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We Live In a Matrix World with Dr. Michael S. Heiser – Episode 90

We like our religion nice and neat, don’t we? We want to get up on Sunday morning, spend a couple of hours at church, and then go on about our orderly, physical lives. We want our faith nicely packaged with neat corners and the ribbon placed just so. And we want God to operate within those parameters as well.

But the fact is what we see, the world we live in, is only one dimension of the vast creation that surrounds us. There is a hierarchy that exists which operates and influences this world we inhabit. There are dimensions we are not even aware of, and battles being waged we cannot see.

If you have ever felt that there is a world behind the world in which we live, then join us on Off the Grid Radio today with our guest, Dr. Michael S. Heiser, Academic Editor at Logos Bible Software, for a fascinating look at the concept of the divine council, the hierarchies within the heavenly organization of God, and why our sanitized version of what we perceive does not even come close to the reality that is.

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In this episode:

  • Psalm 82:1 – consistently misinterpreted
  • How the Jewish faith embraced the duality of God up until the 2nd century
  • The hierarchy of the royal household of God
  • Angels, demons, dominions, and powers – the spiritual world which operates in tandem with ours
  • And more…
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  1. Actually, what should be noticed here is the SHALLOW involvement of “modern” Christians in the TRUTH, contextually, and turning a blind eye to the error embedded in the KJV (for instance) as common dogma and doctrine, which have been wrongly established out of the morphing of middle English culture with American perception. And, the one KEY issue that could totally transform the “church” to what it should BE and, thus, be able to DO… the actual IDENTITY of the Believer as an OFFSPRING of God, not just some reflection, and the ABILITY built in to SON-ship to BE and DO what Jesus was/is… just as JESUS said we should. “Identity leads to functionality. Functionality leads to productivity.” JB at Barrow’s Arrows

    • I was pleased to read what I consider to be a deeply inspired comment–thank you! Keeping the “commandments of men” has diluted Christianity into a religion that most unbelievers are unwilling to embrace. “Without vision the people perish”–and people must know what God is DOING to be inspired by His plan!

  2. the reason this world is in such termoil is because of of the turning away from what the bible really teaches. it is god’s word not mans. example ; the right to an abortion per the supreme court. when did god send a memo to this court and say it’s okay with him to murder babies. the 10 commandments are very simple to understand yet man has twisted them so much that they are no longer visible. it’s his world and yet we think we can do as we please. well if you read and understand the bible then you know that their is a great trbulation coming that will be so bad that if god did not step in man woulod destroy himself. this all start withe destruction of babylon the great ( the empire of false religion). read revelation chapter 16 -18 and note what it says in rev 17;17.

  3. Thanks for a great interview, I was very blessed by it.
    Dr. Michael sounds like a solid resource; finding his website confirms it.

  4. Yes, I totally agree with you. The simplicity of true Christianity has always been a stumblingblock and a snare to sincere believers. A person cannot be a Christian without being IN the only Christian–Jesus Christ. Our bodies are the Temple and we should be living as if this is true. Because of this, our belief transcends all physicality and is unlimited since we are in truth above all principalities and powers, in Christ Jesus. If we are not aware of, or accept the foundation to all Christianity–that of what it means to be in Christ, we are the seeds cast along the paths of this world and on the rocks.

    • Yes we are the Temple of God and Jesus the Christ and in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 Jesus shows us the Synagogue of Satan. The House of Judah never called themselves Jews. They were either called Hebrews,
      House of Israel or House of Judah or just plain Israel or Judah, but never Jews. Plus 4/5 of the House of Judah went into the Assyrian captivity 7 years after the House of Israel. Only 1/5 went to Babylon about 100 years later. This can all be found in the books of Josephus and 2 Kings 18:9-13. The only city left was Jerusalem and the Bible teaches that anyone that gets involved with it is under a curse! Much can be learned by the study of history and the Bible.

  5. As a committed Christian “to follow Jesus” In a World Now controled by the Money Changers.. I was blackballed out of my Profession that is Satanically controlled to undermine the teachings of my Lord “Jesus Christ” and destroy mankinds desires to be Free of Sins condemnation- “Death”, These beliefs of Freedoms come from the teaching of Jesus as are not a product of any intrusive Government that bleeds it’s people to protect it’s Satanic agenda of Global control. You see “Our Jesus” came to set up His earthly kingdom of Love to be projected between all “His societies”. -Wars will never solve mankinds Greed as greed has no human cure, only a devine One “Love for God”and His Creations.. “Seeking and accepting “God’s commandments is the only solution to mankinds Greed and desires “to be like the most High” Love For Your fellow man” is a impossible commitment as greed and envy have to be overcome. Not possible for “Common Man” as”survival of the fittest” stands in His Way. He dosn’t like taking orders from God Like “Do unto others as you would have other do unto–Greed in Mankind abhores the moral values Christ laid down for mankind to prosper and live in peace on His Planet. Without this hope given to God”s Earthly Creations “Mankinds’s destiny is Death. Why would our creator give us the ability to think on “Eternal Life” With Him if it wern’t possible?? Is death all your Life and it’s Mind deserves out of this living experience we have been given floating on a ball of earth, suspended in space?? My Creator God gave me “Hope Eternal” and a soul to put to Rest in Peace” but best of all–I Have “the Will To excercise a Belief In God’s Word” The Bronc is now eighty two years young and on His way to BE in God’s Presences ” Hal la lu ya” Praise God

  6. A big thank you to Off The Grid News for having Dr. Heiser on! Very interesting information. I always seek to know more from those more learned, as there is so much off-the-wall theology out there these past ten years.

    And a Big Howdy to Ty! How you doing, Cowboy! Still handsome as ever? So glad to see you in this discussion, and to know you are such a strong Christian! And I agree with what you’ve said about things today.
    I’ve seen it building for much of my life. I walked away from a promising career in TV news because I could not compromise my faith for their liberal demands in my reporting. Been just fine ever since, and much blessed. Hope to meet you one bright day on the other side, my brother. God Bless!

  7. Arthur-Edward: Lee

    HI HO Folks, very important work. I have the Septuagint. I read it and seek other very old writing for the Truth. I long ago left the corporate church. Valuable work and appreciated. iron

  8. I don’t get it, how does religion have anything to do with living off of the grid? Off the grid is about saving our earth and living a simpler, more fulfilling life. I found this site and got really excited, but as a pagan I am quickly turned off. If you really want a community committed to off grid living in it’s most successful manner you should really leave religion out of it.

  9. Having been a student of truth all my life, I appreciated this segment. Having studied some about the most ancient writings prior to Hebrew writings, I can absolutely see the fit. Thank you very much for sharing.

    Bless you BigDtown, but the world revolves around one type of religion of another. It is history. Go in peace.

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