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Your Fortress Home

If you can conceive of the worst possible scenarios following an apocalyptic disaster or WMD attack, then it is essential to have plans in place, along with the many contingencies that would protect you, your family and your property should you need to dig in.

In the worst of scenarios, your home is most likely going to be your last line of defense and last minute attempts to fortify your house may prove ineffectual and, ultimately, deadly to you and your family.

When the military takes a position and digs in, the “what ifs” are endless, but they prepare for as many contingencies that can be imagined. Digging-in, in a suburban or rural setting, presents a range of possible “what ifs” that go beyond the thought process of a military officer.

The gravest threat is the hungry throngs of people who have had neither the foresight nor inclination to do any planning or prepping of their own.  Faced with depleted provisions, their only source of food and supplies are their neighbors. At the very least, you can expect mass looting, and even that may be the least of your worries.

It’s highly likely that among the ill-prepared masses will be some military-wannabe yahoos who’ve been waiting for the chance to use the weapons they’ve been stockpiling and maintaining for just such an event.  Your house is an obvious target objective, so your fortifications need to be planned with a military-like strategy and attention to detailed tactics.

Strategy: Prepare Your House for a Looting Assault

A fortified house may deter some, but the well-armed scavenger may look upon it as a mild challenge on his way to getting what he needs (a house is only fortified by someone with something to protect). Planning for an armed assault will provide the greatest measure of protection and could provide the needed deterrent against those who don’t want to take unnecessary risks.

Tactic 1: The first step you should take is to make your house appear as an unappealing target for scavengers. By creating the impression that it has already been hit, it may cause hurried looters to move on to a more appealing prospect. Spreading trash and mangled pieces of furniture and hardware on your front lawn could create the illusion of a house that has already been picked.

Tactic 2: The windows will likely be the first to go from stones or some ammo rounds.  Having an ample supply of pre-cut plywood ready to bolt to your structure is a minimum requirement in preparation for an assault.

Better yet, roofing metal would be more effective at warding off intruders and would be a better bullet shield. In either case, it would be a good idea to prepare some of them with gun ports. This is a good time to point out that having a pre-charged drill on hand for fastening bolts and drilling holes would be essential.

Tactic 3: Have a good supply of sand bags on hand as these provide the best door seals and are able to withstand bullets and light artillery. Setting the bags two or three rows high against doors and entries will prevent intruders from busting through the doors. However, it is important not to completely seal off possible escape points.

Tactic 4: Your best line of sight is always from up high. By taking positions in the second floor rooms, you have the advantage over any street assault. If you don’t have a second floor, you will want to position yourself as high up on your first floor windows as is possible. Your gun ports should be near the top corners of your window shield.

Tactic 5: Keeping a 24/7 watch on all approaches to the house is difficult and the most tightly sealed house can still be vulnerable to an undetected assault. You should have plans and materials readily available to construct an early detection system.

A basic, yet effective trip wire scheme can be rigged utilizing low-tech materials such as high tension fish line and beer cans that will provide the noise alert that can freeze an intruder while giving you sufficient time to get into position.

If you want the element of surprise, you can rig a low-tech motion detection system that flashes a light inside of your house when it is triggered. From a concealed car battery, run an electric wire to a relay switch that is fixed to trip when the fish wire moves. It will trigger a current through a second copper wire that runs right to a light receptacle inside your house. Aside from tripping over a fish line, the intruder may not be any wiser as to the alert.

Tactic 6: Prepare your escape route.  With tactics 1 through 5 fully executed, it is unlikely you will need to evacuate your house, but, an effective strategy must cover all of the contingencies.  For those with basements in their house, tunneling to an adjoining property is an option, although it is not practical without a great deal of planning and effort (effort that might be better spent on other survival necessities).

If your house has been completely sealed, it will be difficult to make an escape undetected. As a cautionary measure, you may want to prepare the house for this contingency by installing a hidden or trap door that is undetectable from the outside. If it is installed on the least accessible side of the house (a side with no other entry), and you are able to create an effective diversion for the intruders on another side of the house, then your escape can be made safely.

