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Facing An Active Shooter


An unfortunate fact of life is that evil exists in men. Fortunately, good people almost always outnumber the evil men. An evil man with a gun is a terrifying thing; however, a good man with a gun can very well be a savior. A good man without a gun may simply only be able to survive. I plan to address both of these situations, as an active shooter is an evil we may have to face.

My experience with gun fighting comes from my time in the Marine Corps infantry, both through training and my time in Afghanistan. In today’s age, we have two kinds of active shooters: the sociopath and the terrorist. The sociopath is the more common active shooter and includes examples such as Virginia Tech shooter. I personally classify the Ft. Hood shooter as a terrorist. Outside of the U.S., the terrorist is the more common active shooter.

If you’re the situation with an active shooter and you are carrying a concealed weapon, there are a few things to remember. First, most active shooters aren’t planning on leaving alive. Second, active shooters are cowards looking to murder and not to fight; the first sign of resistance could be a complete shock. A prime example of this is that active shooters often kill themselves before possible police confrontation.

How do these things apply in fighting an active shooter? First off, if you’re drawing your weapon in this situation, be prepared to fire. Displaying your weapon most likely will not be enough. As a concealed weapon holder, you have the gift of surprise on your side. You have the ability to completely surprise and overwhelm your attacker with violence.

The value of violence of action is taught heavily in the Marine Corps. It is a term referring to using a maximum amount of violence in an attack, never slowing down your attack, and never losing momentum. Obviously as a civilian it’s a little different; you can’t open fire with an open-bolt machine gun.

What you can do, though, is surprise your attacker and refuse to retreat. Pinning a shooter down can save lives and give everyone valuable time for police to appear. But be smart: your first step after an attack starts and you’ve mentally declared this is an active shooter is to seek cover. Knowing the difference between cover and concealment is critical: tables, plaster walls, and desks aren’t cover. Things like bookshelves are a gamble; maybe the books can stop the bullet, but maybe not. Brick pillars or steel stanchions are great cover, and if you’re hiding behind a car, stay behind the engine block, not the door.

The majority of successful defenses against an active shooter takes place early, sometimes even before the shooter open fire. Getting a good angle on your attacker can give you a huge advantage. Most people shoot down their centerline— the imaginary line directly out from their nose. Staying out of this line is critical to taking the shooter by surprise.

Active shooters attack crowded places, so before you take your shot remember that bullet can never be taken back. It may be incredibly difficult to take a shot with crowds panicking and people running everywhere. Emptying a mag in the shooter’s direction can make you just as lethal to innocents as him.

Prior to encountering an active shooter, how can you prepare for it? It’s hard without a lot of money, time, and resources to actively train against a threat like this. Training from someone with military experience can be beneficial, but sometimes difficult to locate. There are other considerations, however. Maybe the five rounds you carry in your revolver isn’t enough—consider buying a speed loader or an extra magazine for your automatic. Practice your reloading.

And have you ever shoot with an adrenaline rush? Trying running a few sprints and then taking aim; you may find it is a little different. Also, practice your shooting, drawing, reloading with the clothes you’ll actually wear in public.

Unarmed Options

Unarmed options for surviving are vastly different. If you’re a law-abiding citizen in a gun-free zone (someone didn’t tell the shooter that), you are outgunned from the start. The majority of active shooters attack these so-called gun-free zones because they know they won’t meet resistance. This goes back to a coward’s mentality. In these cases, defense is hardly an option, but survival is. (Some of you out there may be unarmed defense masters, but the majority of people aren’t.) So what can you do?

Obviously, getting the heck out of dodge is the best idea. Locating an exit is the first step; be ready to run with a crowd who are headed the same way. Don’t stop as soon as you think you’re safe; keep moving until you have some real distance between yourself and the shooter, plus cover. Then call 911.

