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Non-Lethal Self-Defense

According to the F.B.I. Bureau of Crime Statistics, there are over 1,300,000 violent crimes reported every year in this country, and these include over 800,000 aggravated assaults, over 88,000 forcible rapes, and over 400,000 robberies. People often feel uneasy in public places, and with so much crime happening, many people are purchasing non-lethal self-defense products to have on hand just in case an unexpected situation comes up where they may need a little protective edge to prevent something worse from happening.

We can try to plan for everything, but we can be prepared for the unexpected? With so many different options out there it can be tough to determine exactly what the best fit is for us personally.  Let’s take a look at some of the options available.

Are Non-Lethal Self-Defense Products Effective?

If you don’t own a firearm or you own a gun, but it isn’t legal and/or practical to carry it with you, then you may want to consider another form of self-defense. You could take a martial arts or other self-defense course, if you have the time and money. If you don’t have the time or money, then investing in a non-lethal self-defense weapon is a more practical way to go.

Non-lethal weapons have proven to be highly effective in adverse situations. However, unless you know what kind of a weapon best suits your needs, how to use that weapon, and the legality of owning and using it where you live, then carrying a self-defense weapon could get you into trouble. So, while non-lethal self-defense is a great idea, and one that can protect you, do some research before you purchase a product.

Popular Non-Lethal Weapons
The following is a list of some of the popular non-lethal self-defense products available:

  • Cell Phones
    Cellular telephones are considered to be one of the best self-defense devices available, because they are fairly inexpensive, legal everywhere, and they are multipurpose.
  • Flashlights
    Anodized aluminum flashlights are small and can be carried in a pocket or purse, and the flashlight is heavy and sturdy enough to be used as a club.
  • Pepper Sprays
    Police departments and other authorities often recommend pepper spray, but pepper sprays have their drawbacks. For one they don’t work well if you try to spray an attacker who is upwind of you. Another is that some are illegal to own. Their propellants have an expiration date you need to be aware of, and sometimes their containers leak.
  • Mace Sprays
    Mace sprays are like pepper sprays, except in addition to OC pepper and CN tear gas, they also contain a UV marking dye. The OC pepper in Mace sprays cause the burning in the eyes, uncontrollable coughing, and choking. CN tear gas causes profuse tearing, an intense burning sensation on the skin, and disorientation. The UV dye marks the attacker and can aid in identifying the person if he or she is apprehended.
  • Stun Batons
    Stun Batons can be as long as 18 inches long and have 800,000 volts of power. 
The sides of some stun batons may also be electrified to prevent an attacker from grabbing the stun baton from you. These often come with a belt loop holster so you can carry the baton on your belt.
  • Stun Flashlights and Lipsticks
    These are strong mini-stun items that are rechargeable and fairly small, so they are easy to hide and handle. They usually have a safety switch and/or disable pin to prevent accidental discharges. While these stun guns are small, they are powerful and pack a wallop.
  • Cell Phone Stun Guns
    The cell phone stun guns look exactly like a cell phone but can’t make or receive calls. Some of these babies carry 4.5 Million volts of power. You can wear them on your belt or put them in your pocket or purse.
  • Personal Alarms
    These are super loud mini alarms that are activated when the pin is pulled from the unit. They are designed to emit a very loud alarm to draw attention in a bad situation. You can wear them on your belt or in your pocket or purse, and some come with a door alarm accessory that converts into a portable door or window alarm.
  • High Velocity Sling Shots
    Some of these slingshots have a range of over 100 yards. Most, but not all, are made of light aluminum with a leather pouch.
  • Pistol Crossbow
    This is a mini crossbow with a 50 pound draw, which means it can fire an arrow over 120 feet in less than 1 second. These are usually durable and have adjustable sights.
  • Nunchucks
    These look like a big nutcracker with a swivel chain design and grooved handles. They are powerful martial arts weapons that you throw, and they take training to use properly.
  • Throwing Stars, Ninja Moon Stars
    These are star-shaped metal objects with very sharp edges. They are used as martial arts weapons and they are thrown. The pointed tips will easily stick into target board, wood, walls and skin. These can be highly dangerous and should only be used by those trained to use them properly.
  • Ninja Caltrops
    These are steel spikes that are simple and effective. No matter how you drop them, they always land with one sharp point sticking straight up. They are capable of puncturing a car tire or going through the sole of a shoe. If you are ever being chased, throw a handful of these behind you. They will spread out on the ground, and the chase will end.
  • Ninja Spiked Kubotan Keychain
    These spiked keychains can penetrate flesh, bone, and everything else. Made of solid, heavy-duty stainless steel, these little self-defense tools can do some serious damage.