Planning, strategy, tactics, contingencies and execution—it’s no different than a day in the life of a field ops officer. The real difference is that this is your home which has provided you and your family with shelter and warmth and may one day be your last line of defense.

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  1. I use this tactic when camping in the middle of nowhere–and it works great. Simply screw eye-bolts into trees and run the fishing line through. History showed me that two lines work better than one (ankle and thigh height). Then tie the other end off to a pyramid of aluminum cans (out of the wind), or a glass bottle above a rock that will fall and break. You can spread the line out a long ways around a perimeter and have great effectiveness.

    • If you are staying put, make two trip wire systems. One to alert if they enter your “outer perimater”. The second in close so you know it is too late, grab your ruck, (which everyone should already have prepared) and get your family out the back or other planned route. I have my stay put defense pretty close to ready. I would rather not stay put though. I am in a city of approximately 150,000 plus the outer areas that use the city. It will definately get bad here.

    • I see all these ideas, but I need to pick your brains. What should a woman who understands all this, but her husband thinks she is nuts and will not have anything to do with it, do? I already buy when I can and do what I can, but he absolutely will have nothing to do with it. I can’t get him to understand so there is much I can not do. Where do I go from here?

      • Some people are determined to stay asleep to all the possibilities. In my opinion, if he wont wake up, get your family as ready as you can. If and when it goes bad, you will have the capacity to take care of your family and he will get on board. You cant go wrong with getting extra food. Good luck.

      • I am exactly Where you are.. I have a sleepy husband, who for whatever reason WILL NOT WAKE UP! he thinks I’m insane, sighs. I don’t know what to do myself. If you can wake yours can you let me know how you did it? Thanks..

        • Boy you are not alone. Though my husband sees, most of my immediate family does not, including my folks who own the very farm we may all need to survive. Dad’s getting older and is tired. I live just far enough away to not be able to take it over now. Trying to get back a.s.a.p. but he keeps talking of selling. I pray God opens his eyes in time.

      • DeniablePackrat

        I see all these ideas, but I need to pick your brains. What should a woman who understands all this, but her husband thinks she is nuts and will not have anything to do with it, do? I already buy when I can and do what I can, but he absolutely will have nothing to do with it. I can’t get him to understand so there is much I can not do. Where do I go from here?

        The sad reality is that he may never wake up until its too late. That is why regardless of what he thinks, you still need to be prepared and teach your children to prepare also. I think about this subject a lot and I try to research and educate myself so that I can educate others on the subject matter. Getting your husband or wife in some cases to understand may be easier than you think. Instead of telling them you want to prep or make your home more defensive if you are bugging in, try gradually easing into it with him. For example if you want to install solar panels for on/off grid backup power you can simply state to him that you want to cut down on the electricity bill and go green.

        Example number two: being prepared for the event where you have to “fight” your way out of your home or defend it from looters and criminals, you can simply say you are fearful for your safety and protection and if you state has a concealed carry class, tell him you would like to take the class to understand how to better defend the lives of your family members. It took me awhile to get my wife into prepping and survivalist type activities but she eventually came around after I would put news articles on her side of the bed about how bad the economy is getting and she eventually woke up and realized it was time to start prepping.

        Example number three: three goes along with the number two…maybe start planting that seed in his head that the food prices are going up, gas is already high and going up more, and maybe he will come to realize that storing up food, ammo, and conserving gas is a good idea in order to save money for the possible troubled times ahead of us.

        I hope these examples helped out. But like many preppers say, “prepare for the events that are more likely to happen, like job loss, downed economy, high food prices, high gas prices, etc.”

