept, this is the way the socialist machine works. Break everything down, everybody is target even a rodeo clown, every department of government is target, cranking away 24/7 with no recourse when violating all the laws, all the kings men block the doorways so the voices are silenced. When you begin to accept lies as truth, no longer questioning decisions and actions because the will to fight is lost and finally give in, then communism is willingly welcomed with open arms.

    • Welcome to the modern day Gestapo and Kripo world of the Obamonazi’s agenda. The final solution has been unleashed on the American people. Although we may not be euthanized in the near future they’re certainly pushing an agenda to strip us of our freedoms and turn us into a nation of sheeple without a voice.

      “Experience has shown, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.”
      ― Thomas Jefferson

  4. The man wearing the Obama mask broke no law that I know of. No law states you MUST respect the president, but nice to respect the office! The man is there to entertain the crowd, I understand the crowd loved it and went wild. Did his job and did it well for the customers! Fuxk the ni99er if he don’t like it.

    • Respect is earned, not given. Especially if your an elected official that was voted into office by the American people. Obama must believe he gained his power through succession of power as though he was the next in line to be the King! As a retired military Vet I wouldn’t let this Commander In Thief lead me to a pisser in a toilet much less rule a country.

    • I say, establish martial law and track down every source of mask wearing clowns and weed these anti government slugs from the Obama nation utopia. How dare they try to disrespect our King! Never bite the hand that feeds the hand that feeds. Did I just say that government is ripping the taxpayer off? I’m so sorry, I was confused and ask that you don’t put me on the no fly list.

  5. People get so very upset over nothing. Why waste tax-payer dollars on an investigation that will lead to absolutely nothing. This is just a man with a sense of humor and nothing more. It has nothing at all to do with racism. There is something called the 1st amendment and it guarantees the right to assemble peaceably, freedom to choose one’s religion and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION! These idiots that think there is something more than what it is are just that! Idiots. As far as the NAACP, they are nothing more than the KKK, only a different race. Get over it people. Where was the NAACP when the mother of a little baby in Georgia got shot and the two teenage boys that did it shot her baby in the face? The NAACP did not speak up against it as being a hate crime because the perpetrators were black. I can’t count how many times I have been called “Cracker”, “Honkey”, “White bread”. I brush it off and keep smiling and walking. The thing is, I don’t get offended. I don’t hate the name caller. No big deal.

  6. Boo-hoo-someone made fun of him, our black/white or white/black president. I am so sick of all the crap that goes on in Washington all of the time. Why don’t they try working and really have a life to deal with every day, then someone making a joke where you are the butt won’t matter. GROW UP AND TRY being a real president for OUR COUNTRY FOR A CHANGE! He is such pr a dictator want-a-be.

  7. It’s not Obama And The Rodeo Clown it’s part of the program ending things in our finial days of the U. S.
    The country called the United States was taken over incrementally over the last 100 years. The government is a camouflage, it’s like you were on a cruse ship and pirates took over changed uniforms with the crew killed the captain, but every thing looks the same to the passengers, and you can’t tell them the ship has been taken over. They say you are crazy if you tell them!

  8. Look out, Barack: Clarabell is coming after you with his seltzer bottle…

  9. Why don’t all Americans designate this Halloween as “(Dis-) Respect the President Day” and don our gay apparel (Obama mask) as homage to our trickster-in-chief? Let’s show Barak our true colors.

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