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The Gestapo of Food – Episode 013

logoOn today’s edition of Off the Grid Radio, Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy interview renowned trend analyst and forecasting expert Gerald Celente. Mr. Celente uncovers the latest conspiracy to control the food supply and explains how the coming war with Iran will destroy the economy…and the soul of our country. This is one episode you absolutely MUST hear!

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In this episode you’ll also learn:

  • What we can learn from the 7 year-old who was fined $120 for selling lemonade
  • The shockingly low percentage of foreign food imports that are inspected
  • How the government and big business have conspired to control and manipulate the food supply
  • What the politicians are really trying to accomplish with SB510
  • The truth about the salmonella egg crisis
  • What it will take to survive the coming crisis
  • and more…
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  1. Sorry guys, this man sounds like just another angry Lib, if he is wise, it is not apparent or obvious.

    • I agree. Half way through, I had to shut it off. If he is the foremost trend expert he needs a lot of help with improving his professionalism. I agree we are in the most dangerous period of our country, but wild rants and the blame game puts me off. I’ll listen to rational thought, not screaming rants.

    • you should heed warnings….. at least get all info you can before putting it down….
      what happen to the people in Noah’s day? They all thought he was a ‘cook” but no one survived
      except those on the boat….. the door shut many days before the first rain drop! no doubt when
      the rain came (it had never rained before that day) they were maybe thinking mmmmmm maybe
      I should have listened to the “the old crazy guy”?

      • Never said I’m not heeding the warnings. There are several predictors of the future that do so in a calm, rational way. Screaming about Bolton serves no purpose to “educate” about trends, which is what I was looking for. If I can’t get past the messenger, then the message is lost. Trust me, I am preparing for the worst of times and just hope I have enough time left to get it all done.

    • It is a sorry reflection on our society’s total domination of our deepest levels of the human subconscious mind that we feel so compelled to pass a personalized moral judgement upon an individual who has not only spent his life, but given his life, in our defense. If the messenger be an ant, heed him and understand the message. We should all stop trying to sound so wise and sophisticated in our attempt to cover up our inner sense of inadequacies in our own psyche by attacking the messenger and evaluate the message itself…not the messenger. I have a feeling that the only thing that is powerful enough to shake the majority of us from our ivory towers of self-styled sophistication is exactly what he is talking about. GET PAST YOUR OWN SENSE OF SELF-IMPORTANCE…and get on with the business of life at the grass roots level…you IDIOT.

      • Kudos on the comments made by rickleeper, KR and readyandwilling. The coming situation in America will soon demand that YOU take matters into your own hands with respect to IF, where and how you and your family will survive. Gerald Celente has warnings and advice that are valid and should be considered with care. I happen to disagree with him about John Bolton (not Michael Bolton – as Mr. Brawdy stated). I don’t discount Mr. Celente’s wisdom because of his rant, but I must admit, I was a bit disturbed by his lack of composure at times. Remaining calm is vital to survival and people tend to (as admitted to in previous comments) tune out a ranter. I’ve listened to Mr. Celente’s remarks in the recent past and found most to be relevent for our times. Those who lower themselves to the level of name calling (ie “idiots”) because of another’s opinion, however, close down the dialogue. Everyone has the right to be heard – it’s up to the listener to decide what to do with it: stay and listen, turn and walk away or debate the matter at hand. Name calling is destructive.

    • I had to turn it off after 5 minutes. If this is the kind of guests that you will be having on your show , let me know so I will make sure NOT to listen anymore. What utter bullshit this guy is saying. John Bolton happens to be one of the most intelligent people in politics. He is somebody I admire and if this crack pot thinks John Bolton is the enemy, well then , this guy is my enemy.
      You guys have lost me on this one!

  2. Okay, we all agree there IS a huge problem…instead of getting smarter since 9/11 we have progressively sunk into …I am not sure what to call it even….okay, so what do we do about it all?? If we do not fight, we sink for sure…if we just keep relying on what we have: our government, we are sunk, if we try to take in on ourselves we are slaughtered before we begin!!…SO what is the solution then??…There will not be a safe place or food for many of us, for very long, no matter what….what do you truly suggest….a compound somewhere where food can be grown? but then there will be raiders…I mean there is no answer!!! I am ready to fight but whom and for what end? We cannot give up, yet no one seems to know what the heck we should do either?!!

    • TRUE … We have a solution and are trying to implement. We will grow acres of food year round, purify water, generate electricity, and build high energy efficient living and work shelters in self sufficient Micro Communities around the country. We are seeking funding to implement our concept and to allow partnering with communities who have interest.

