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The Truth About Colloidal Silver

The subject of colloidal silver sparks controversy no matter where you turn. Some say it’s dangerous, while others claim it is a miracle cure. So, what’s the truth?

That’s the topic of this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio as we talk to Scott Treadway, a proponent of all-natural health and the director of Naturally Occurring Health.

Scott tells us:

  • The history behind colloidal silver.
  • How it can benefit people who live off-grid, miles and miles from hospitals.
  • Why all colloidal silver isn’t the same.
  • What it can and can’t remedy.

If you’ve ever been curious about the debate over colloidal silver, then this show is for you!

This radio show is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or cure any particular health condition. Please consult your doctor first about colloidal silver.


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  1. Colloidal silver is awesome I drink a swig twice a day. My wife even makes our colloidal silver. We even slip it into our little ones drinks. We’ve had colloidal silver take away tooth pains, stomach bugs, soar throats. We put it on cuts, scratches, bites. So for my family it is a miracle cure.

  2. Silver based meds/chemicals are used for staving off and fighting infections of burn patients and in those wound dressings.

    NASA openly admits to it’s biocidal power on use at the space station and as a potential antibiotic on use on a journey to Mars.

    Too bad OTGNews wouldn’t post my last post with citations.

  3. we have made our own from the robert c beck protocol.iimportant to use .999 pur silver.using d.c.batteries and a limiting resistor in the circuit.the goal is to produce small nano particles.the resistor value i use is 15K ohms at one quqrter of a watt rating.i use 2 -12 volt batteries in series.then i break into the circuit ,with the 2 silver anodes in filtered water and test the cuurent goal is 1.5 milliampers.ii stay in that range i produce the smaller silver particles.anything over2.5 milliamperes can produce larger silver particles which is generally not recommended.has cleared up sinus and lung problems for years with great wife gets bronchitis two times a year with seasonal changes.the last 9 years have been without the bronchitis.we attribute that to the colloidal silver from our experience!! also,Acts 2:38 gave the spiritual regardS!!!

  4. I make my silver using a 12v 2.5A AC adapter bought at Radio Shack for 25 dollars. Keeping the rods 2 inches apart and narrower at the bottom I make a 15ppm in about 8 hours with cleaning the rods after about 4 hours. After storing for a day or two it will be a nice amber color. Using a spray bottle I mist my tomato plants, shower, body etc., anywhere mold or bacteria might grow. And I try to drink some daily.

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