      • Well, there is always the option of leaving. Maybe not the best option, but may be needed when the poo hits the fan. Perhaps you should think about connecting with other like minded persons. Single here…

    • I have a three dogs A male Olde English Bulldog, A male Shih Tzu my little sisters dog and A female Chinese Shar Pei. They all bark at people but the best watch dog is the Shar Pei she is great. She even has a route in the backyard in which she walks all the time. The Bulldog has a deep bark and is a big dog. When you hear him and/or see him most of my family memebers are always cautious before going to the backyard. The Shih tzu is a smart little guy that looks to have the best sense of smell out of all of them.

  2. On Tactic 3, what would be better is a steel pole. Grandfather had a steel pole across the front door. It was held up by 2 eye hooks drilled into the studs along side the door (not the frame, but an extra set of 2×4’s). It was placed where a man would kick in a front door. In theory, it would break his foot if he tried to kick in the door. It can also be used as a weapon.

    • Great idea “steel pipe”. I will add that to my to do list for getting ready. I have french doors, but it still would slow them down enough.

  3. On the gun ports on doors or plywood window coverings,I would suggest a cross cut 1ft by 1 ft and 1 inch wide ,this will allow for up and down or sideways shooting..Remember the Bath tub if shooting gets too intense it should help protect you from flying lead…Keep a couple of outside dogs if possible they should bark late at night if someone is sneaking up on you..Here is a site to get a wireless drive alert system for only $14.99>< item number 93068-1dcb

    • dogs are good… so are Ginny hens. Easily disturbed, very noisy and yet tasty 🙂

      • I have three dogs, GSD, Bassett and tiny mut. Guess which one is better at early warnring. The tiny mut. But the GSD will eat any bad guys that try to get in.

        • I am thinking about getting either a German Shepherd or Siberian Husky. Does anyone on the site have any experience with huskys? Do they make good “early warning systems/attack dogs”? Obviously, I am not just looking to buy a dog with those traits in mind, however, if man’s best friend can also help defend my family and I – well, thats a pretty good additional trait to have!

          • I live in South Louisiana, so a Husky is a bad idea (too hot). I have a German Shepherd. They are great dogs, despite what everyone says about them. She wouldnt go out of her way to hurt anyone. But if anyone was to try to hurt a member of my family, I think she would change into a killer. I can tell when we walk her, she is always on alert for anything, but she is a big baby the rest of the time. Huskys are similar dogs, but cannot take the heat. I keep my GSD inside in the summer. I have ran into Huskys at the dog park and their demeanor is the same as my dog, always on alert for danger, but very nice animals.

          • We have several Akitas and I would recomend one or two, we have three. They bark and have the large dog bark. However when they attack they will not make a noise. They attack with out a sound. They are great family dogs and do not need to be trained to be guard dogs. My wifes dog is always beween her and any man who may enter, friend or any type of workman. Her dog gives a low growl but does not bark or attack unless a threat is determaned by the dog. They are wonderful with kids and family. Our gate is about 130′ from the road, any person or car that stops gets the big dogs to barking, they have different barks as to distance etc. But remember they do not need to be trained to be a guard dog. We have had them sense 1991 and our only regreets is selling to idiots who want to make them only guard dogs, they are very family orientated and when you walk them all your neighbors get to see your new pet. I would start out with a puppy the sex does not make any difference, however the female is more agressive and will protect a little better.

          • My Mom Bred Siberian Huskies. They look mean but are not. They are territorial though, and should bark
            and alert you. They have great personalities , are protective of you, Love to run (They will get out of yards. they jump fences) are odorless and only shed the downy undercoat. They also are sled dogs and can be trained fort this or pulling loads. They also love chewee’s. (Rawhide chew bones)

          • I have a husky and husky/mal mix and they really aren’t too great in the defense or guarding dept. as some huskies don’t even really bark much at all and they are not really wary of a lot of people. We have, on the other hand, two other dogs…a french mastiff (turner and hooch dog) and a cane corso mix and no one will come near either dog yet they are great with the family, just very, VERY protective.

