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The George Washington You Never Knew with Peter Lillback – Episode 062

It has been said by those who choose to revise history that our Founders were not Christians. At best they will concede that they might have been Deists, but under no circumstances were they traditional Christians.

While it’s true that some of our Founders were hard or soft Deists, our first president was definitely a faith-filled man in the traditional sense of the word, and stated so publically many, many times. In fact, the George Washington you’ll hear about on Off the Grid Radio this week is quite unlike the man you’ve heard about through years of indoctrination in the public school system and secular society.

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Join Bill Heid and his very special guest, Dr. Peter Lillback, president of Westminster Theological Seminary and professor of Historical Theology as they discuss the George Washington you never knew.

In this episode:

  • What is a Deist, and were our Founders Deists in the true sense of the word?
  • What motivated and compelled George Washington?
  • How the electorate determines the character of the men and women they elect to office
  • Who we are as a people and the type of government we have will be determined by the meaning we assign to words
  • And more…

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  1. We need leaders like Washington more today than ever. Thank you for sharing this information about one of the men who made America possible!

  2. Why did these wonderful Christian settlers butcher the native peoples and kill millions of buffalo for “sport”?

    • The early Christian settlers got along fine with the native peoples. It wasn’t until later when your ancestral secular settlers started to arrive that skirmishes started with the native peoples. Also, “fighting back” is a more appropriate word than “butcher” when describing these events.

      The primary reason for hunting buffalo was for food and clothing, not sport. Plus, at the time there were hundreds of thousands of buffalo and a lot of hungry cold people.

      • The slaughter of buffalo occurred as we expanded into the west. It was the 19th century equivalent of the “war for oil” or the wars of imperialism that were occurring in Europe. The century mark of our country began our genocidal attacks on the native peoples: simply put, we wanted land for gold, wheat and cattle; whatever the robber barons were grabbing, and our superior numbers and technology took it–just as the north ensured that the south wouldn’t secede decades earlier.

        • [Taken from: ‘Christian America or Not?’]
          There are many factors that have worked against Christianity in America. The various Rationalistic/ Empiricist philosophies (16th century), Freemasonry*, International banking (beginning with Federal Reserve Act in the USA, Dec 24th 1913); Neo-Darwinist ideology, which underlies Marxism, Nazism, Fascism, and even the relatively new notion of ‘Judeo-Christianity (see ). All of these tendencies have contributed to the establishment of ‘pluralism,’ relativism – the ultimate direction towards and substantiation of the New World Order. This also led to the shift of the United States from a designed Republic (based on geometric natural law) to a Democratic one (socialism, algebraic-rule based).

          Though many of America’s founding fathers had been of the British nobility within the British Empire and had to subscribe to freemasonry. Their freemasonic roots were derived from the foundations of the Society of Cincinnatus* – which included: [Reference: **]

          1) Original meaning of republicanism
          2) The Renaissance
          3) Geometric Natural Law
          4) Apostolic Christianity

          Without these four elements it was/is impossible to understand America’s design. Today, none of these factors exist in the American Political, Economic, Judicial, Educational, Media and Christian systems. One of the many conclusions that can be drawn is that should these four elements** be excluded from America’s design, then America will cease to be America. In other words, America can only exist if it contains these four elements**.

          At the same time, today, several historical actions have ensured a socialist America: (Reference: ***)

          1) Federal Reserve Act (Dec. 23, 1913)
          2) Signing of the UNO Charter (October 24, 1945) – an unconstitutional and treasonous act because the UNO Charter is a copy of the Soviet Union’s Constitution. Those who function within the scope of the UNO Charter inevitably become treasonous entities.
          3) The politicization of the commercial NAFA Treaty – removing the USA from the World’s map and implementing the North American Union – signed during the George Bush administration – with the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of Mexico.
          4) Unconstitutional Stimulus Packages, ‘ObamaHealthCare’ and Homeland Security, Patriot Act***.
          Within this context, when we talk about “conspiracy theories’ – the issue is really that of ‘treason,’ i.e., we need to address: – what is its nature, legality, pre-meditated intent, its effect and objective(s), etc.