If escape isn’t an option, it comes down to hiding. This comes back to cover and concealment and realizing the difference. If you have the chance, take cover, as stray bullets kill just as well as aimed ones. If possible, lock yourself in somewhere. If you have the option to rely on something besides the door lock, use it: stack whatever you can in front of the door. This not only helps keep the door closed, but can also soak up bullets. Then call 911.

Overcoming your attacker is the last option; if it comes down to that and you have to, there are a few things to remember. Violence of action still comes into to play, so you want to attack fast and hard. You must be vicious—prepare to inflict pain and death on this attacker. Keep an eye out for makeshift weapons; for example, a fire extinguisher offers both a blunt object and nice distraction. Spraying someone with the foam can give you the element of surprise and as well as a few extra seconds to attack.

Anything can be a weapon—a chair, a board, a belt, a water bottle—so keep an open mind. Remember that if you start an attack, you will become target number one, so you better be committed to it.

Finally, when calling 911, give them the best information you can, as calmly as you can. If you can, tell them the shooter’s description, weapon, etc. I don’t suggest calling the police directly until you’re totally safe and can pass them new information; by the time you’ve called, they’ve probably received a dozen calls already.

Also, when it comes to pulling alarms, I don’t suggest it. Pulling a fire alarm can scare people out of their hiding spots and into the gunman’s line of fire. A fire alarm will only provide a few seconds of distraction anyway. Some may say the noise will make it easier to hide from the gunman, but this is false. If someone is shooting a weapon indoors, he isn’t hearing anything already.

An active shooter is a threat we continue to live with, and until the good men can be armed everywhere, these attacks will likely go on unopposed. It is not a question of gun control, but rather a question of gun-free zone control.

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  1. Thnaks for the info. Could you possibly post something to help our children protect themselves during an attack. Unfortunately, they have to grow up with the threat of this everyday and hiding under a dsk just doesn’t seem to be enough.

    • No, Vicki, they do NOT “have to grow up with the threat of this everyday”. It’s your choice if they “have to”. There are alternatives to government-run, tax-funded welfare schools (aka, day prisons or youth indoctrination centers). Government has no legitimate interest in educating children (and even if it did, there are much better ways than the wasteful grtf-welfare schools). But they do provide great shooting galleries for mad men and the criminally insane, like Lanza and Klebold.

      Add the “gun-free zone” insanity, and there is a perfect combination: large numbers of innocent victims who are totally unprotected.

      These crazies are looking for headlines. The most glaring are the kind that Lanza got: Twenty Children killed in School.

      It is far wiser to educate your children yourself. It is much more effective to pay the lady down the street (who already runs her own family-centered education facility for her own children) tech yours while you get ready. It is easily a better situation to enlist Grandma’n’Grandpa to mentor your children than to abdicate your God-given responsibility of teaching and training your child to the uncaring and evilly motivated state.

      Get your children out of the grtf-welfare schools and do it now.

    • Actually,, just like I told my kids,,, jump up and RUN,,,, Contrary to the news, most murders are from pistols,,,, not rifles, (cause they can be concealed) DO NOT HOLE UP in a classroom cowering until he comes for you!!
      Most people cant hit anything moving past 25 yards ( I know cause I just got back from fighting in Afghanistan) Run!! Get behind cars and run like hell! keep moving and have a rendezvous point away from the school where you will show up and get them. Hiding and waiting is what killers want, then they have a target rich environment…. RUN! No matter what some teacher, who has never been in combat says, RUN!! Immediately.
      The Col (Retired)

  2. Good, Job Jarhead! All bases covered. Most people are really not very good with a pistol, running is smart if not armed. Hiding gets you killed. This “Terror” thing is upon us,,, DO NOT ALLOW YOUR GOVT TO DISARM YOU!! BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO INTENTIONS OF PROTECTING YOU.
    The Col

    • Even if they had the intention (and I agree, they do not), they have no responsibility to do so. The Supreme Court said so a couple of times.

