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4 Sneaky And Shrewd James Bond-Like Weapons

4 Sneaky And Shrewd James Bond-Like Weapons

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For the sake of this article we are going to, in a way, redefine “concealed.” Normally, concealed means to hide, cover and generally to make disappear. For weapons, this often involves some form of covering garment, carrying in a pocket, or inside-the-waistband carry. This is all fine and dandy, but the definition of concealed here is going to be a little different. For the sake of this article, concealed is going to simply mean “no one knows.” By this, I mean concealing can also be simply deceiving.

Why redefine it? Well, states allow the concealed carry of weapons, and many allow open carry. Each method has its strengths and weaknesses, but deceptive carry can combine some of the best strengths with a few of their weaknesses. Deceptive carry can make drawing easy, as well as retaining the element of surprise.

Deceptive carry for firearms is somewhat limited. The National Firearms Act has basically stated a firearm cannot look like something that’s not a firearm, if that makes any sense. Basically, if you want a .22 handgun designed as a cell phone, you are going to have to jump through the ATF hoops to do it. For everything else, though, it’s easy peasy to disguise your weapon as something completely innocent…..

Counter Strike Pepper Spray Jogging Weights

This is an absolutely terrific idea for a broad number of reasons. First off, let’s address the clothes typically designed for running. They often lack any kind of pockets, and even when paired with pockets they are often too loose and baggy.

Ultimate Tactical Self-Defense And Hunting Weapon That Doesn’t Require A Firearms License!

Methods of carry, like inside the waistband, are a joke, and shoulder carry requires al cover garment and the dang thing is going to be flopping everywhere. Ankle carry will force you to wear long pants, and a gun down by your feet is a terrible idea. Belly band is a “maybe,” but your gun is going to be soaked.

Plain and simple, it’s hard to carry a weapon when you’re exercising, and exercising is an important part of survival. These weights can be both functional as weights and fill the gap in terms of a weapon. Each weight has a dose of pepper spray, giving you two weapons already in your hand. Pepper spray is great, especially when you meet a dog who you can’t tell is running with you or chasing you. In all my time doing repossession, I’ve dealt with dogs daily and never found one who would want to keep the chase after a dose of pepper spray.

Pepper spray on people may not always be the single most effective weapon, but it’s sure potent. For sure, it’s enough to strike an attacker and get away, or buy time to strike with a one pound weight. It may not be as deadly as a firearm but it’s better than harsh language.

Cell Phone Stun Gun

Cell phone stun guns are pretty popular, and by popular I mean you can find a cheap piece of junk cell phone stun gun at any gun show. Often these so-called stun guns are not very powerful and they drain batteries like it is cool. The main issue is they don’t even look like modern cell phones. They all appear to be stuck in the 90s as Nokias.

Finally, someone said the stun gun cell phone seems like an awesome idea, but needs a serious update, and from that we have the newest generation of cell phone stun guns. The I-stun and SamStun are both clever puns on popular cell phones. As you can imagine, the I-stun is an iPhone clone with a built-in stun gun, and the SamStun resembles a typical Android-style telephone. These stun guns actually look like modern phones and pack a potent punch.

The cell phone stun gun is a clever idea; everyone has a cell phone and no one looks at one twice. You can walk with it in your hands armed and ready without any suspicion. Extremely handy when walking alone at night — especially in an under-lit parking garage.

My Personal Defender

It’s pretty much common knowledge that a flashlight should be part of an effective every day carry set-up, and a larger more powerful flashlight should be kept in vehicles. A flashlight is just an incredibly handy tool most people never think to carry, but when they really need it, their cell phone just isn’t enough.

The My Personal Defender is an extremely bright flashlight with a high setting, a low setting, and a strobe setting for disorienting and blinding effects. With a name like Personal Defender, it’s easy to assume it’s just another Maglite rip-off chock full of D batteries and made from aircraft grade aluminum. In reality, it’s entirely different.

My Personal Defender: Low Cost Way To Defend Yourself Against Lowlife Criminal Scum!

First off, the My Personal Defender does not look like a weapon, which let’s face it, Maglites do. The Personal Defender use three small AAA batteries and lasts anywhere from 5-6 hours on high and up to 20 hours on low. AAAs are much cheaper than D-cell batteries and often easier to find.