          Few Americans realize that because of the Acts, signatures and legislations*** the Christian American nation is but a faint echo of its origins, or almost ceased to exist. Today’s USA is an entity functioning under an internationalist authority – i.e., the 1) World Central Banking system (see the derivatives and stimulus packages); and 2) the United Nation’s Charter. Many key institutions are managed by non-constitutional Americans [a second layer of Government], secured by foreign ‘mercenaries’ on the ‘North American Union District’ within the United Nations Organization.

          • Thanks to all who have dared to expose the truth regarding the detrimental effects of freemasonry on our country!

          • Theoretix, you sounded credible until you twisted facts. It wasn’t until I read your “The politicization of the commercial NAFA Treaty – removing the USA from the World’s map and implementing the North American Union – signed during the George Bush administration – with the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of Mexico” that I finally said “enough is ENOUGH”. President George Bush did NOT sign the NAFTA treaty….it was Mr. Cigar-Man-I-Didn’t-Have-Sex-With-That-Woman Clinton: I’m not wishing to pick a fight, nor slam you, just correct a huge error.
            Thanks and have a Blessed day

          • Hey Theoretix: You add many good understandings here. What is your training and work? You sound like a college professor. I’d like to be in contact if you don’t mind. [email protected]

      • The only people who used the Buffalo the way he was suppose to be used was the Native American. It was used for food,clothing and shelter. The Europeans killed them for the hides, to be sold or traded for other goods.

    • The mindset that sees everything evil in the past as “Christian” and everything that is good then or now as secular is really twisted–the product of secular programming that doesn’t fit the facts either about the past or the present. See the 2011 released book by Indian Vishal Mangalwadi: THE BOOK THAT MADE YOUR WORLD: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization.

  3. George Washington, as best I’ve been able to read, was a high level Freemason working for Adam Weishaupt and the Bavarian Illuminati. Between that and slave owning, I see a man who worked hard towards the new world order we find ourselves hurtling towards today.

    These historical lessons are great and all, but why haven’t you guys done anything recently about actually living off the grid? I want to learn more about the techniques and mentalities of survivors – how does one build and install a solar power generator (and not just buy yours), how does one harvest and store seeds from old crops? I want to listen to those types of talks.

    Your Christian faith is great, but to me it’s a secondary subject to what’s really important – sharing information that will allow us to learn how to survive. With time running short in the world, it seems silly to spend our time debating the merits of historical leaders of the past – especially those increasingly being uncovered as false prophets.

    • 100% agree.

    • So many do not know that the FreeMasons built our country. Their object is a New World Order–not Christianity. We have overlooked how the FreeMasons got to America, where they came from, and what their plan is. You are absolutely correct and thank you for bringing up this information. I recommend ‘Apollyon Rising 2012’ for anyone who doesn’t understand just how embedded the FreeMasons are in our country. But isn’t that how Satan works—under the radar?.

      • You are 100% correct on that point.

      • In a more perfect world we should be informed as to which of our political candidates are Masons.

      • A Question: As I understand it the character of Freemasonry has darkened considerably from the time of the Founders to today. In particular, was the contribution of Albert Pike who didn’t appear until the later 1800s. I’d like to know how he changed Masonry and made it more Luciferian.

    • If for whatever reason time is running out for the world then it would seem the better choice of subjects would be saving your soul. no world, no surviving no people.

  4. Rather than promote a religious agenda, I would say this is a better account of why we need to have people like George Washington in charge:

    • I now believe that America is mentioned at least three times in the Scriptures. No time to develop it here but 1) Genesis 48:19, and this can be traced in history and evidence given, but Jacob’s prophecy to Joseph’s two sons was that Ephraim would become “in the last days” a “company or commonwealth of nations” (Great Britain) and his firstborn would also become great, a Great People. That’s the US! 2) Isaiah 18 I believe is the US when we look at the original Hebrew meanings (not the King James or other interpretations) and 3) Revelation 3, speaking of the sixth and seventh church stages, Philadelphia and Laodicea. Dr. Stephen Jones in his book on the seven church ages points out that the Philadelphia church age began of all places in a city called Philadelphia in 1776 when the Christian philosophy reached the point as Adams said, when they combined the Christian philosophy of brotherly love with a form of government. Jones believes that phase lasted from 1776 until 1913 with the creation of our debt system of the non-Federal non-Reserve, when people would proudly assert they are rich but are really poor…the Spirit advises people to buy gold. Not bad advice during a time when fake fiat paper money reigns.