      However, each of us has an obligation to protect ourselves and our families. We have a less demanding obligation to protect others, too, but that’s secondary.

      As LaPierre said, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. And it does not matter much if the bad guy is a man wearing a dewrag and bearing a colorful tattoo, or a man wearing a fancy hat and bearing a shiny badge. Once he starts assailing you, he becomes a bad guy.

  3. Excellent article. Something everybody should think about and everybody should be prepared for. As a LEO for 22 years I have been involved in such an incident. As stated, the attacker/coward has no intention of surviving a confrontation with LE and will most likely end the encounter prior to our arrival. Most important thing I teach my children is to KNOW YOUR SURROUNDINGS! “Keep your head on a swivel” is a term frequently used in LE. Always know who and what is around you and know your escape path should you need it. I also have a code word or short phrase that is something I would not normally say. When they hear that word/phrase, they know danger is near, to be alert, and follow directions to quickly move safely away from the threat. Then PRACTICE it. Test your family. KNOW that they know what to do. Remove them from the threat before you take action. You cannot effectively face a threat without knowing that your loved ones are safely out of danger. In response to Vicki, if all your child has is his/her desk, then use it. The time has come to have open and frank discussions about placing armed, trained and qualified persons in every school, even teachers and administrators.

    • Three states have had excellent response to “teachers get free training” from gun shops/training sites. Utah is one where 3000 hundred teachers and principals received Concealed Carry training in the past few weeks. Ohio, I believe is another, and whil I do not recall the third, the response was wonderful.

      I oppose uniformed (especially) “resource officers” in schools for three reasons. First, if a crazy would actually go to the trouble of targeting that school, the first one he’d take out is the uniformed officer. Second, it would be one of the most boring jobs imaginable. Boredom begets complacency. I suspect that over time, his effectiveness would make him ineffective. Finally, either he’s a sworn officer with a high price tag (and NO, it is NOT worth it if we “save even one child’s life”), or he’s a rent-a-cop with a low one. In the first case, where will the money come from, and, in the second, where will the money come from?

      In the first case those inmates would have the best possible protection. In the second they’d be just as well off without any. However, in the first case, it is another officer not doing the job of policing the community. We already have too few officers on the streets.

      Your suggestion, that teachers and administrators — even janitors and lunch ladies — be armed is the better answer. (For the best answer, see my reply to Vicki, above.) They’re already there. They know the school’s physical plant. It would cost not a penny more (although the union would surely demand higher pay for these defenders). Further, these same people are also in the line of fire and would have just as great an incentive to become and remain proficient as any on-site LEO.

      What canNOT be allowed is the status quo. Even those parents who have relinquished their responsibility to educate their own children do have the right to expect that their children will come home alive. (I almost wrote “safely”, but no child comes home from a government-run, tax-funded welfare school “safe”. It is counter to the mission of grtf-welfare schools to leave their inmates truly safe. It is not likely they will come home uninjured, since grtf-welfare schools are among the most violent places on earth, even without shootings.) The issue of economics, however, cannot be dismissed. There is only so much we can pay for.

      Schools are target-rich environments. Some (I among them) have labeled the “shooting galleries” for the criminally insane. The best response is to take your children out. Failing that, we must, at least, make the target less attractive.

      • Sorry, folks. I said “3000 hundred” teachers in Utah accepted CCW training. My editorial skills must be on holiday. It was 300.

        Fingers, meet brain.

      • I also wrote: “I suspect that over time, his effectiveness would make him ineffective.” Wow!

        It would be the tedium that would make him ineffective.

        Gotta re-read before hitting “Submit Comment”.

  4. EXCELLENT ARTICLE What happened to parents being responsible and accountable and teaching their children right from wrong and enforcing descipline. Be accountable for securing your weapons. Why is it the elite can have armed guards with them and their families and at events/schools they and their children attend but the average Joe who is the workforce of the country gets punished for trying to protect themselves and their family. We can not level the playing field, why? Criminals will still have guns no matter what is decided.

