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Bathrooms: Why N.C. Is Right, The Transgender Community Is Wrong, And Our Society Has Officially Gone Crazy

Bathrooms: Why N.C. Is Right, The Transgender Community Is Wrong, And Our Society Has Officially Gone Crazy

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All eyes are on North Carolina. Several weeks before Georgia Governor Nathan Deal vetoed a religious liberty bill in the face of mounting economic threats from corporate empires, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed a bill into law prohibiting transgenders from using bathrooms that contradict their biological sex.

And exactly one month later, the media is still talking about it.

To clue you in on all that’s going on, Charlotte’s city council, which represents the 17th largest city in the United States and the biggest population in the state, joined the ranks with multiple other major metropolitan cities earlier this year when it voted, 7-4, for a widely controversial ordinance to allow people who identify as “transgender” to enter any bathroom of their preferred choice regardless of their anatomy.

Naturally, Charlotte’s decision drew national attention from all sides of the debate. The LGBT community cheered as another tower fell in its pursuit to conquer the country with an “openness” mindset that redefines traditional common-sense thinking. Meanwhile, the conservative wing protested with signs saying, “Don’t do it Charlotte,” and broadcasted their frustration on various media outlets for the world to read.

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The discussion goes something like this:

Opinion A: Transgenders should be allowed to choose a bathroom based on their preference, rather than their assigned sex at birth. This gives them the freedom to express themselves, and protects them from any discrimination or hateful bigoted rhetoric and activity that would stop them from that expression.

Opinion B: Transgenders should recognize that they are choosing to dress themselves their own way, and therefore should respect that men should use men’s bathrooms, and women should use women’s bathrooms. A ruling in the contrary would open the door for anyone to use any bathroom at any time with any motive possible, and result in physical violence or sexual aggression, particularly on little girls and women.

The Opinion A audience believes they are right and leaves little to no room for an opposing view without labeling it as bigoted and hateful, and the Opinion B camp is convinced of their own beliefs and isn’t budging, either.

Several weeks following the historic Charlotte vote, North Carolina legislators gathered to write and pass a bill that would overturn the city’s law. McCrory signed it, and that’s where the heat turned up.

Bathrooms: Why N.C. Is Right, The Transgender Community Is Wrong, And Our Society Has Officially Gone Crazy

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Rock star Bruce Springsteen protested by cancelling a fast-approaching show in the state to the dismay of many longtime fans, arguing that the fight to protect transgenders is more important than a rock concert. Shortly thereafter, PayPal, a global corporate powerhouse, cancelled plans to expand into the state, declaring their position loud for all to hear. Meanwhile, North Carolina resident and widely renowned evangelical voice Franklin Graham told his 3.5 million followers on Facebook that PayPal reached the height of hypocrisy in boycotting the state while they openly engage in business with Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Yemen and now Cuba – all of whom have been known to punish, torture or even execute homosexuals. One GOP representative defended the bill by arguing it was based on “common-sense.”

The Bible can help us on this issue, because it specifically teaches that God knew us before were formed (Jeremiah 1:5) and that God Himself created us. He knitted us together in our mothers’ wombs (Psalm 139:3). But Bible knowledge isn’t all that common nowadays.

It’s interesting to note that in Genesis, the Bible literally takes a poetic pause to demonstrate the need for the phrase “male and female.” It’s written like this:

“So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them” (Genesis 1:27).

It’s as if God knew the culture was headed in this direction, and that He needed to very carefully, specifically, make a defining statement that expressed the differences between genders. There are two genders, according to God, and not multiple genders or a continuum of genders. Amazingly, though, progressives who claim to be Christians reject this take. Some even affirm the LGBT lifestyle stating that, “God doesn’t make mistakes.”

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Lady Gaga pushed this belief worldwide in her hit song, “Born this way.” The problem with this statement is that if God doesn’t make mistakes (and He doesn’t), then it wasn’t a mistake that you were born the gender that you were born with and are thereby governed by the complementary sexuality.