  5. I can’t believe in the 21st century people are still telling tales the masons worship the devil/satan etc.
    You fear what you don’t know anything about. The Masons and Shriners do a lot for people.
    Yes it was is/a secret society, you had to know someone to get in, had to be invited, had to be able to afford to belong, or your parents belonged. There are many other societies that have the same rules. You have to be invited to join. All worship G-d, Home and Country.

    • Judy. I recommend the book by a former Mason who tells the story of being initiated into the 33rd Degree in the Masonic Temple in Washington DC, in the presence of former US Presidents and even an American Evangelical Evangelist, where the ritual included denouncing Christ and swearing allegiance to Lucifer: THE DEADLY DECEPTION by Jim Shaw & Tom McKenney, Huntington House, c. 1988


  7. Ah yes, the historical revisionists are at it again, even on this commentary page. The deist/freemason nonsense gets old. The fact is George Washington WAS a Christian, as were the majority of our founders. All you have to do is read their writings and you’ll know this is the truth. There may have been a few deists and masons among them, but the overwhelming majority of them were Christians. The Christian worldview was the dominant and prevelant view at the time, thus we were and are a CHRISTIAN NATION!!! End of discussion.

    • YOU, Sir, are redefining “Christianity”. The number one principle of Christianity is that Jesus Christ IS GOD, the one and only. That principle is opposed to the foundational belief of FreeMasonry and many other demoninations. Because anyone follows a book, or the book, of specific rules and rhetoric does not make them an actual Christian by definition, only a player. Sorry, no points are given for denying the #1 basic principle of Christianity. Jesus is God. period.

  8. We as a nation are actually a secular society of which the great majority of citizens identify themselves as christian.The constituition goes to great lengths to prohibit state domination of religion.This seperation came about to insure that no state or national church could arise as was the case in the colonies with the Church of England.A great many of our laws and treditions come down from english common law which was inturn highly infulenced by church law which had as it’s basis Judeo- Christian laws set down in the bible.The United States is and probably always will be a nation of many different faiths and opinions but one should always be wary when spokespeople of this group or that group make statements implying that thiers is the only interpretation of history that is relevent.When the day comes that we as a nation lose our tolerance for any opinion other than our own then we will have lost that which is great and good in America.In matters of faith one should look to the Greek oath that instructs us to “first do no harm”and remember that the founding fathers did not appeal to Jesus but to “Divine Provedence”.

    • William Hill: That’s true but, the Founders were painting this secular society on the canvas of the Christian philosophy. Take it off that backdrop, that canvas, and you will end up like the French Revolutiion which was totally secular on a secular canvas and that led to the horrors of the 20th century such as Marxism, Nazism, etc. Push this secular vision off the Christian canvas and you will end up in hell, both here and beyond.

  9. The “Founding Fathers” where British. Those who were freemasons were of the British Rite of freemasonry, which at the time was a truly “fraternal” organization, with only eight or nine degree levels.. They had a problem in the fact that they were going against their fraternal brothers in England.

    Then a Frenchman came to the colonies and got them to take an oath in the Scottish rite which was the Rite among Frenchmen, including in the oath a rescinding of their oath of the British Rite. The Frenchman was LaFayette. Washington liked this Frenchman and the other Founding Father freemasons accepted the Scottish rite. The Scottish rite had a “blood oath” which said they could have their throat slit if they told any of the freemason secrets,

    There were a lot of aspects of the Scottish rite which made it a lot more than a simple fraternal organization. This rite had many more higher degrees. Those who were only admitted to the lower degrees knew nothing about what went on internally in the higher degrees. Thus those in the lower degrees were easily manipulated by the decisions of those in the higher degrees.. (This is still the case today.)

    A month or so before Washington died, in a letter to a friend, he stated that this version of freemasonry is going to ruin our country! In the early 1800s a political party was created known as the “Anti-Freemasonry Party” How many of you know about that? Why would it have been created if freemasonry was good? In fact, did you know that John Quincy Adams, o few years after his presidential term was over, ran for Congress on the “Anti-Freemasonry Party” ticket and was elected to the House of Representatives. A book was published which had the writings of John Quincy Adams. Its contents are extremely interesting.