  3. It’s been foretold for centuries and now it’s happening. Of course many will give you a blank stare, walk away thinking you are crazy (or worse) and may even want to argue with you. It isn’t going to change things. This is the time to prepare PERSONALLY. If you have a family, of course this means, planning for your family as well. We have a small window of time to get together things that will help us live a bit more comfortably with minimal suffering if we take advantage of the time we have NOW. Crying or whining is not going to accomplish anything constructive. You can’t change a whole country. We’ll make it through this as America has a spiritual foundation and birthright but we “earned this hard time” that is coming. Read “George Washington’s Visions for America” (search for this on the internet ), it is recorded in the Library of Congress. We will make it out of this mess. But too many have strayed away from what America was founded on (our spiritual principles) and Who we put our Trust in, so we are going to suffer as a nation.
    Until we turn around again as a Nation Under God, we will continue to suffer these consequences. It is not God punishing us, it is our own choices that led us down this road. So think! Pray!!! and then act!….but do it soon. And you cannot wait for anybody else to do it for you. Becoming as independent as one can – will be the way to think. Praying because it will remind you that God is your Source and can help you. And to act on what you believe is right for you to do. All we can do is prepare as much as we can personally for this tough time ahead of us. Most won’t, unfortunately. God bless our Nation and protect us all!

  4. Well, I hate to rain on your parades but here’s the story. Mr. Celente heads up Trends Research. TR provides in depth global, economic data and research to Fortune 500 companies, including my employer. Won’t say for fear of losing my job. This guy follows trends and by doing so, provides insight that is normally ignored or overlooked by most in the media and definitely all of society. I suggest heeding his words carefully and methodically at every opportunity. Is it a risk, definitely. But I trust him more than most organizations and that includes EVERY MEDIA OUTLET.

  5. Although Gerald Celente may get a little too vehement in his proclamations, and it does not seem apparent that he is a Christian believer, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have wisdom and experience to share. Don’t discount what he has to say.

    We cannot plan against everything that is likely to be coming down upon us, but we can be among those who are not the first “turtles on their backs”, helpless and needy, and unable to serve or help anyone else.

    God is in charge of our lives and futures, and we know that He wins in the end.

    We can learn from Old Testament saints, such as Joseph, who heeded the warning of a coming drought and famine and stored up provisions during the years of plenty, such that the land of Egypt was spared and they were able to help surrounding peoples also.

  6. I just listened to “The Gestapo of Food” radio broadcast. I agree with most of the content and wonder what most people think upon hearing this story. If anyone does not beleive the government would ever take control of the food supplies they need to look back in our own history to see this was done before. In 1872-1873 millions of buffalo were slaughtered and left to rot to force out the Indians who used buffalo as their primary source of food and clothing. Our own government very effectively controlled one race of people and took their land and it’s resources as their own. If they did it once what does anyone in their right mind think would keep them from doing it again? The government wants control. Too much control. It is up to the people to take back control of a government that has already put it’s self before the citizens by voting in raises for themselves when all the rest of us have either taken pay cuts or lost our jobs. They vote better health care for themselves and leave us to fight for the pittance that is left. The sure fire way to fix our healthcare situation is to make those whose duty it is to fix it, to live by the same rules and be awarded for their work, the SAME benefits the rest of us get. Who do they think they are anyway? I am white, unemployed, looking at losing all I have worked for in my life. I do not want a handout. I want the free-for-all to end in Washington and at all government levels. I am fed up with the total lack of leadership, morals, accountability, and punishment for offenses that would put me, a mere tax payer behind bars. We need laws to limit terms for all government officials. It should be an honor and privilege to SERVE the people and NOT a CAREER. After their terms are done they can return to face the governement they perpetuated and have no one to blame but themselves if they do not like the conditions they helped create. By doing this we will form a government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people. If they do not do their job as promised they will not last long. Also, there should be laws that hold politicians to what they have promised post election. Sincerely, one pissed off American taxpayer.

  7. The defining distinction between the child and adult of any sentient species:
    the ability to independently feed one self at puberty. True wealth is measured by how many people you can feed, and for how long.
    The rest is consensus trance and a house of cards.

    At the first US census in 1790, 90% of the population were countrymen- i.e., farmers.
    100 years ago, at the height of Missouri’s Golden Age, it was 70%.
    During my adult lifetime, the capability to feed oneself and others has fallen (here in Missouri from nearly 60% of the population to maybe one in a thousand).

    The last Missourians who fed us, and the world, without Big Government,
    Big Oil, Big Pharma are pushing 80 years old. When they die, they take with them the skills sets and toughness required for a commonwealth society to survive. The reason we live in a Nanny state is that we are deliberately kept suspended in perpetual adolescence. The reason almost every lifestyle decision is now up to government (in loco parentis) is because we’ve crossed a line of no return. A people who cannot feed themselves cannot self-govern, either. Right?

    What is that line?
    “I cannot conquer Europe with farm boys. They are independent, they can feed themselves, they don’t need the state. We must take children away from the parents at an early age so they can be indoctrinated with the goals of the fatherland.” Kaiser Wilhelm to Otto Bismark.

    Within a couple of year, the major industrialized nations, all racing for colonial Empire, had adopted the Second Reich’s Prussian Model of state-controlled education, wholecloth.
    As Winston Churchill said, “If there is Evil, it comes from Prussia”

    Feed America First, comes first!

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