The conversation surrounding transgender bathroom choice has become a prominent discussion in the progressive movement and, therefore, the United States, which seems all the more to be carrying the progressive mantle to the nations.

Bathrooms: Why N.C. Is Right, The Transgender Community Is Wrong, And Our Society Has Officially Gone Crazy

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With so many opinions in the pot, there has to be some filter for the decision-making process, and that filter – we should agree — is safety. Safety for all should be our top priority. You can’t make everybody happy, but you can attempt to keep everybody safe.  We need look no further than the statistics to make a case for gender-exclusive bathrooms:

The facts show that as many as 1 out of 4 girls will be sexually abused during childhood. Stats also show that only 0.3 percent of Americans identify as transgender, rendering such a controversial ruling almost completely unnecessary. The majority of the population is frightened, and rightly so, that opening bathrooms up in a neutral sense would allow predators to peep, spy on, and possibly expose themselves to members of the opposite sex.  It’s simple. If curious boys, and depraved predators will go to great lengths to spy and abuse, why wouldn’t they walk through a literal open door to do so – especially if such an entrance into the bathroom is protected by law? 

This opinion has grounding in precedent: Just last year in Toronto, a college’s open-bathroom policy found itself against the wall after college girls were filmed showering by young males. The school quickly responded by changing the policy, providing the girls with female-only restrooms. And this year in Seattle after a new open-bathroom law was passed, a man wearing board shorts and a T-shirt entered a women’s public pool locker room and when told to leave by women and workers responded simply, “the law has changed and I have the right to be here.” And he was not arrested, even after he returned a second time when young girls were in the area.

I’m no statistics professor, but I’d have to assume that while only 0.3 percent of Americans identify as “transgender,” there is a much higher percentage of curious straight males that have enough gaunt to satisfy their curiosity, using the bathroom ordinance as a legal means to do so. Do we really want a law that allows a perverted grown man — on a whim — to use the restroom next to a 5-year-old girl?

The fine-line is getting less and less fine, and people are growing more and more in danger by the minute. While the liberals argue that North Carolina’s ruling fails to protect the transgender community’s ego, the law, in fact, protects girls and women from predation and sexual abuse. Common sense should demonstrate that the latter is more important. Sadly, however, much of mainstream society just isn’t in agreement.


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  1. Born a male? You are a male. Born a female? You are a female. No amount of surgery or hormones can change that. Keep cross dressers out of gender specific rooms period!

    • And what if they are born XXY or XYX chromosome can they use both bathroom’s? If its a small business with a unisex bathroom does anyone give a crap? do you have a mens and ladies bathroom in your house?

      • i dont have child molesters in my house so i dont need two bathrooms. if target is too cheap to build a 3rd bathroom then they can suck it.

  2. Keep cross dressers out of gender specific rooms!

  3. I agree with this article except for this last sentence, “Sadly, however, much of mainstream society just isn’t in agreement.”

    Actually most of society is in agreement, just the propaganda being used to get this implemented is being heavily used against the American people. The idea is to make Americans feel that this is “popular” and wanted by most. That this is the mainstream’s acceptance. If it was the mainstreams acceptance it would not require the (unlawful) force of government behind it would it?

    LGBT transgenders have a right to freedom here in America, though many other nations kill them in terrible ways for their choices. But here they do NOT have the right to put others in danger anymore then anyone else does. Nor do they have the right to force their lifestyle upon others. They now want to use force of governments here to “enforce” their lifestyle choices, then go to other countries and see how they are with your lifestyle choices. Visit many of them before you keep working to destroy the USA from within. Before you keep allowing yourself to be used for that action of destroying America from within – the old “Divide and conquer”. Matter of fact, go to a lot of different communist and other “isms” countries where those in government run those nations and see how the LGBT is treated there so that you will start to appreciate America a bit more. Once she is gone those who are our enemies, inside and outside of our nation, will no longer need to use you and they will do as they do in their nations and there will be none left to protect you from them.

    Think not? Go on, study those other countries if you cannot go there, get a REAL view on life before you keep on ALLOWING yourselves to be used against America to destroy her from within. Go learn what goes on in the rest of the world to the “LGBT community”. Regardless of your “choices” America needs YOU also to start being an American and STOP letting others control you by their propaganda. Go on, learn a bit.

