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Update: Police State Bureaucrats Battle Bee Man In Court with Terry Ingram and Greg McCoach – Episode 117

Plus Scary New Evidence That We’re Heading Off The Fiscal Cliff

Several months ago we featured Terry Ingram on Off the Grid Radio, the Illinois beekeeper who had all his hives confiscated by the state of Illinois, had years of research destroyed by the state, and endured all this without due process or a search warrant. Well Mr. Ingram has had his hearing and since many of you have asked for an update on his situation, we’ve invited him back for the first segment of Off the Grid Radio today, to share the outcome of his ordeal. Please join Bill Heid and Terry Ingram as they discuss the April 1st hearing on his case, the outcome, and the steps he’s taking to rebuild his hives.

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In the second half of our program today, we’re pleased to have Greg McCoach return and offer us a look at the current state of the cultural and financial situations as they exist in the United States. Americans are the proverbial frogs sitting in the pot of water on the stove, slowly being burned. Our financial and cultural chickens are coming home to roost and they’re demanding a heavy price.

In this episode:

  • The latest update on Terry Ingram, Illinois beekeeper
  • Government bureaucrats—forerunners of the police state?
  • The government’s unprecedented purchase of massive amounts of ammo—should we be worried?
  • Deficits in banking, the government coffers, and the debt of the world—more trillions than you can count
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  1. Government gone wild and senseless. But then this is their way they take control of us all. Disturbing!

    • A lost of us know what is going on Obama and his team are trying to destroy the U.S.A. But we have a hard
      time to make a living and fight off the take over of our country. It will be a nightmare when it happens and we
      will not be free again for many years. I hope all of these people who vote for Obama will think real hard about
      what they are doing before it is to late. Talk to the Lord about your vote and get his side when in all history
      has a dictator been good for the people. Look at the world now and tell me which dictator you would choose
      be over you. Good luck.

      • This is where we find the United States of America mentioned in Biblical prophecy. See Revelation 13:11- And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

        If you want to know who the beast is according to the Bible you can read a small 90 or so page book online here It has all the references of where in the Bible these things are shown to John the Revelator. Once you know who the beast is you will find out what his mark is.

        God Bless You as you study His word.

  2. This is just another exampel of whare we the people for the people does not exhist any longer. We are slaves in our grate country of America subject to the whims of a dictator and his lackies. Freedom is a thing of the past and whats left of it is being stolen from us every day. Think hard when you go to vote in Nov. and ask yourself is one man running any better than the other? Is there a way to fix this country and bring her back to the grate and beauitful land it once was I have no anwser as everything I consider would be put down or out voted in a New York second. Be blessed and God Bless America

  3. We the people need to unite and STOP these abuses from ignrorant pre-potent bureaucrats.

  4. On bullets — you practice with what you SHOOT…… you want to know what the gun reaction is when you need it.

    And do the multiplication — 1200 rounds per yr per agent — a lot but the real question is how much ammo do these guys burn on the range…. especially when they don’t have to pay for it…….. SSA buy broke down to 553 rounds per agent….

  5. We have seen case after case of these small minded bureaucrats that has to prove to the world that they can justify their drain on society. These people in government produce nothing but drag everyone down to their useless level. These bureaucrats get a feeling of self worth when they can step on the necks of the average person. We are on the brink of history on which way this country is going to go. We can submit meekly to these dolts or we can stand up and say enough. Sadly most people are asleep and will wake up only after the cage has been put up.

  6. Also think in the realm of economics supply and demand. There are X number of ammunition manufactures that can only produce Y amount of product per day. The government puts in a huge order for ammunition for whatever reason. Now you have an artificial upward spike in the demand for ammunition that the manufacturers have to meet and want to meet. With higher demand comes higher prices. With higher demand from a single purchaser the smaller buyers will sent to the back of the line for having smaller orders. Those smaller buyers are our local Gun Shops and Sporting Goods Stores. Now there is shortage in the supply chain for the commercial vendors which also drives up the price of the product. Now if you want think conspiracy, of which I am on the fence about, what better way to limit the ammunition to a populace who when the bottom drops out is going to want to arm themselves and stock up on ammo. Supply down and prices where alot of people are not going to be able to afford putting in the supply of which they could have originally been able to. Before an artificial shortage to the public suppliers had been put in place by individuals who are using the money of the population who want and need to purchase the very same item that has been made in short supply. Some times I just think too much.

    Conspiracy or not the end result is just the same. Buy now, before you can’t.

    • I’ve seen this write-up a few times and wonder what someone may thing about an alternative reason for the large scale purchase which could be to funnel ammo to rebels in the middle east under DHS budget vs military budget….same goes with the large order of MRE that uncle sam is making? Thoughts?

  7. Terry needs to assert his role as executor and define the state reps roles as public servants ie: trustees to regain his god-given rights. Research it for yourselves. Please look it up. Dean C Clifford explains it quite well. He’s from canada but we have a similar system here. Regain your power. Become the executor/director again!

  8. To the beekeeper. The Agency is working on behalf of your greatest competitor. The hearing was a phony farce. In order to find the truth and expose the fraud; get a lawyer and file a lawsuit against the agency, the inspecter and the hearing judge and watch the back-pedal. Try

    Gaylord K. Brooks

  9. @gaylord: A “lawyer” only allows the courtroom fraud to continue by agreeing with the court that you are not a sovereign but instead are one of their “14th amendment subjects” Therefore you agree you are subject to the district of columbia and therefore under their jurisdiction. Please do a search for Arizona State Senator Wayne Stump’s 1985 letter to the safety director of his state for proof of what I’m trying to say. The Republic is not dead! It’s simply been vacated beacuse people are unaware whats been done to them through non-disclosure and government operating in greed, deciet and BAD FAITH!

  10. We may never get the chance to reclaim our capital C Citizenship over the little c “federal citizen” as it appears that our own government is planning a devastating attack upon it’s own people in the very near future. Until that happens though, I am going to do my best to get this information to as many persons that I can. Please read on………
    A quote from the state senators letter referenced above: “Congress utilized the same term “citizen of the United States” qualifying it with a small “c” to distinguish “federal citizen” in the so-called 14th Amendment. These “citizens” have only statutory rights granted by Congress.

    Thus, Congress and most of the Judiciary, without distinction being properly brought forth have made rulings based upon the federal “citizens” who are resident in a State, not State Citizens domiciled within their own State.

    The statement by Chief Justice Taney in Dred Scott v. Stanford, 19 How. 393, 422, in defining the term “persons” the Judge stated:

    ……persons who are not recognized as Citizens,”. See also American and Ocean Ins. Co. V. Canter, 1 Pet. 511, which also distinguishes “persons” and “Citizens.” These were the persons that were the object of the 14th Amendment, to give to this class of native born “persons” who were “resident” in the union of the United States citizenship, and authority to place other than the white race within the special category of”citizen of the United States.”


  11. Excellent, excellent interviews.
    Plus Scary New Evidence That We’re Heading Off The Fiscal Cliff
    This has been coming for a very, very long time, sadly.

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