Parting Words of Advice
The best way to avoid becoming the victim of violent crime is to carry a non-lethal self-defense weapon with you, be aware of your surroundings at all times, and don’t knowingly place yourself in situations or places where there is a high probability that something threatening could happening. By doing these things you can maximize your safety and the safety of those who are with you.


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  1. Instead of pepper spray, try Wasp & Hornet repellent spray. It shoots over 20 feet in a straight line, is sticky and is hard to get out of the eyes when it hits. It almost paralyzes the person because it blinds them temporarily. And, it’s cheap. You can get it anywhere (hardware stores, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, etc.).

  2. For personal defense consider wasp spray. Just the threat of its use might deter an attacker. It can shoot 25 feet or more, stings badly, and can temporarily blind a person. It is not expensive and is easy to use as long as you are certain it is pointed in the right direction. The disadvantage is that it is a large container and would require a large purse. I keep one by our bed in case of a night surprise.

  3. I’m not concerned at all about self-defense, radiation, buying gold, stock piling food or anything of the sort. God is my protector, I have enough faith in Him to not worry about anything.

    • Glassman96: One comment and one question.
      I’m not a biblical scholar but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard “God helps those who help themselves.”
      If you are not worried or concerned about anything, why are you here?

      • That phrase is no where in the bible. If you think it is please provide chapter and verse. Jesus did tell his desiples to arm themselves to protect themselves from common maurders on the road.

        • Actualy the bible says if you don’t have a sword go buy one.

        • Matthew 26: 51-53, At that, one of the followers of Jesus grasped his swprd and drew it; he struck out at the high priest’s servant, and cut off his ear. Jesus then said, ‘Put your sword back, for all who draw the sword will die by the sword. Or do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father who would promptly send more then twelve legions of angels to my defence?’

          Read also – Ezekiel 14:12-20

          Have a little faith.

      • We are not to worry! But we are to prepare. Proverbs 6: 5-7 and Proverbs 30: 24-26

      • Read Matthew 6:25-34 as well.

      • I am pretty sure it was Ben Franklin who said that quote. It is a good one. Get off your buttski and do something.

      • FYI, the phrase “God helps those who helps themselves” IS NOT in the Bible in any manner. It is not written in it and it is not a hidden message in it. Quite to the contrary. You can find it listed on lists of “things that are not in the Bible by reading and finding the list on the right hand column.

    • He also gave you a brain and some common sense. What are you going to do, sit on the couch and say, “God will provide?” Wake up man!

    • Worry gets us no where but, we should always use common sense, be prepared & wise to the evils in this world. God has warned us about these perilous times so that we would be prepared.
      God gave us a brain & expects us to use it.

  4. The best defense is a lethal weapon. Period. Understood? Any kind of weapon requires some degree of technical, physical and mental preparation, and practice. Be not afraid, but be smart, be alert, and be prepared! God bless.

  5. The artical forgot Tasers which are very effective, non-lethal and do not require you to come in contact with the attacker. This is the best – although most expensive – non-lethal weapon. It costs about $450.

    A crossbow pistol should not be considered “non-lethal”. Anything that shoots a sharp projectile at hihg velocity could kill. I use my crossbow pistol to hunt small game – it WILL kill if it hits a human in the heart. It could also do serious damage even if it doesn’t kill and that opens you up to a lawsuit even if you were attacked.