The Personal Defender is actually an extending flashlight. Simply unlock and extend and relock in place. The flashlight extends out to a little over a foot. The extra length will give you a lot more hitting power, and if you’ve ever taken a baton blow, you’ll know it’s not very comfortable.

DeSantis Pocket Shot

The DeSantis Pocket Shot is a clever holster that has met its fair share of scrutiny. The Pocket Shot is a wallet holster, meaning it goes in your back pocket and disappears. Some wallet holsters fell under the NFA — the reason being they no longer resembled guns, but just wallets.

The DeSantis Pocket Shot is not considered an NFA weapon because the slide is exposed and the gun is not considered disguised. The Pocket Shot allows you to still fire the weapon while it’s still in the holster, speeding up your draw significantly. The main advantage of this holster is the ability to carry really no matter what the style of dress is (outside of gym clothes). It doesn’t matter if the shirt is tucked in, or if you’re wearing suit and tie or day to day clothes.

The Pocket Shot is also an excellent mugger repellant. “Give me your wallet” becomes a whole lot different when your wallet has a .380 in its place. The DeSantis Pocket Shot is an extremely well-made holster as well. It holds the weapon quite comfortably and is remarkably smooth to draw. The holster has two holes — one to access the trigger and the other to give a surer grip.


These weapons are just a few of some really innovative and deceptive weapons. Hiding a weapon in plain sight is easy, and often requires less time to access and attack with. These can be used to back up your main concealed carry gun, or as a weapon to be used in an area with strict gun restrictions.

What would you add to the list? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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  1. Over the years, I have taught self defense classes, often to woman. The method I am about to describe, works for both sexes. Scenario : Leaving office/restaurant to retrieve vehicle late at night. One opaque plastic bag, filler, like folded T-shirt, 2″ clear “sellotape”. Firearm – revolver is best. Method : Place T-shirt in bottom of plastic bag, to let it “hang right”. Grip firearm with “strong” hand. Insert in plastic bag, and apply tape to top of hand, and plastic bag. It now looks as if you are carrying plastic bag. On being accosted, lift hand, and “bang”!

  2. There was a time when all these BS firearm laws did not exist. Before the Gun Control Act of 1968, anyone could order by mail , any gun that was sold in sporting goods dept stores or gun shops and have it mailed straight to their house without any FFL middle man getting their percentage cut and having to go thru them to take possession of the purchase. The 1968 Gun Control Act changed all that and every decade the laws have become more strict. It also used to be when someone went to prison and served their time and was released, there was nothing prohibiting them from owning a firearm no matter the crime. The US holds the record for having the world’s greatest prison population. I have never understood how people still claim it’s the land of the free when it is clearly NOT. There WILL be a coming civil war when the economy collapses and all the inner cities become full of chaotic violence , riots and mass murder. Then it will lead to war with authorities trying to do what was done in New Orleans in 2005. The gun owning masses were caught off guard in New Orleans, especially in a major natural disaster. The difference between then and now is, the gun owning masses are EXPECTING an attempt on mass gun confiscation and the past 2 years guns and ammo have been flying off the shelf in record numbers. MILLIONS are now expecting some type of mass confiscation. Before 2005 in New Orleans if you had said one day there would be a major city-wide gun confiscation round up, you would’ve been laughed at and told it would never happen anywhere in the US. After Katrina hit in 2005, gun owners woke up realizing the nerve of the govt. This is why the next attempt at confiscation won’t be peaceful but will involve an exchange of flying lead.

    After the civil war is over, there will be chance to rebuild the govt and in doing so , things can be as easy and free as it was concerning gun laws as they existed pre-1968. That goes for the scam called the drug war too. Why are there drug laws when the US military pulled guard duty over Afghan poppy fields for almost 10 years ? The US govt is ran by a criminal elite that socially engineered this BS political mess called Republicans and Democrats with their partisan agenda of playing each other against the other and I despise them both equally. This is why I am a hardcore Independent Libertarian. When the coming revolution is over and the Federal ruling system has lost their power and states have broken away forming their own free-zones, it will be a chance for starting over and having freedom as the Founders intended. This system of tyranny that we live under now is like Rome in it’s later stage before it crumbled. There are so many parallels between ancient Rome and the present day US. The sooner this all happens the sooner we can get back to a new currency and a new govt and all the suppressed technologies concerning alternative energy can be released.

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