  5. Perhaps an expert can suggest : Upon entering a fast food establishment, of restaurant … if there is a choice where should one sit to secure an optimum position if carrying concealed or if not where then?

    • As a peace officer of 39 years and still serving I always look for a position diagonally across from the entrance and from which I can easily see all who come in the door. Since I am not working in uniform, usually, I don’t expect that the perp will be looking for me specifically. Be aware, however, that some crooks also conduct interior scans upon entering a business just like LEO’s do.

      • You’re right, some “crooks also conduct interior scans upon entering a business”. However, it is less frequent for an insane person like Lanza or Holmes (who actually did) to do so. These people are, typically, looking for the headline that will make ’em famous and prove they were somebody.

        I have finally (it took some months to do so) reached the conclusion that if a business will not allow my weapon inside, it will not get my trade (or even my labor — it seems a good thing that my boss doesn’t ask, and I don’t tell: nonetheless I would leave if he made a poor decision about this). “Love me, love my gun.”

        So, like you, when I go to any public place, it becomes very important to choose the most defensible position, with open lines of fire, good observation, and a reasonable route of retreat, should that become necessary. It is a sad commentary on modern culture (which always makes me think of a Petri dish from biology class) that we must contemplate this all the time, but life is what it is.

    • Maybe you should go though the drive thru?

  6. Great article! Thank you! I will be reviewing it with my entire family.

  7. Conservative Bob


    Sit with your back against a wall and not next to a window. For the non-CCW person, a hot cup of coffee or even a soft drink in the face will momentarily slow a person down.
    Then, if unarmed (this is brutal, but remember that he’s killing folks) and you can get close enough to him, take out his eyes or hit him as hard as possible in the Adams apple with your fist.
    I’ve been in only one fight in my life. I won.

    …..Prepared Veteran

  8. Might I suggest a sign to be posted in “gun free” Zones?

    ///// WARNING — DANGER \\\\\
    Attracts Armed Criminals and Lunatics
    You Have No Defense

    • Look at Chicago, gun free city, crime up 48%, only the crooks, police, and government have protection, I say wake up America, and keep your powder dry.

    • It is amazing the amount of people that fall for leftist propaganda. They must be laughing in their seats thinking you fell for something incredible called “Gun Free Zone”.

      They knew that that just makes you a sitting duck. How stupid can you Americans be, huh?

      Like he article said they just laff in you face when you tell them something is unconstitutional. They don’t regard you for sh*t!

  9. As a former Marine myself I did not put my life on the line for five years for my country just to live my life in fear of the scum sucking bottom feeders that think or don’t think which ever maybe the situation. I always watch for problems that may arise. It is something that I just do. It’s part of life as they say. The Corps taught us that you don’t go to battle with the thought that you will not succeed. You must put forth every possible effort to contain the problem and overcome the situation. I was also taught that discretion is the important part of valor. I believe that if the people wasn’t so afraid of the establishment there wouldn’t be so many problems also.

  10. Good article, however, military training doesn’t prepare one for this kind of scenario in a civilian setting. Civilian law enforcement trains for this on nearly a weekly basis and since we aren’t talking battlefields with military rules of engagement it is best to look at the way we in domestic L/E deal with this. What those in the military can teach us is the mental outlook of success and domination of the event.

  11. @john
    And conservativebob already gave a good answer which bears repeating; As a CCW holder I never sit near a window and I always have my back against a back wall. When we first were married, my wife commented one time when we came out of a store “jeeezzz…you’re always looking around” and I had to explain it to her. She’s come a long way since and she carries also. We are not “looking for trouble” at all. If anything…we are trying to avoid it. But, if somehow, trouble finds us, we are as ready as we can be. We also (like djb above) have our “code” word. We’ve practiced our “strategies. We know how we’re going to split up. We practice our “draw stroke…daily. We practice reloading, both combat and tactical. We practice switching hands, strong to weak, and using the tac light the same way. We go thru about 100 rds apiece per month. Now, I know that isn’t a whole lot, but we ain’t rich. We do what we can
    We just made the decision, a long time ago, that we were not going to be “victims”.
    We can’t even explain that to my liberal, pacifest, kumbyah, obama loving brother.

