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3 Intimidating Alternatives To Guns

self-defense alternatives to gunsThere are a lot of views on self-defense out there. Most of us follow the way of the gun, for one simple reason. The gun is the most efficient and effective self-defense tool one can carry and use.

There are, though, differing opinions on the morals of taking another life. It’s not necessarily an anti-gun or pro-gun standpoint; there are people who simply do not feel they can take another life even in defense of their own life. Others may not have a moral dilemma but have live in states that are preventing them from utilizing their constitutional, natural and God-given right to self-defense. Still others may want options before they turn to their firearm.

All of these people, though, can still have the option of defending themselves. A gun is the best, but not the only self-defense tool.

Here are three alternatives:

1. The Baton

The extendable baton is one great weapon, even though it’s overlooked as a good self-defense weapon. A lot of people really don’t realize how hard these things strike and just how easy you can incapacitate an attacker. The baton is a weapon that has found its way into the duty belts of the vast majority of police officers across the country. The United States Marine Corps trains their troops to use the batons effectively for a non-lethal crowd control option. The baton is not a weapon to be trifled with.

Batons come in a wide variety of different sizes and quality. There are a ton of junk batons out there. The quickest way to tell if your baton is crap is first by price; an $8 baton at a gun show shouldn’t be trusted to save your life. Like guns, a baton needs to be tailored to the user. Batons range in size from 16 all the way up to 26 inches full extended. Some batons, like this one, double as a flashlight, which can be useful to carry in a car.

Smaller folks, or those looking to totally conceal a baton, should look for a shorter length. These shorter batons will be easier to carry and easier to conceal. A short baton is not a handicap, and since most close range fights take place in a tight space the baton will be easier to manipulate and use.

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To carry a gun most people have to spend at least a few hundred for the gun, and another hundred for the license to carry. Your jurisdiction may require a concealed carry permit to conceal a baton. Keep this in mind. You should also try to attend a self-defense course to learn how to use the baton. Batons are simple, though, and a good hit from one will change most minds.

2. Pepper spray

Another weapon that police tend to carry is a nonlethal OC agent that is supposed to shut down an attacker’s vision. The pain caused from the pepper spray is intense and the loss of vision makes attacking nearly impossible. Pepper spray is also a weapon that rarely requires any kind of permit to carry.

Pepper spray doesn’t require much training, but it requires a defensive mindset. The operator must be prepared to use the weapon and keep it accessible. The spray buried in a purse or lost somewhere in the car is useless. Most pepper sprays are small canister with a limited range, and most are potent enough to change minds. They are also cheap and small enough to pocket carry. If you choose to use one of the little canisters then you should be prepared to carry at least two of them.

Kimber, maker of high quality 1911s, has produced their own brand of pepper blasters. They make two high quality models. Both pepper blasters fire a stream over 13 feet and at 90 miles per hour. The pepper blaster is about the same size as a smart phone and is quite ergonomic. The trigger is in the middle, and a barrel is located above and below the trigger.

The Pepper Blaster 2 is shaped more like an actual handgun, but is a translucent bright red to make sure the Pepper Blaster 2 isn’t confused for an actual firearm. This version is easier to aim and draw, and has sights on the top of the weapon to make aiming easier.

These are premium pepper sprays that are capable of putting pepper spray behind glasses and even behind masks. The best part is that these are less than $50, and each contain two blasts of potent spray. This is what I’d choose if I carried pepper spray.

3. Stun guns

Stun guns are awesome weapons, they are capable of instantly stopping a threat and creating immense pain. Stun guns are easy to use and come in a wide variety of categories. Most states don’t have restrictions on stun guns, or carrying them, but it’s always important to check your local and state laws before you decide to carry one.

Stun guns emit a jilt of high electricity and keep shocking your opponent until you choose to let them go. Most but not all of these weapons take direct contact to use.

The Taser C2 is designed as the civilian variant of the classic police model Taser. This model is capable of firing a cartridge 15 feet and allowing the user to provide a continuous jolt of electricity into an attacker. The C2 can be used without the cartridge as an on contact stun gun. The C2 is designed to be concealable and easy to carry. The weapon also comes in a variety of colors and is very simple to use. The C2 is usually less than $100 dollars and is probably the best stun gun for civilian use out there.

Other alternatives

Now if you live in a state where all of the above are illegal and difficult to get, you still have options. Believe it or not there are places that have laws in place to keep a young woman from carrying something as simple as pepper spray, and a young man from carrying a stun gun to defend his family.

