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The Gender-Neutral Movement: What Does The Bible Say?

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Man, oh man.

Sorry, was that a gender-biased way to start this column?

Oh boy.

Well, I just did it again.

Is there anything inherently wrong with saying something that uses a word for one gender but not another? It seems pretty silly, really, but that’s essentially what started the misnomered “feminism.” It all began back in the 1970s when common sense ideas got out of hand. The real message was and is that somehow men and women aren’t really meant to play out the gender roles that our Creator established for us.

The feminist movement laid the foundation for every other gender-based “civil rights” movement that has come since, including all of the current issues about LGBT rights, same-sex marriage, and even small fringe (so far) movements to legalize polygamy or ban marriage altogether.

Earlier this month the editor-in-chief of the Kentucky Kernel urged the University of Kentucky to change all campus bathrooms into gender-neutral facilities. We’re all grown-ups, his argument essentially went, so having a bowel movement in the same room as someone of the opposite sex isn’t a big deal.

This misguided gentleman isn’t a lone voice. He’s the latest echo of a growing movement to require gender-neutral bathrooms in every public space (and some private one). New York is considering legislation that would require businesses to offer gender-neutral bathrooms. If you live in Seattle, you may know that all public single-stall bathrooms must now be gender neutral.

And the University of Tennessee’s Pride Center is urging all students to stop using pronouns such as “his” and “her.” Instead, we are to use “ze.”

So are these changes bad? Should we all just “grow up” and get over it?

What does God say about it? Well, one of the first things He said about anything at all was this: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27). He then called His creation “very good.”

On the gender-neutral (or all-gender) bathroom situation, most of them apply only to single-stall bathrooms. That means only one person can be in them at a time anyway, like a port-a-potty. That’s not really a big deal.

This, though, is the problem: These individual incidents and issues in and of themselves really are a little trivial. However, taken as a whole the big picture is clear: Gender roles are being diminished and eliminated, slowly and steadily. That’s why Franklin Graham came out against Target dropping its grouping of toys by gender. Quoting Matthew 19:4, Graham quoted Jesus, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female.”

It’s not about girls playing with trucks. It’s about the order set up by God when He created the world and how He intended us to manage it until Jesus returns. Men and women were created different and are different. God made us male and female, and, to quote the Bible, it was “very good.”

This is the stickiest of subjects in our modern times, but we each must decide whether the Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God or not. If so, then two set genders are clearly established.

Gender neutrality is definitely and clearly in opposition to a biblical worldview. These small steps are part of a very large and slippery slope that we are already sliding down. We can’t get caught up in the trees, or we’ll be forever lost in the forest.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the section below: 

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  1. I agree with you….there is a spiritual warfare going on and the enemy wants to kill, steal, and destroy anything and everything that the Lord has created and established. Society has lost its ability to distinguish good from evil, male from female, light from darkness. It’s insanity!!

  2. It seems the those who do not believe in God can shout louder than those of us who do believe in God. It is time for all Christians to stand up tall

  3. The Bible may say lots of things, but Science tell us so much more. While the Bible says that G-d created “Man and Woman” he used a prototype – Adam. What is amazing is that Men have all the “parts” to make a Woman. Men have breasts just like Women except the Testosterone suppresses the natural Estrogen that is present in male bodies. The Penis of a man is essentially an inside-out vagina with the testicles being analogous to the ovaries of a woman. Men are essentially bi sexual beings at the genetic level. And that comes from Science, not a book written by sheepherders in the desert.

    • WOW! You’re really reaching!! Quit listening to Bill Nye the Science guy. You really need to pay attention to the words scientist use….like…..theory, and we believe. The Theory of Evolution is just that ….a theory. Yet everyone treats as fact. Sounds like you’re just trying to justify your belief, or maybe you’re just trying to convince yourself. The Bible says,” man’s wisdom is foolishness to God”. The Bible doesn’t explain everything, but it doesn’t have to.

      • The ‘THEORY’ of evolution…Monkey people! I never seen one, and never will. They wanted to deceive the world so bad that they faked it over, and over hoax after hoax.

        Unfortunately they indoctrinate this crap to our children from such a young age, teaching them that they are nothing but monkeys, and that they have no gender etc. It needs to end imo.

        Imo we as a nation should turn back to God, and nature, and come out of the corrupt system.