    • Fascinating! I always wondered about the disconnect between today’s Luciferian freemasonry (NWO) and the founders’ free-masonry.

      I keep hearing that the masons of today are entangled with all the tyranny and New World Order plans we’re seeing unfold. So it didn’t add up to me that men who loved LIBERTY (the founders) would be entangled in such an organization. It made no sense… Why would the founders create a free republic if they had plans on enslaving us 230-something years later? Made no sense.

      Now I see, according to your post, that freemasonry seems to have changed dramatically over the last 200 years. This bridges the gap for me.

  10. ” Oh, foolish people of secular America”
    15 years after the great “Battle at the Monongahela”, on July 9, 1755. Fifteen years later, 1770, Washington along with boyhood friends, were traveling thru the woods near the Ohio and Kanawha river. There they were met by an old Indian chief, who came to address Washington.
    ” I am chief and ruler over many tribes. My influence extends to the waters of the great lakes and the far blue mountains. I have traveled a long and weary path that I might see this young warrior of the great battle. It was
    on that day I seen the white man’s blood mixed with the streams of our forests that I first beheld this chief. I
    called to my young men and said, mark yon tall and daring warrior (Washington – 23 yrs old). He is not of the red-coat tribe – he hath an Indian’s wisdom, and his warriors fight as we do – yet he has exposed himself. Quick, let your aim be certain, and he dies. Our rifles were leveled, and we knew not how to miss. Twas all in vain, a power mightier far than we, shielded you. Seeing you were under the special guardianship of the Great Spirit, we immediately ceased fire at you. I am old and soon will be gathered to the great council fire of my fathers in the land of shades, but ere I go, there is something bids me to speak in the voice of prophecy: Listen! The Great Spirit protects that man (pointing to Washington), and guides his destinies – he will become the chief of nations and a people yet unborn will hail him as the founder of a mighty empire. I am come to pay homage to the man who is the particular favorite of Heaven, and who can never die in battle”. ” ( The testimony of Billy Brown, who in1825, at the age of 93 recounted this incident to a historian.)
    George Washington created a personal prayer book : ” Let my heart ..gracious God be so affected with your glory that I may not do mine own works but wait on thee .. to discharge those weighty duties thou has for me:”
    Part of a Sunday morning prayer for Gods guidance. Enjoy this world unbelievers!!!!!!!!

  11. Two words for you, David Barton of Wall Builders:
    This garbage about deists has got to stop. Our country’s founders were
    Christians. Invite David Barton to be on your show and he will uncover for
    you what the liberal idiots of our nation’s education system have attempted
    to bury all these years.

  12. It is not enough to say you are Christian. More important is do you live the teachings of Christ. Mercy, Forgiveness, Love, Compassion.

  13. A lot of people here are missing the point… It matters not whether the founders were Christian, atheists, deists, or Luciferian… What matters is that they were smart enough to know better than to inflict their personal religious views on government or vise-versa. No matter what the founders’ PERSONAL beliefs were, they created a REPUBLIC…. not a theocracy. Almost all major religions are based on the same moral tenants. So to say that America is a “Christian Nation” would be just as big of a lie as saying it’s an “Islamic Nation” or a “Jewish nation”. The point of America’s creation was to embrace religious freedom. So any attempt by anyone here to villify beliefs which deviate from Christianity are ulterior motives to turn this country into a theocracy. In fact, religion in general is one of the most corrupted institutions in te world. That alone is proof that morality and region can exist without each other. In other words, you don’t need religion to have morality. Your concience tells you right and wrong (divinely inspired or not). And I’d bet my life savings that I’ve become MORE loving, caring and virtuous since I stopped buying the fraud of church 5 years ago. In conclusion, believe what you WANT to believe… But don’t you dare try to sell your corrupt, greed-filled and hate-filled religion off as the “religion of America”. America is secular. That’s the nature of religious freedom. Get that through your indoctrinated skulls. Believe what you want to believe, and leave everyone else alone. You’re not winning any favors with God by trying to enslave Americans under theocratic tyranny. If you enjoy that style if government, move to Iran. I’m sick of the Christian propaganda from Off The Grid news. Give us useful advice, or lose subscribers. These comments speak loud and clear. We didn’t subscribe to this newsletter to be “witnessed” to, or preached at. So STOP it!

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