    Same with nunchucks. I have been trained to use an ASP – expandable steel baton – which works on the same principle as nunchucks. We were warned that any blow to the head or neck area could be fatal. They should not be considered “non-lethal”. And nunchucks are probably as dangerous to the user as they are to the attacker.

  6. Some of the ninja type items noted in the article are considered lethal weapons in some states and as such should be carried at your own risk.

  7. In this day and age of lawsuits, any thing you do to an attacker, that leaves him alive, will open you up to a lawsuit. Think about it. We currently have a “legal system”, not a “justice system”. (Thank God we still have some sibilance of “Rule of Law”.)

    Example: We live in an open carry state. About 25 years ago a friend of mine, was working on his vehicle in his garage, saw his wife and seven year old daughter pull up and go into the house. Then he saw two strange men walk by the garage towards the house door. He pulled his shotgun off the gun rack, stepped out just as one man had entered the house and the second was stepping up to the door. He asked what the &@** they were doing and the man in the doorway pulled a gun on him. He killed that individual and crippled the second. This was before our “castle” laws. My friend was tried on criminal charges, (stemming from entrapment, if I recall correctly) sentenced to seven years probation and all the joys that go with a criminal record. Then the crippled perpetrator filed a civil suit against him for injury and damages. Sadly, he should have killed them both.

    My point is simply, you must think through the worst case scenarios and decide what is best for you. Then condition and prepare your mind for that choice. No matter what plan of action you find acceptable, you must be able to execute it without hesitation. When threatened, hesitation can kill you! Remember, what does the perpetrator have in mind for you? Would the perpetrator hesitate to wound you or even kill you? Probably not.

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly about shooting to kill, but in this day and age, you will most assuredly be sued by the next of kin. Killing the perp won’t keep you out of court, but it will most certainly keep you out of the hospital or the morgue. I for one will not be fretting about litigation should I have to make that quick decision.

  8. I am so angry! I have tried to lead a Christian life and extend a helping hand to all that I encounter. I have always worked hard and looked forward to my retirement and feeling secure with my savings in my 401K. What a joke with our current government. I am heeding the warnings. I have prepared. Purchasing several revolvers in different calibers, a cell phone stun gun, a charcoal grill, lanterns, stock piling supplies. My food stock does not have radiation? If you wait, what do you think you will be eating? If the worst does not happen, I have a new hobby, target practice and with inflation coming, I am set. I will sit on my porch, cook my food, read a book with a loaded revolver on my lap!!!!!!



  10. “No HONEST person has anything to fear from a LAW ABIDING citizen with a gun.”

    I too am a Christian, but I believe God gave us common sense and free will. (After all, if God chose to control everything, it would be a perfect world wouldn’t it?”) I believe in being prepared and will do what it takes to protect my family and what I/we have. I will also admit, one of my greatest concerns is, if things are really bad, and someone shows up at my door with starving children, what will I do? Jesus said, ‘suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not…for of such is the Kingdom of God…” which of course shows the special place for He held for children, and I have always felt that myself. What will I do? I don’t know. I do know I will take care of my family, but the other is a constant source of prayer for me. (not that anyone would, but please, don’t anyone say anything unfeeling or uncaring about children that WOULD upset me!)
    One thing for sure, we can’t depend on our current govenment to do anything remotely helpful or honorable, so; ‘pray, prepare, and buy more ammo’, as a friend often says. So, God bless and ‘stand to!”, as the British soldiers used to say, I think really hard times are on their way.

    “a 9mm MAY expand, but a .45 will never shrink”

  11. Nunchucks
    These look like a big nutcracker with a swivel chain design and grooved handles. They are powerful martial arts weapons that you ***throw***, and they take training to use properly.

    Has anyone EVER seen anybody THROW away a perfectly good pair of nunchucks???

  12. One other omission is rock salt shells in a shot gun. I am by no means an expert and I imagine it would be easy to kill someone at close range. I would bet that firing empty shot gun shells would send most burglars running

  13. I am one to agree with your last paragraph “Parting Words of Advice”. Always be aware of your surroundings at all times, and don’t knowingly place yourself in situations or places where there is a high probability that something threatening could happening.

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