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The High Cost of Ignoring Disaster Preparation with Eileen Coale – Episode 064

After a significantly diminished Hurricane Irene brushed up against our east coast, many people wanted to snicker about what they considered overblown hype in the face of the storm.

Past hurricanes such as Camille, Ivan, Frederick, Rita, and Katrina made Irene pale in comparison.

And as our guest on Off the Grid Radio said today, when the hurricane finally reached her, it had downgraded to a tropical storm. And yet, by mid-week, there were still over 400,000 people in Virginia without power, over 563,000 in New York sitting in the dark, and the slow response to power outages in New Jersey has left thousands of residents disgruntled and even angry.

In Maryland, where today’s guest on Off the Grid Radio is from, 820,000 people were without power in the aftermath of the storm.

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It doesn’t take a tsunami of Japanese proportions to leave you scrambling for food, water, and shelter.

Harness The Power Of The Sun When The Electricity Goes Out…

Join Bill Heid, Brian Brawdy, and Eileen Coale as they discuss not only disaster preparation, but the latest innovation in solar generator technology from Solutions From Science.

In this episode:

  • Gas or solar: the pros and cons of each generator system…
  • Deciding on your Tier One emergency needs…
  • Flooding is about more than water…
  • The aftermath can last longer than you think
  • And more…
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  1. I’ve been told is a lot more to it than just burying the solar panels-you got have some type of energy source (batteries) to get charged up and also an electrical contractor to hook this energy output to your home. So if this true how much, approimately, would the total cost would be. Also what can you run from this source of energy?

    • Hey, you must not have seen yesterday’s video – They showed the batteries and all that stuff! All thier different models have batteries and converters, they’re just different capacities etc…

  2. I have 3 comments for “off the grid” 1. Reading your into to ‘off the grid’ was tedious to say the least. You could hit the high spots, and shorten it a lot. Four times I almost closed you out, but kept listening out of curiosity to see where the heck you were going! 2. Ditto for your new solar power system. What a lot of geeky hype to get to a few shreds of meat! 3. I voted for alcohol (the drinking kind) because: you want something to barter with when the times get tough?? Have a few cases of good whiskey stashed away.

  3. Thanks for your concern,what is the price,i cannot purchase anything without a price…

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