          • My suggestion is to get a German Shepherd. They are intelligent and very protective and demonstrate a willingness to learn and an eagerness to have a purpose. A Shepherd will make an excellent guard dog. Shepherds have a loyal nature and bond well with people they know. Most police forces use them and so does the military.

            As far as Huskies and Akitas go – well they have a double coat of hair and love cold weather. It would be cruel to subject them to a very warm or hot climate. They also shed a lot. Other than that, they are as good as the German Shepherds.

          • You cannot possibly go wrong with a German Shepherd. Fiercely loyal, very aware, and a bark that will make you wet your pants. I have a purebred malamute (similar to a husky) and as a watchdog he is near useless. At 120 pounds, he is imposing, but charge him and he runs. He is beautiful though, and he is by far the best family pet I’ve ever had-my buddy. But the next one will be a GSD, and soon. Very soon.

          • Well, it seems the consensus is for Shepards. I have one that will follow my wife everywhere. I do mean everywhere. His nickname is Visa. He’s everywhere you want to be. Huskies need cool weather. I have seen some down here in the desert region and it’s tough for them.

            Another thing this survival article should have touched on is Silver. When the dollar collapses, what will you have to buy food or meds. So I strongly urge you to get some Silver in your hands. Gold is good too but expensive. Silver will rise in value for sure but you can get junk Silver, ie; pre-1964 dimes, quarters, half dollars, etc. Some bullion will be good too. Good luck comrades! hehe

          • One of our son’s has a Huskey in his backyard and he seems to bark good. He’s very high energy though – jumps on people and the kids. We ourselves were nationally known breeders of Great Pyrenees livestock guard dogs for many years. We don’t breed or show anymore but we still have several dogs on the place due to predators in this area (we have livestock). The dogs were called mat dogs as they would come in the house at night and lie on the mat in front of the door (no locks) – if robbers tried to bust in, they’d hit and the dog and he’d go after them. Today’s breeders have bred out a lot of the protectiveness from this breed but you can still find some that are good family dogs who also will protect any animals you have. We’ve had our’s run off escaped armed convicts from our place. The police caught them shortly after that. Our son also used to breed Brazilian Fila (Fila Brasilero I think it’s called) – BIG dogs, especially the males (and our Pyrs are big, too). They have nice short coats and are very laid back (like the Pyrs are supposed to be). They dearly love their family but are not friendly to people they don’t know. These are dogs that you really do have to watch that they cannot get to the mailman, etc. They have temperament tests that they put them through and they won’t blink an eye about going after someone and taking them down. Our son’s first Fila, a bitch, was very socialized by our family and she did better than normal about being around people she didn’t know. They could take her in the car with them and not worry about her wanting to rip out of the car to go after someone but they also never worried about leaving the car unlocked when she was in it…

            We’ve had Pyrs and Filas both weighing 200 pounds and standing 36 inches at the shoulder – or taller. That’s males. But the females are big, too.

            I’m currently looking at bringing in an Anatolian Shepherd (like a Pyr but from a different country) to cross on our Pyrs – they have shorter coats and little more agressiveness than the Pyrs although our Pyrs have never had trouble with bad heat and humidity (like we’ve been having this summer). The double coats insulate them from the heat as well as from the cold. The Fila’s *do* have trouble with the cold. The advantage of the livestock guard dog breeds over breeds like the Fila and German Shepherds is their protectiveness of your livestock as well as guarding you and your place. The GS and Fila (and Rotties, etc.) will usually end up hurting or killing the very animals you are depending on for your food. I know, I know – someone is going to pipe up and tell me about their GS who was so good with livestock. Once in a great while you will have one that *will* leave the stock alone but I can tell you story after story of people telling us their GS was not a problem with the stock and then next thing we know, their own GS killed all of their own goats. One lady had had her GS for ten years…and then came home to a bloody mess in the goat pen and her own dog guilty – went through two fences to get to the goats. So if you don’t have other animals, a GS could be a good family protection dog (especially if you get one already well trained and from good lines) but they could also be a nightmare if you are in a survival situation with your animals. Filas were bred to be guards of ranches and to take down cattle (catch them by the nose) so they do want to chase stock if not kept with the owner. They are not an active dog, though. Their lifespans are short like a lot of large breeds. The Pyrs however are not unusual to live to be 15. An Anatolian can be a good choice but they are expensive due to being more rare in this country. I was looking at a pup without papers for $500 and his sister was $800. Plus the shipping to get him here.

