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The Super-Quiet, Lightweight Survival Rifle We Found For $200

The Super-Quiet, Lightweight Survival Rifle We Found For $200

Image source: Pinterest

As discussions turn to “survival rifles,” most of us consider a semiautomatic version capable of accepting detachable magazines, or a surplus bolt action capable of taking big game with a single shot, perhaps something on the order of a Ruger 10/22.

One option most people may overlook is a single-shot rifle. We were dismissive of it, too, until we laid hands on a Harrington & Richardson Handi Rifle commissioned by Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) chambered in 300 Blackout.

This rifle was bought on impulse. As a silencer collector, I noticed it in the used area of a favorite sporting goods retailer due to the AAC Blackout Flash Hider that was perfect for installing an AAC 762SD. I noticed the Picatinny rail for scope mounting, but most importantly, the AAC logo engraved on the receiver.

A quick call to a friend working in R&D for AAC confirmed that this was a paradox rifle.

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“When we contacted H&R with our specs,” my friend said,” they had to retool as they had never made a Handi Rifle with a barrel as short as 16 inches, one chambered in 300 blackout, or even a threaded barrel. After H&R tooled up to make this design, they remarked that they had never made any rifle in the quantity we were asking. It proved to be their bestselling Handi Rifle model of all time.”

After walking out of the store with it for around $200 (almost half the MSRP, not including the Blackout Flash Hider), I mounted a Lucid Optics Red Dot on the rail, installed a sling and mounted a 762-SD.

The Super-Quiet, Lightweight Survival Rifle We Found For $200

Image source: YouTube

One advantage of using a full-sized 308 can on a Blackout rifle is that you can interchange the subsonic and supersonic ammunition without damaging the silencer. A 9mm pistol suppressor may be lighter and cheaper and perfectly fine for use with the subsonic load, but an accidental supersonic 300 Blackout round will ruin your day as well as the silencer.

You don’t have to be a slave to AAC suppressors, either, as the muzzle is threaded 5/8×24 tpi for most 30 caliber silencers.

This compact and lightweight rifle tips the scales at around 5 pounds. The single-shot action makes it extremely quiet when suppressed, and you can go from the ballistic equivalent of a 7.62 X 39 for large game to the equivalent of a subsonic 9mm pistol round for something smaller in your sights as well as being virtually silent.

It makes a perfect scout rifle for foraging or even varmint elimination if you find coyotes or feral dogs in your AO. Plus, its smaller profile looks much less threatening than a typical semiautomatic “black rifle.”

The Handi Rifle can easily be broken down and stowed in a pack if necessary, and I have met a few gun owners who replace the factory screw with a takedown screw from a tripod mount to make this task easier without the use of a screwdriver.

As you might have guessed, the single shot rifle is capable of sub-MOA groups all day long, but if you change ammo types frequently, note that the supersonic loads will have a significantly different shift in point of impact than the subsonic rounds.

For this reason, I might have preferred iron sights over the rail, but there are a variety of dual-reticle sights made these days for use with 300 Blackout.

Have you used an H&R Handi Rifle? What did you think about it? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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  1. What is this caliber exeactly and where can we purchase the rifle?

    • According to the article it is 300 blackout. Also lnown as 300 whisper. AAC sells these as does Buds gun shop

  2. I learned to hunt small game with a single shot handirifle in 20 Gage. These things are well built, if not over built so I wouldn’t have any reservations about buying another one. A nice feature of this companies design is that you can buy different barrels chambered in different calibers since they are built to use the same receiver. Hand guards may also be interchangeable. If I had any input on the design the only change I would make would be lightening up the stock to go for weight savings.

  3. I to like the handi rifle or shotgun. It does need tweeking to get it to hit center but all in all I really do like it. I have taken deer and a few coyotes with far as it beimg a single shot, that does not bother me. One shot one kill. When it comes to shooting more than one shot quickly, I generally put two or three shells or bullets in between my fingers and can shoot and load pretty darn quick. I shot this way with my nephew, who was using a pump and I got off the rounds as he did. He was pretty impressed, but I told him it does take practice. I believe it is worth buying and pick up a few extra barrels for it, its like having several guns in one.

  4. I have had an 870 wingmaster for close to 40 years. I would go with my mossberg 500 for other than hunting. Too many times I have a round slide back under the action and jam it unless the round is pushed all the way into the tube on the 870. Simple to correct except during an emergency.

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