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The Pilgrims’ Story: Separating Fact From Fiction

sue allan pilgrimsSchoolchildren all across America are learning about the Pilgrims this month, but for many of them it’s the politically correct version – sanitized of anything that might offend.

On this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, you’ll hear the non-PC story of the Pilgrims from one of the world’s foremost experts, Sue Allan, who separates myths from facts and provides details about the Pilgrims you’ve never heard.

Allan is an author and speaker who gives tours of Pilgrim sites in the United Kingdom, and her knack for making you “feel like you were there” is unmatched.

The Pilgrims, she says, were some of the nation’s first survivalists, and their stories of persistence and endurance rival anything out of Hollywood.

Allan also tells us:

  • Why the depictions of Pilgrims you see in paintings are almost always wrong.
  • What the Pilgrims did to stay out of jail in England – a story so incredible it is sure to inspire.
  • How the Pilgrims survived their journey across the Atlantic, despite not having enough food to eat.
  • Why she believes the Pilgrims’ story must include their faith – or else not be told at all.
  • How the Pilgrims could have avoided that first harsh winter, if only they had done this one thing.

Perhaps most incredible of all, Allan tells us how the “first Thanksgiving” we’ve been taught for decades perhaps wasn’t the first Thanksgiving at all. Allan has been featured in a series of documentaries, including the BBC’s Coast and Kirk Cameron’s Monumental. Listen as this expert tells the Pilgrims’ story as only she can.

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  1. Wish you had transcript to read option since I’m nearly deaf now.

  2. Ever since I saw two Presidential Candidates(McCain&Obama) who were NOT “natural-born” citizens placed on the ballot I have been consumed with hidden knowledge about exactly who was behind this. In 1981 Reagan was the first U.S.President to face the obelisk of the Washington Monument while being sworn in. This was a sign to the Jesuits that their quest for world-domination was going as planned. Also in 1981 CIA Director William Casey told President Reagan “The disinformation program will continue until everything the American public believes is a lie. That day is here.
    Oswald WAS a patsy. 9/11 was an inside-job just like Pearl Harbor and the OKC-bombing of the Murrah Federal Building by McVeigh and FBI provacetour John Doe #2. The Titanic is really the RMS Olympic.
    The JP Morgan family got their wealth passed down from Captain Morgan the Pirate. Gore cheated to win Florida so the Bush-backers retroactively cheated to win it back. Pink-slime is PEOPLE.
    Know this right now! Obama is The Antichrist and Pope Francis is his False Prophet.

  3. Thank you for this article!! Not enough medical professionals talk about the role of the sensory motor system in chronic muscle pain – whether back, neck, shoulder or hip pain. Muscles LEARN to stay tight due to our movement habits, thoughts, activities and emotional stress. This is called Sensory Motor Amnesia. And these “amnesic” muscles cause pain. Teach people to restore their internal awareness and control of the muscles and movement is freer, more pleasant and pain-free.

  4. TheSouthernNationalist

    For a very long time I have questioned the myth about how the indians “saved” the poor pilgrims.
    For starters, these pilgrims knew about carpentry, hunting, and farming and surely they brought with them seeds, tools, firearms, live stock, ect.., to set out on a journey with no knowledge or supplies is crazy!
    Besides, Christopher Columbus had already discovered America and there had to be small colonies already existing when the pilgrims arrived.

  5. I too wish you had transcript to read. Can hear OK but limited time on computer.

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