  4. It amazes me how a minuscule percentage of people can capture the amount of media attention. I’ve given up on this society and pay no attention anymore . A blessed generation has turned to a cursed generation for the future. The attention whores have their moments and this too shall pass. We will reap what we sow. Enjoy these times.

    • The nation needs prayer, especially the current youths. Since the “roaring 20’s” each generation since then has had issues with common sense morality. flower power, free love, the cocaine infused 70’s – 90’s. Generations that now run the government. The x generation is coming up next and we seem to be doomed to repeat our parents examples. Many of us are entering our 40’s after all and soon to be elected officials.

  5. Sorry! If you have boy parts you go to the boys room, if you have girl parts you go to the girls room. After your surgery you go the the room your parts allow. we cannot change the world for a few of those that rightfully choose. It allows the sexual deviants access and makes it unsafe to use a public restroom. Public facilities must be kept separated by boy/girl parts, you cannot have a 4 year old in the ladies room asking mom why there is a man in there, how do you explain that to a 4 year old. But you can have an adult that prefers to be a woman understand that with boy parts you use the boys room and vice versa. Get the surgery and make the switch.

  6. And so at the end of the day, it is a sad commentary on our rape cultured society and the way we raise our males that our biggest fear is sexual violence by straight males. And this is why transgendered don’t want to go into the men’s restroom either. Fear of straight males. Hmm. How about we address that problem and do something about it? Like maybe actually teaching our males to have respect, and letting them know what is acceptable and enforcing the laws rather than letting these offenders go with just a slap on the wrist. I have no problem explaining transgendered to my child but I do have a hard time explaining why people commit violence agaibst you and walk free.

  7. I’m waiting for the story.
    Man goes into ladies room, leers at ladies, and is beaten severely by the ladies there.
    What will the PC crowd say then?
    The worst situation with this BS is it allows perverts to go into the ‘other’ restroom to do who knows what to a bunch of little girls.
    Like it or not, I see this leading to violence down the road.

  8. The Charlotte law eliminated all restrictions on gender using bathrooms it did not just say those that identified as transgendered it said that it was no longer legal to have a men’s room or a woman’s room. I am sick to death of poorly researched crap on the internet and I miss the days when true unbiased journalist wrote articles.

  9. Jesus loves you no matter how you self identify, He died for your sin. For ALL have sinned & fallen short of His Glory but Jesus is just & righteous & will forgive all who repent of their sin & ask his forgiveness & ask Him to be SAVIOUR & LORD

  10. the problem arises when the law goes by the birth certificate. I am sure you would not want me to go into the ladies room but that is what my birth certificate says i should use. Surgery does not change the fact of hat is listed on the birth certificate. Now as far as identifying as one gender but actually another. I do not see predators are going to go thru the necessary steps to take hormones to start changing their gender. it take months of therapy to even get hormones legally. then for the m2f’s that seem to be int he center of this rush about men in woman’s bathrooms. Now saying God does not make mistakes. this might be so but there are people walking around that are intersexed ( born with the sexual organs of both sexes) it is rare but still out there. then there might be a thing that god is doing to teach other’s. to have people like me walking around to see how christians react to us. how they treat those that are different? could it be we are the chosen few? the ones that are here to open the eyes of christians to see if they actually follow what they preach ( to love one another)

    • Chosen few? You get surgically or pharmaceutic-ally mucked with, and you feel like Our Maker chose you to challenge the rest of us? What a laugh!

  11. It’s a bathroom, it has the same facilities as every other bathroom what precisely is the problem if the mens was out of order and the sign said use the ladies nobody would bat an eye! And same sex or otherwise what are you afraid of people looking at you in the bathroom? whats to stop people of the same sex doing that? or is there some danger im unaware of that comes from sharing a bathroom with someone of another sexual identification?
    If some asks if thay can hold it feel free to tell them to get out, but if they are taking a piss or having a crap what precisely is the issue?

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