    • 100 live rounds a month is plenty. You are better off using mostly dry fire drills anyway. That is where you will make your real gains. Just remember to practice perfectly, then use your live rounds to check your progress.

    • 100rds a month, is “FINE” . . . but as for “BEING RICH”, I have 3 words for you . . . RELOAD, RELOAD, RELOAD !

    • A .22 cal pistol is a good training substitute for your regular weapon. It is important to use the “real” thing, as well, but I can put 5 or 600 .22 rounds downrange for the same price as 100 9mm or 20 .45 cal.

      All the Johnny-come-latelies out there (responding to the current political necessity), along with the DHS, IRS, etc., buyers, have driven the “serious” cartridges out of sight. All the more reason to use a “sub-caliber” training pistol.

  12. Great article and great comments just one more thing I will say from someone who has been shot at and missed. When running away which is the best thing to do if given the opportunity; DO NOT RUN IN A STRAIGHT LINE! Dart and weave erratically as it is much harder to keep you in the sight of a firearm than if you run in a straight line.


  13. Rather than “gun free zone”, I call them “free fire zones”. A shooter has confidence no one will shoot back so they are free to shoot at will.

    Posted “gun free zones” are an invitation to the crazys to see how many people they can shoot.

    Always look for a way out when you arrive. If sitting, try to face the doors and near an exit. If a “gun free zone” look for anything that could be a weapon. Use your imagination. Think about it at length.

    Be Prepared!

    Semper Fi

  14. Excellent points. The marine bayonet motto comes to mind. ” Don’t wait for an opening, make one!” Whether or not you are concealed carry or not, every man or woman should carry a razor sharp folding knife and a pepper gel pistol for when you might be cornered and can’t escape! I’d rather have these in my pocket in a gun free zone than to have to wonder if my cup of hot coffee will suffice!

    • Sargint Rock – I totally agree. Pepper spray is a very cheap way to make sure that you and your wife have at least something at your disposal.

      • Some states have made pepper spray illegal, too.

        You can make your own with habaneros. peppers (or even hotter ones, like Thais) and a bit of alcohol or vinegar. Load it into a small spray bottle or pressurized canister and you’re set. They don’t have the range of the “professional” cans, but, in a pinch, you’re better off with one than without it.

  15. John . . . Were on the “SAME” page. The only difference between us, is that I did MY “Corps” time, long before YOU did. ( Viet-Nam, Sgt.,. 71 ) I think you would AGREE, that the MAJORITY of people today, are “SHEEP” . . . an sheep get . . . “SLAUGHTERED”. Its a “HARD” reality, but that being said, doesn’t CHANGE IT. People, for the most part, go about their lives with their “Head UP their AZZ”. The THEATER shooting, being the “PRIME” example. As I find it hard to believe that not ONE of the people there, was CARRYING a weapon. I myself have been carrying, for over 25yrs now, in 3 DIFFERENT States, so expecting at least ONE person to have been carrying, isn’t TOO MUCH, of a reach. It reminds me of the “SECOND” rule of combat . . . “If you DON’T PAY ATTENTION. . . you DIE” . . . there it is..

  16. You are so right Montanabulldog! Most people don’t even consider the fact that they could be a target and that is why they do stupid things like pull up on the bumper of the car ahead when in traffic (no escape route), no situational awareness (texting, ears plugged with phones, using dangerous entrances/exits at the mall, etc.)

    The fact of matter is that most everyone will be a victim of a violent crime. but you first have to believe it and prepare. You will then increase your chances of survival.

