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Near Miss On Massive EMP with Tara Dodrill – Episode 168

Solar_flareHold onto your seats…this week survivalist expert Brian Brawdy sits down to talk with Off The Grid News writer, Tara Dodrill. The two sit down to discuss the solar flare that just barely missed the earth two weeks ago. It was a solar flare that could have taken down mobile communication systems and other electronic devices worldwide.

Dodrill brings up some hard-hitting points about what kinds of disasters would be created by an EMP. She mentions factors like the number of planes over the United States at any given point in time. How many lives would be in danger if the electrical control systems go down in a plane while it is midair?

Dodrill and Brawdy really get fired up when they start talking about the lack of attention this is getting from the media and from the government. They also talk about the importance of the Shield Act. While they are not sure whether or not the Shield Act is the end all be all…it is at least a step in the right direction.

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In this episode you’ll also learn:

  • How many people in airplanes would be affected when an EMP happens?
  • What is former CIA Director James Woolsey saying about solar flares and EMPs?
  • Who is actually in charge of protecting the power grid?
  • What will it take to get home to your loved ones?
  • If the government isn’t going to take action, will you?
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  1. The Solar Helosperic Observatory (SOHO satellite) watches the sun 24/7.

    Coronal Mass Ejections can take between to three days to reach the earth ‘s orbital distance depending on their ejection speed from the sun. The speeds can exceed 1 million miles per hour. The EMP is produced by highly energetic particles contained in the mass thrown off by the sun colliding with the earth’s own magnetic fields. SOHO monitors these ejections along with other solar observing satellites giving us time to prepare earth obiting satellites for on coming space weather.


  2. Why is Space Weather denying that a solar flare never happen. I!m sure the goverment didn’t want mass panic.

  3. The only contingency the government would have is to protect the elite and to leave the masses to their own devices.

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