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The $70,000 Solar-Heated ‘Earthship’ Home That’s Completely Off Grid

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Imagine living in an off-grid home and not ever receiving a utility bill – no electric bill, no water bill, no sewer bill. Even better, you don’t have to stockpile firewood, because your home is heated by the sun.

Sound impossible? It’s not. It is called an earthship home, and on this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio we take a look at these unique houses that are revolutionizing what it means to live off-grid. Our guest is Craig Cook, who lives in an earthship home with his wife Connie in Canada – where temperatures in the winter often hover around 0 degree Fahrenheit.

Incredibly, their home cost only $70,000.

Craig tells us:

  • How his house stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer, without a stove or AC.
  • What is different between an earthship home and a typical homestead house.
  • How he and his wife have all the water they need – without a well or utility hook-up.
  • Why his home incorporates hundreds of used tires … that he got for free.

Craig also shares with us the pros and cons of an earthship home for those considering making the transition. If you’re a homesteader, off-gridder or simply someone who enjoys fascinating people, then don’t miss this week’s show!


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  1. No file found & I really would like to listen to this.

  2. Can you please check the steaming link? It says “The resource could not be found” when I click on it and the download is 0.0 KB. Thank you!

  3. File not found to play podcast

  4. A terrific podcast. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to tell my family in Michigan about this earthship home.

  5. Sheila Reynolds

    I initially heard about Earthships from a PBS program about Thomas Reynolds, who built Earthships with volunteers that wanted to learn how to build them using old tires and packed dirt for exterior walls and uncrushed soda/beer cans for interior walls with a heat sink garden facing the South to take advantage of the Solar heat and light. Gray water is filtered by plants inside and then to the outside the domicile while fresh water is contained in poly tanks located to the rear of the house and takes advantage of rain to keep them filled. It was an excellent program and makes me wonder if he is still building his Earthships.

  6. Sheila Reynolds

    See: Thomas Reynolds, creator of Earthships of this type domicile,

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