So what else can someone carry? For one, the classic Mag light. Mag lights are heavy aluminum flashlights that are packed full with heavy D batteries. These are not made to be anything other than heavy flashlights, and are not usually recognized as weapons.

In fact, an outlaw motorcycle gang even carried Mag lights openly on their waists. For you and me these are a last ditch baton. People have recognized this for some time now and the heavy flashlight has become a favorite for discreet defense.

There are even “flashlights” that look like baseball bats and small batons. These are popular and are still considered flashlights. These are incredibly effective as weapons and are as tough as nails.

The same goes for the pocket sized self-defense pens. As long as they have an alternative use, like a flashlight or an actual pen, they are unlikely to be banned. Companies like Smith and Wesson produce self-defense pens that are both flashlights and glass breakers.

No matter what you decide to carry as a non-lethal option you should be comfortable and proficient with its use. Whether that’s simply practicing activating it in the dark over and over, or even buying two pepper blasters to learn their limitations, or taking a serious self-defense class with a baton. Be proficient with the weapon and be able to use it.

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  1. I learned to use an extendable baton many years ago when I was in my first martial arts classes, and it has become one of my favorite low-profile, non-lethal weapons. I had a friend who had a spring-loaded one, but I prefer the ones that snap out with a flick of the wrist.

    There are also some that are, instead of being made of pipe, are made of heavy steel spring. The design is similar otherwise. The end is usually tipped with a steel knob. One thing about these, is that they will tend to “wrap” around a target. So, if you strike someone (say on the head), the spring will curve around the point being struck, delivering energy at more than one point. The whiplike action is very effective! I’ve heard of people fracturing the bones of an attacker with either type of baton.

  2. There’s an old line that goes, Never bring a knife (or baton) to a gun fight. Some guy at the NRA once said, ‘He who has the gun wins.’ I’m afraid that using simple logic he’s correct.

    • MooreFarmsRD (Carnation,Fall City WA)

      Father Time & Mother Nature //\\ Only the fit and the wise shall…..//\\ (Retired Born 1955 U.S.A : ) )))) KA.

  3. I work in a place where guns are not allowed.Because of this, my get home bag includes a machete. Let me tell you, if somebody is carrying a machete you’re probably not going to mess with him/her. Intimidation is a big thing. Keep in mind that with whatever you carry you need to be proficient and know it’s limitations. Most people don’t know how to swing a machete. Most people don’t know where to aim with a baton. Most people don’t realize that both pepper spray and stun guns (tasers) have a high likelihood of harming the user too.

  4. The problem with extendable batons, saps, etc. is they aren’t legal for civilians in most places.
    A good solid wooden cane would pass muster almost anywhere, as long as you don’t look like a pro linebacker.
    Of course, in a SHTF situation, all bets are off.

  5. I’m told that carrying a can of the wasp spray that hits from 20 feet away can also be a good self-defense weapon, more for a woman with a large purse I guess….

  6. I live in a country where the law prevents all civilians from having weapons. It’s where the laws and constitution adjust as time goes by to reflect “civilised” living. America is still living like the Wild West afghans and goat herders of yesteryear with their antiquated ‘rights’.

    • Prior to WWI, a good majority of the ‘civilized’ world was being raised to appreciate art and the finer things in life. We taught our children that the human race had banished the beast within. Our primal instincts were supposed to be under control. Those same kids were thrown into war in their teens as were more mature men in their twenties and within weeks, then were mutilating others and performing acts they might have gagged at the thought of 6 weeks prior. You wouldn’t swim without learning to swim or taking something to float on. I’m not sure living life without some type of protection is the best way to go.

      I don’t own or want a gun. I live in a America and I’m fine with others using the proper channels to own guns. If a society can be built to live in the civilized manner you suggest, I’ll move there as soon as ever other society destroys their weapons. You don’t need to be a beast to protect yourself from one. But you can’t expect the beasts to leave you alone solely because you are civilized.

      I hope I can be proven wrong one day and the entire planet can be civilized and have no need for weapons beyond hunting food.

  7. I have a metal WALKING STICK, I keep in my car and sometimes in the living room (Not that I need it) It looks legal enough and can do enough harm on its own.

    I also am taking a chance (legally) and have a good “Sword cane” too for in a dire emergency. Not the cheap $25-30 model with the flimsy 18 inch blade, but a $120 model with a relatively heavy 24 inch blade, razor sharp on one side and both sides 6 inches to the tip. It has the “serious feel” of a deadly weapon (like when one holds a gun) and is definitely lethal and hard to defend against.

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