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Won’t Back Down: Robin Speronis Says She’ll Continue Off-The-Grid Battle

robin speronisHer story is making national headlines, and off-the-gridder Robin Speronis talked to us in-depth this week about her legal case, days after a judge ordered her to hook up to utility water.

Her case could impact off-the-grid citizens and families from coast to coast.

Robin is trying to live off the grid in Cape Coral, Florida – no utility electricity or utility water – but the city says she cannot and is trying to force her out of her home. It’s using “international” code, and even went so far this week as to dig up her yard and cap her sewer line.

We last spoke to Robin earlier this month, but much has happened in her case since then. In our latest interview with her, she shares with us details about her situation you won’t read or hear anywhere else:

  • How her case could end up impacting every similar off-the-gridder.
  • Why she remains optimistic and encouraged.
  • What she believes is the city’s motive.
  • How she’s going to get by without a sewer line.

You’ll be frustrated, yes, but also hopeful after hearing her interview with us.

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  1. I think they are not only wanting to kick her out and seize her property but, with this action, they are hoping to discourage others from trying to get off the grid and out of their pockets.

  2. The first Americans here lived off the grid and they would be appalled by our government trying to impose it’s corrupt will on this proud and free woman!

  3. I’ve lived in Cape Coral since 1999 and I can tell you that the people running the city/utilities are incompetent. This city still has approx half the people not on city water or sewer. They spent huge amounts of money to build a new bigger waste water treatment plant to handle the increase when all were connected. Then they proceeded to hand out connection bills to residents of $30,000 for the privilege. They residents couldn’t afford it. They threatened to just leave because they had no other option. So the city said, ok, well we still have a loan to pay so we are going to charge the existing customers to cover the payment! So our bills went up about $30.00 a month. Everybody else got to stay “off the grid”. This was back around 2006ish in the middle of the housing bubble down here.This year they have added a tax to the electric bill to cover their shortfalls in the budget. Oh yes, if you don’t have pristine credit, you have to pay a deposit for water/sewer but you have to wait 3 years before they return it after you leave. I think they hope by then you’ll just forget it!

  4. I’ve lived in Cape Coral since 1999. I will guarantee you the city will fight until it’s clear it will lose. That’s because half the city is still not on water or sewer. Back about 8 years ago,the city had built a new bigger wastewater treatment plant to handle increase after all were connected. The city sent out bills to homeowners around $30,000 for the privilege to connect. The city refused to allow a payment program so many residents said they would have to abandon their property. They could not afford it. So the city said, ok, well, we have a huge loan to still pay for the new plant, and proceeded to make existing customers foot that bill! So more recently they are trying to get the whole city connected. If all those people still off the water, find out how to live free, it will not bode well for the city.

  5. I send prayers to you Robin, you will be “Victorious”, as you know prayer works. The Dark side fears prayer and are attempting to wipe it out of America…..Keep praying !

  6. The FL legislative session started today. Among the proposed bills is a draft bill (yet to be filed) which would require property owners to abandon their septic systems and connect to a city or county sewer system, or replace it with an as yet named technology (whatever that means!) Floridians need to contact their state reps and oppose this proposed draft bill. It is a direct assault on off grid living!

  7. The state of Florida is very arrogant everywhere. They can demand compliance because most people will comply in order to live in an ideal climate year round. Those who won’t comply they are confident, can leave. My boyfriend had 40 acres in the middle of the country in Florida. Only farms on all sides. He wanted to have a permanent campsite on his property to live in during the winter and keep his residence in the Mid-West in the summer. He was way back off the road and couldn’t be seen from the dirt road by anyone behind the fenced property and locked gate. He had forested land with an irrigation well that supplied fresh water and a little outhouse, which was composting. The county started hounding him after two weeks, telling him he had to move every two weeks to comply with law. We found out that that only applied to commercial camp sites, but they hounded him anyway. He just hid from them, haha, and did it anyway. I wish you could just ignore them, too, but unfortunately, you can’t. I hope you don’t go broke fighting the fight.

  8. marshall reagan

    What would happen if all of the people that do not want to be dependent on city water& sewage started looking for things that the city , city counsel & the mayor were in violation of their own codes & sued them for being in violation. ? the government wants to stick it,s nose in everything.

  9. they want to make an example out of her.
    god bless her and hope she somehow wins this .

  10. America is not “America” as we all believe now. They want to control us so they can pick pocket money from us. Florida is wrong. I thought of living there, but I don’t need it. Visiting is just fine. And any state who tries this is wrong as well. Our founding fathers said the “pursuit of happiness”. We are doing the same thing as before, fighting for the pursuit of happiness. America was born because of this fight! What’s going to happen now? A new free America?? Free from these money hungry lawmakers? Maybe not, but love and light always prevail over hate and evil. Fight!!

  11. What is the update on this news?

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