    For those of you who want to learn, I would suggest for training books. David Spaulding writes an excellent book for self defense covering the physiological effects of body alarm reaction, situational awareness. One can go very far even without a weapon. Remember that when you carry a weapon, you don’t go where you would not go normally without your weapon. No one should be looking for trouble.

  17. If there is more than one ‘Active Shooter’ as may have happened in these recent shootings, it turns into ‘
    ‘a combat situation’, and ‘all of the above’ still apply but now you’ve got ‘more than one’ to be aware of…

    If it’s a ‘False Flag Operation’ your chances of walking away alive are even slimmer, but still good advice to follow, unless you choose to ‘take down’ one of them and then to go for the rest. As a civillian that’s a pretty brave thing, especially one with no combat training or experience.

    Thanks for the article.

  18. As has been said by folks who know their stuff, RUN ! If one can do that and happens to be armed, you can establish your fighting position and maybe do something about the problem. The wackoid has already created the chaos and has the advantage. Nothing heroric or macho to be had, just try to put out the fire…….

  19. I teach combat skills, in the Military, and just returned from Afghanistan, and most of you know me and have survived my bombastic rants, which I am sure at many points you thought I was nuts and probably suffering PTSD. But, like I told my Dr’s in the touchy feely welcome home debrief, “I was like this before I left.” I feel kind of bad for you all, I can feel the heat from Lesellers posts, through my keyboard, and I am sorry, for the distrust and scorn we as a nation heaped upon the Vietnam Vets, you see, they were right all along. We dont need to fight each other, we need to come together. A fight is brewing. Now, most of you can see what the .mil guys could smell several years ago. It is coming, because this is how we do it overseas. Even when the cops/feds come for you, and they will in some manner shortly, RUN. Running does two things it gives the shooter a harder target to hit, and it gives you SPACE between you and your enemy. Space = Time to think and time to plan, then time to attack. Be smart! From now on,,, listen with “Lesellers ears” to everything a slimebag politician tells you, because NOW the motives have been revealed.
    And remember,,, lastly what I said,,, (Read ISAIAH) ” A remnant will survive in the mountains,,,,,” Come to Colorado bring warm clothes, and rifles/ammo when it starts (especially all the Jarheads on here), and you ole Vietnam guys,,,(Its cold up here,,, better have your mouse boots!! 🙂
    The Col

  20. All, If you havent figured it out yet, you are already at war. My belief, (instinct) is that the school shootings are organized and intentional. And they are orchestrated through the leftist govt, and AG’s office. I know, I know, you still want to call me stupid, a kook, or a PTSD sufferer, but if you read MAO TSE Tung, the communists start by scaring the populace into hating and fearing their govt, by convincing you that the existing govt cannot protect you (Gee that isnt happening, the old Col is just being and Old fool) . They will make you beg for a stronger Govt,,, they just need to disarm you. (Gee that isnt happening either, you old fool!! Please shut up)
    the good news is: There are only a few police departments in the country, who could outgun and overpower a group of 50 armed men. (sorry LEO’s) So like I warned you about this coming, please take my word now. Arm yourself, band together. Get somebody who was an infantry guy and LISTEN to him. Typically, everyone comes together and begins to argue, and the conversation breaks down to “who has the best gun, .45 vs 9mm or something dumb like that. Do not argue, listen for a change and learn, (It is going to mean your life)

    When you arm up and group up in groups of 100 people there is very little the govt can do. They CANNOT take your weapons from you! (7 guys in WACO stood off the BATF for a month until the military had to come in and settle it) Get together, DO NOT ARGUE WITH EACH OTHER, stand firm, and get intouch with other likeminded individuals. Never turn in each other, it is the chink in the armor, that the govt is looking for.
    Just like “Trying to find some common ground on Guns you DONT need” HAAAA!!!
    Learn as much about infantry as you can.

