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She Went An Entire Year Without The Internet. Here’s What She Learned.

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Imagine going an entire year without using the Internet – no Facebook, no Twitter, no YouTube, no email. Not even Google or Amazon.

Sound impossible?

Perhaps it is for some, but this week’s guest on Off The Grid Radio did just that – and she learned a lot from the experiment. Her name is Esther Emery, a modern-day homesteader who spent 365 ways away from the World Wide Web. She even got rid of her smartphone!

Emery discovered things that nearly all of us – those who spend regular time on the Internet — miss each day of the week.

Emery, whose book What Falls From The Sky details those 12 months, tells us:

  • Why she decided to spend a year away from the Internet.
  • How long it took before she no longer craved it.
  • What traditional old-time activities she learned to love during those months.
  • How the experiment dramatically changed how she views the Internet.

Finally, Emery shares with us what she discovered – lessons that can’t be learned while staring at a bright screen.

We were inspired by her story … and we think you will be, too!

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  1. “… no Facebook, no Twitter, no YouTube, no email. Not even Google or Amazon.”

    I have e mail, it is part of my job. Otherwise, I have none of the rest, never have had, including smartphone, Ipad, etc because they are just used to track people. I have no TV, ever. The only reason there is “smartmeters” on the electric, gas, water is because it was done with an armed officer – forced.

    None of this was done to assist the people, it was done to better control the people. It is not really amazing, many of us who are awake and know our government and real history knows what they are for, and do not have them.

    • I am in my 60’s. I don’t have a smart phone either. I have a cheap trac phone and i only have it in case i need to call for a tow if my car breaks down. Only one person texts me on it and i never talk on it. I think the smart phones are way too complicated. I dont even like the trac phone. I push the wrong button and once i couldn’t even shut the phone off. So i had to take out the battery to get it to shut off. Caused me anxiety. I don’t have tv either. Last time i had cable for a short while was over thirty yrs ago. I don’t like being tracked either. I put my cell phone in a tight metal can and leave it there until i need to use it. I still have a landline.

    • You use email and that can be tracked. People say that it can´t, but the government has way more power and knowledge then we do. So what your being tracked, millions of other are as well, and nothing happens to them, so why do you even try and prevent yourself. Its part of the reason why its so hard to be off the grid.

  2. I can relate to what she has done. I grew up without any computers, internet, email or cell phones. I miss the era of snail mail, land line phones and hard back books. The ereaders like Kindle are great since you can have a large library to read and computer to listen to your favourite music, but for the internet, I don’t have a real need for except for living in Asia and that is the only reason for email. Back in the States I would rely on good old snail mail.
    Everyone should try to be off the grid for a week and see they like it. I do. Take care everyone and try to enjoy life without the net.

    • I don’t trust kindle kind of books. I read that some books have been deleted without the owners permission. I prefer hard copies.

    • You should take advantage of the internet. Trying to live in the past doesn´t help anybody. Also, the past was our dark days and you should look ahead.

  3. This woman may not be as unusual as people think. There have been some years when I have not had or used a TV. I have no cell phone nor any plans to ever have one. I rarely use a telephone and sorely miss the social nature of living 50 years ago. People who are addicted to Internet, Cellphones I-pads etc, seem to be very lacking in interacting with other people. It seems sad the number of people who sit at a restaurant table glued to their cellphones while they ignore the people sitting on the other side of the table. I don’t claim to be without interest in being online but enjoyed hearing this woman’s experience.

  4. An interesting interview with Esther. I’ve been contemplating going off electronic dependence on cell phones, cable TV, and even the Internet. Independence and self-reliance is so important today. I researched and wrote a book on going solar so no-one ever needs to be without electricity. I applaud you and your husband, Esther. Good for you!

  5. After years of going through the same routine every morning – reading the same news sites, then reading email while drinking my coffee – I wondered if the reason I was so tired all the time was because I started the day staring at the computer for four hours. I decided to only read my hometown newspaper obits online first thing then put the computer up, saving the heavier reading for later. I stopped watching the vids I’d subscribed to, stopped reading most of my email and only read the things on my news sites that really interested me. I feel so much better! I have 10 times the energy I had before this experiment, and although there are some things I do need to use the internet for, I will never go back to filling the first part of my day with the computer nor will I devote nearly as much time to it, period.

  6. Good for you, Esther! I look forward to reading your book. BTW, are you Carla’s daughter? I sure do miss her. Blessings. ~rose

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