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This New Law Would Regulate When You Can Use Your Gun

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All handguns in Los Angeles would have to be kept under lock and key — at all times when not being carried — if a group of city councilmen get their way.

Under the proposal, handguns would have to be kept in a locked container — or have the trigger lock applied.

“It is unconscionable to have a weapon in your home and not have it be stored properly, especially if you have children,” City Councilman Bob Blumenfield told the press. Blumenfield is one of several council members who publicly back the ordinance, which was proposed by Councilman Paul Krekorian.

The exact wording of the ordinance is not available because the measure has not been written yet, The Los Angeles Times reported. The next step is for the city council to vote to ask City Attorney Mike Feuer to draft the proposal.

“It is critical for Los Angeles to lead on this issue,” Krekorian said at a council meeting. “Requiring gun owners to lock up their firearms and store them safely will prevent needless accidents and tragedies. This sensible step will keep our schools and children safe.”

Krekorian made the proposal after introducing a measure to declare November 7 “TALK Day” in Los Angeles. The day honors the work of a gun control group, Women against Gun Violence, which organizes the Talk Project, a movement which educates families about gun safety.

Four other Los Angeles City council members, Bernard C. Parks, Gil Cedillo, Paul Koretz and Mitch O’Farrell, expressed support for Krekorian’s proposed ordinance. It is not known when the city council will hold hearings on the matter or when the ordinance itself will be available for public examination.

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It is also not known if officials have a plan to enforce the ordinance, the CBS affiliate in Los Angeles reported.

Federal Court Upholds Mandatory Gun Storage

Krekorian’s proposed measure might be constitutional — for now. A San Francisco ordinance that requires trigger locks and secured storage of handguns was declared constitutional in March by the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Ninth Circuit has jurisdiction over Los Angeles as well as San Francisco.

The National Rifle Association and other gun rights groups have appealed the court’s ruling to the US Supreme Court, although the high court has not announced if it will hear the appeal. NRA-backed attorneys say the law infringes on the “core right to self-defense in the home.” Some gun owners worry they would not be able to access their handgun if there was a home robbery.

Krekorian’s proposal is part of an escalating gun control crusade within the Los Angeles city government. On Oct. 15, City Attorney Feuer brought misdemeanor charges against Leah Wilcken because her 17-year-old son took a handgun to school in May. After the son’s arrest, LA police searched Wilcken’s house and confiscated a shotgun and four more handguns.

“Guns have no place in or around our schools,” Feuer told the press after Wilcken’s arrest. “Our office will continue to take aggressive action to protect our kids, and I call on parents to prevent potentially devastating consequences by safely storing every firearm they own.”

Feuer’s remarks were made before Mr. Krekorian proposed his ordinance.

Would you support a law that mandated people lock up their handguns? Leave your reply in the section below:

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  1. open season on home owners. A real good reason not to live there for me…

  2. Lock up your car keys: kids may take car for joy ride and hurt someone
    Lock up your fridge: kids may get access to beer
    Lock your doors: kids may go outside and get run over by car
    Lock your wallet: kid may use money to buy drugs

    WTF…what about some good old fashion common sense.

  3. This is an excellent law which needs to be passed nationwide. In 19 out of 20 incidents of gun violence/injury/death in the home from firearms owned by homeowners, the victim is the homeowner/gun-owner himself.

    If a you like shooting guns, then you should just say so. Don’t make lame excuses like “I’m protecting everyone.”

    • Cernan, lock your own weapons up, and don’t tell me what to do with mine. When seconds count, the police are minutes away. As a matter of fact, the supreme court already ruled your safety is your own problem and not the government’s.

      Furthermore, your stats are incorrect; nothing more than a manipulation of numbers. Even if that were the case, as I said, you and your nanny state overlords can eat dirt and not tell me and mine we don’t have the right to defend ourselves.

      Maybe it is because I live in the south and in an area where a lot of us served in the armed forces, but we do not share your emasculated view of the world. If this is the consensus of your city or state, feel free to not be free. We do just fine where I live; a place where children are taught how to safely use firearms, and a place where all it takes for a concealed carry permit is twenty dollars and a clean criminal record.

      The problems of your state, the sorts of issues that make the headlines and are fodder for crime dramas on TV, are problems about which we only read. I wonder why that is. No, we don’t need your garbage going nation wide, thank you.

      If we like our freedoms, we can keep our freedoms. And WE will, regardless of you running from them.

  4. This might be reasonable if coupled with legislation calling for a mandatory death penalty in cases of armed home invasion — including cases of police officers who forcibly enter the wrong address when serving warrants. Additionally in cases where ANYONE is killed in connection to the home invasion the execution needs to be carried out within 24 hours of the sentence by the trial court. Judicial review and appeals can be done after the execution has taken place.

  5. Use the death penalty, you kill, now you will be killed in the exact way you killed that person or child.
    Fear is used everyday against us, just to keep us all in line, works for the most part. I steal I go to jail, simple, but work

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