    Get a 22 rifle if you dont have one yet. (The first day of fighting, everyone will participate, the next day you will have your choice of rifles and pistols laying all over the ground) put a 3×9 scope on it, buy 22 ammo and learn to shoot it/sight it in. NOW TODAY!!

    Go to Cheaper than Dirt and buy a “FLECKTARN” vest,,, it is pretty good frag protection, get ceramic armor if you can but you dont have to have it. Like guns it will be available laying around.

    When you have to shoot, aim for the neck/face or arm holes of the enemies armor.

    What is next? In my opinion, an all out war, secession attempts, police and FBI raids on gun owners.
    Then (big picture) a protected and sponsored “Arab Spring” event in our country, protected by NATO or UN troops, the regime will stay in power, (communists dont give up power).
    This wont work,,, at least not well enough for those in power, and they will begin to kill women and children of “suspected terrorists” IE YOU. (Honest Abe, WT Sherman, and Grant did it!! Do you truly think that they wont do it now to you?

    Read the following:
    1. Tactics of the Crescent Moon, (you are going to be using it)
    2. MAO’s red book if you havent already,
    3. Empire of the Summer moon, (A story of the Commanche and an excellent review of how a gorrilla action can reduce a govt to darned near ruin)
    4. The book of Isaiah ( In that Bible that is soon to be outlawed)
    5. Some book about combat medical trauma treatment.

    Lastly I leave you (temporarily with the following) on gun control:

    A. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State” That means You
    B. “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots” That is you too
    C. “A tyrant is always stiring up one war or another, that people might need a leader” That is you know who..
    D. “If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    Arm up, come together, do not argue!!!! it is too late, stand against the govt by force, Do not fight them unless you have to. DO NOT GIVE UP your weapons!!!,,, we swore to uphold the consitution,,, was that a false and hollow promise?
    The Col

    • Thank you for your service, your sound and logical advice on self protection and your brave comments. I feel the same about recent events. I live in Colorado, cared for the caregivers who treated the Aurora shooting victims. Too close to home. I since bought a gun, am learning to shoot, doing what I can to be prepared. I have a friend who is ex Army who is a great resource. When SHIF, I would love to exit the city but have no place to go being single with no family here. Suggestions on how to unite with other like minded people?

      • Linking up with others is difficult,,,, I actually live in Colorado Springs,,, and i have found that the will to link up is very weak,,, people are just not convinced enough of the danger to link up yet….. they think nothing will happen,,,, hope they are right….
        The Col (ret)

        • I get the impression that many folks are holding their cards real close right now. There is reason to believe that a lot of the crap going on is being done by design and lots of folks have noticed. It’s American to be an individual and try to do one’s own thing, but ‘the times they are a-changin’. Many people are prepping in various ways, but I’m not sure how many are teaming up to face this nasty scenario. Team operation and some degree of leadership are going to be needed, and lets pray that it doesn’t take someting too horrific before folks see that. How are the ‘Spings Col ?

  21. I think the mountain air sits well with you Col. Lived just off 160 at the foot of Wolf Creek pass on the West side, in another life. Great country. Sadly I think you’re on the money about our current state. and what is going down. The inmates are running the asylum now and they’re primed to make a move. Attacks on helpless folks, for whatever demented reason, are nothing new in this country or the world. It’s the shock effect and it works big time. Sadly again, we’re going to see more of that stuff.

  22. It is God’s country up there Col. I left for the flatlands in the early 80s to chase money, one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Still miss it. I too feel that the clowns are carefully orchestrating events in our country. Can smell it and feel it in my bones. Pretty isolated here in the Arkansas ‘mountains’, but when the wheels start coming off we’re liable to show up for an extended visit.

  23. I work in a “gun free zone”. I am only there, because I am sure that God wants me there.

    If there ever is an incident at my work, I will file a lawsuit against my employer for leaving me defenseless in violation of the 2nd Amendment.

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