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4 Intimidating Less-Than-Lethal Compact Weapons That Will Get You To Safety

pepper spray phone -- blessthisstuffDOTcomWhen the term “non-lethal weapon” comes to mind, we typically think of bean bag shells and tasers, but as we’ll see, there’s far more to these kinds of weapons.

First of all, a non-lethal weapon is not a supreme alternative to a gun or a knife. But it is a decent option to have when you find yourself in a situation where using lethal force is not necessary, or when you don’t have access to a more traditional weapon.

If you don’t want to shoot or stab somebody in self-defense, then using these weapons will hopefully put an end to the fight before it begins:

1. Pepper Spray. You’ll never fully understand the effectiveness of pepper spray until you are sprayed by it. It takes away your breathing ability and your sight, but only temporarily. While this will not put your attacker completely out of the fight, it should give you plenty of time to get away. Unfortunately, like guns and knives, pepper spray is regulated in some areas, so make sure it’s fully legal in your city or state before you purchase any. There’s even a pepper spray phone case.

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Knowing how to properly use pepper spray is also important. Always use your index finger to press down on the button, and make sure that the business end of it is always pointed away from you as you draw it. Also, keep yourself downwind when you use pepper spray, since doing otherwise could put you out of action rather than your opponent. Practice drawing a can multiple times until it becomes basic muscle memory. One of the benefits to using pepper spray is that you don’t have to “aim” with it as you would a rifle or a handgun. Just spray your attacker in the face and it will get into his or her eyes.

2. Stun Gun. Stun Guns are arguably more effective than pepper spray, and they have the ability to stop anyone no matter how adrenalized or drunk they are. But there is one major flaw to relying on a stun gun as a primary weapon: You have to be in arm’s reach to use them, meaning this is relegated as a close-quarters combat weapon only.

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3. Expandable Baton. The role an expandable baton would fill as a weapon is similar to the same one as the ABS sword, as it can stun an opponent without killing him or her, but the advantage to expandable batons is that they can be folded into a compact device that can be easily transported.

4. Smoke Cartridge. Some may not view this as a weapon, but it can get you to safety. If you want to avoid conflict when things look like they could become rough, a smoke cartridge will allow you to diffuse a bad situation before it escalates further, and also help you make an escape.

What non-lethal weapon would you add to the list? Share your suggestions in the section below:  

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  1. Expandable batons are illegal to carry in California, and a felony to have in your possession for non-law enforcement people. While effective to use, you do have to KNOW how to use them correctly, or the suspect you are trying to get away from you, is going to use that baton on you, and turn YOU into a human Popsicle.

  2. Wasp/hornet spray. Good out to about 20 feet. Aim for the eyes and face. Although a firearm is preferable, the spray is a non-lethal but potent alternative.

  3. Expandable Batons are illegal in many (most?) places, unfortunately.
    A good sturdy cane can be an effective weapon. They rarely get a second look.
    There are training videos available online.
    Of course if you are built like an NFL linebacker, it might look a little odd.

  4. the best weapon is a kubaton .it is small (6 inches ) and most of them come with a key ring attached so you have it with you all the time.basic instruction can be found online.they are legal in most states except New York City .they cannot be carried on air liners except in checked baggage .it will stop the biggest man and are non lethal in most cases but can be lethal if circumstances require it.

  5. I keep a 2-ft piece of the orange gas line in my truck. It’s light but hurts real bad.

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