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How To Survive A Home Invasion Without Firing A Shot

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Many Americans and gun enthusiasts feel safer by storing a firearm near their bed, but what if the unthinkable happens at home, and someone breaks through the door or window?

For this article, you’ll learn about some defensive strategies for defending the inside of your home – and most importantly, staying safe.

If you believe someone is breaking in or has broken in, call 911, even if you can’t talk. But don’t hang up. The call center will record the entire encounter, whatever happens.

Secondly, make sure that it truly is an invasion and that the person isn’t a family member or friend. Sadly, many people have been killed by a family member who believed they were a robber.

But if it is truly an intruder, you want to semi-control where they move. You know the interior of your home by heart, and they certainly don’t. This is an incredible advantage to you.

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Your goal is to survive. If the intruder turns and flees, then great! Let him run. It’s important to not block the intruder’s exit. Remember: Your goal is to survive and live – not to prove your gun skills.

If you have family members, quietly gather them. Many self-defense experts encourage families to have a safe room that has reinforced locks where they can gather in the event of a break-in. Often, such a room will have food, flashlights and other essential items. Some families use a code word so everyone will know when to go to the room. The family would then stay in the room until the invasion is over and until police arrive. (Listen to Off The Grid Radio’s in-depth interview on self-defense here.)

In addition to attempting to control where the intruder moves, you also have to maintain effective defensive positions for yourself. If your home is two or more stories, it may be wise to maintain the high ground. A bedroom with a hallway often provides better cover when defending yourself in, say, a living room with lots of open space. Another good “cover spot” is the bar area, if you have one.

Some intruders will flee with a simple “Get Down!” If there are gunshots, make sure all of your family members have been found and that all of them are safe in a room or at least behind you, before you fire.

Even if the intruder flees, wait until the police arrive before going downstairs or investigating. Why? The intruder may have had a second person with him.

Hopefully you’ll be able always to keep intruders out of your home. Nonetheless, the worst can happen, and it’s imperative that you are always prepared.

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