        • Once again you insult me. ‘Theory’. Yes, everything is a theory because we have no solid way of proving anything that exists. Heck, the whole world could be nothing but an illusion in my head, and you couldn’t prove me wrong because you have no absolute solid evidence that everything I experience is real, and thus it would just be a theory that we live in an actual world. It is a theory that God exists, it is a theory that starvation leads to us dying, and that we are dead once our bodies stop working.

          You cling so desperately to the word ‘theory’ to counteract the ‘theory’ that humans evolved from a common ancestor from chimpanzees and thus strut your arrogance under a different theory that you also have no evidence for to stroke your own ego.

          No, we aren’t the same as monkeys. We came from a COMMON ANCESTOR. You know, like everything in existence? Or does the concept of you having the same DNA as a monkey so deeply horrifying you that you declare it non-existent and thus continue to feed this obsessive urge to argue within you?

          The point of the concept of evolution was not, and is not, a means to say ‘well you’re chimps now so stop having genders’, because frankly that’s pretty ridiculous. The point of it was to answer the question of where it was we came from, and to answer the questions at the time as to how species that no longer exist came to exist at all. After all, it was during the time that Charles Darwin was doing his work that evidence of ancient humans was found.

          And you also fall into the glamourous trap of ‘I haven’t seen it so it isn’t true’. You haven’t seen God walking around in the flesh, so I guess that means he isn’t true either? I’m an archaeologist, I have found these supposed ‘monkey people’ as you put it, and I seem to know more about how it works than you clearly do, but you won’t be satisfied with that, will you?

          No, no, you want to see human history from the absolute beginning, hoping, in vain, that all shall turn as you predicted.

          I agree that we should do what we can to come out of this nasty system that screws everyone over and damns them straight, but I would much prefer to live within a society that doesn’t indulge in medieval practices around the world we live in, and use it as a justifiable reason to say ‘we are better than other species because we have brains’. Hate to tell you, but recent research has shown that a parasite now a part of our DNA mutated the now human brain into developing the intelligence it has now.

          So a parasite is what makes a chimpanzee and a human different. Although I’m certain you will declare me some sort of NWOist and go on declaring everything in existence a lie. Let me know how that goes.

    • wishful thinking, nothing more. marxist-meninist indoctrination/teachings are doing your thinking for you. Don’t try to push your agenda on anyone. Just because you would like for all men to be “bi-sexual” as you claim “science” say does not make it so. Nor should “christians” or anyone else push their ideology on anyone. People will make their own choices, if there is God, then that is why God gave us all minds of our own.

  4. How is the whole theory of evolution going to hold up when we don’t procreate anymore? Isn’t continuing the species the point of the 2 different genders? Losing them seems counter productive to me, like we’re asking for extinction.

    • Simply put, we would fall out of the currently existing animal kingdom as another extinct race. It is counter productive, but the current human population contains the largest amount of large mammals on the planet as of this current moment, so in a sense this could actually be good for humans until the population is required to repopulate again.

      In a sense, humans seem to have a natural means of keeping themselves in check in some circumstances. I know one case where females are purposefully restrictive of who they choose to mate with (in multiple species) as a result of there being too many individuals around and a risk of inbreeding with a potential relative because of this.

      Perhaps this is a similar concept within the human brain also in order to control population, but I wouldn’t know. I’d be nice to know if this was also a natural occurrence rather than some grand scheme that will ultimately fail as all grand schemes fail.

    • first of all, a “theory” is just “an educated guess”, which basically means it is nonsense unless it can be proven emphatically. Darwin himself could not find any intermediary species, only complete species. He said in his later years that his “Origin of Species” was “the fancy of youth”. The theory of evolution is disproved daily, stop letting others do your thinking for you. If someone said to you “on the other side of that building, is a tyrannosaurus rex” you would dismiss it immediately with a scoff. But some clown on a TV set is going to tell you what is happening on the other side of the world, or that “millions of years ago” something climbed out of the primordial ooze then decided to change itself repeatedly to advance the species, but only then settled into a procreative melancholy, well you accept that as indisputable proof. Just because nonsense is written down in any book, does not make it so. Unless you travel to the surface of the sun and take a physical sample of it for analysis, you cannot possibly hope to know what it is made of. If you think as a woman, that your only purpose in life is to procreate, then you are proclaiming that you are just an animal, a brood-mare and are an incredibly useful idiot to the world destroyers that are weaponizing everything, from the elaborate to the mundane

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