            For a smaller dog, a Jack Russell terrier can be very aggressive toward people they don’t know. They have their drawbacks, too, though – like they can be very jealous if a new baby comes into the family and might bite them if given a chance. Pyrs on the other hand are supposed to LOVE all things *baby*, animal or human, and be the best baby sitter you ever had. If they are not that kind of disposition – shoot them. They must take whatever a baby dishes out and like it or they are not a good Pyr. We had a male Pyr who dug under our barn wall so he could be in the pen with a set of newborn kids. We found him the next morning all curled up with them while their mom stood there looking perplexed. LOL!

          • Well I am going off a little from everyone else, it seems. My daughter lived with us for a while and she had a pit bull and a bull mastif. They are both great dogs. The pit bull never hurt anyone, she is a lover, but she did bark. The bull mastif has never hurt anyone, but he was a little more stand offish. He would bark, hush when told, but still stand and “look” at the person. They were behind the fence in the side and back yard and people could not see them til they were on the porch. Had very few that were willing to get that far. LOL. Love it. Had several people that would not get out of their car on the other side of the house simply because they could hear them. Yet these same dogs have been turned loose with my moms pommie puppies, 1 and 2 lbs. Laid there and let them do anything to them. Kids are the same way. I would very much suggest getting them as puppies, but both are great dogs.

          • I hear that Airdales are the best in that category. I have an Alaskan Husky who sounds the alarm but then hides, a part chow/golden retriever who is loyal and very protective and fearless and a Min Pin who is noisy and unfriendly to anything that moves. Still, in a bad situation an alarm may be all they get done before a bad guy silences them.

          • German Shepard’s are very intensely focused. They don’t see anything but what they are focused on. If you throw a ball across the yard and there are any obstacles in the path between that ball and the dog, the dog is likely to get injured. They will jump, run into or go through anything to get to that ball. I mean that literally!
            I can see why they are used as military and police dogs. They are good trackers and if you hide something from them, they wont stop until they find it. When they find it, that’s the problem! If the object is under something and the dog can’t get to it, the dog will dig, push, bite and chew it’s way through and won’t stop until it gets the object. If it’s on top of something, they will jump. climb or figure out a way to get to that object. These traits are in the breed naturally.
            Think of a professionally trained German Shepard. I shiver at the thought! 🙂
            German Shepard’s have very strong crusher jaws. Whereas some dogs lock on and hold, German Shepard’s crush in one bite, release, bite and crush again. They are not intimidated easily. They are not the type to go behind your back for an attack. They will give a head on full assault attack. Their body weight full grown is around 120+ pounds and they know how to use their weight against whatever they attack.
            They are very loyal to their human family. They are smart and good family dogs, but you better be ready to spend a lot of quality time with a German Shepard. They are working dogs and if you don’t work them, they will work you.

          • I know this is an old post. I think it is not really the breed of dog, it is their personality (just like people). I had a sweet black lab that was super protective of me and our home. When anyone came up our drive, besides me, she would bark in a different, “kill” tone until I told her it was OK. I didn’t train her for that, just spent a lot of time with her and we bonded, I guess. Plus the lady I got her from told me she was very smart and someday will save someone’s life. I lost her at 4 years old to kidney failure from Diamond dog food. Was lucky to have her that long.

    • Thanks for that link for the wireless alert – that sounds like something that could be very handy and useful – going to order at least one and give it a try.

      • We have one of these driveway alerts – get quite a few false alarms – haven’t figured out what the problem is – I think wind is blowing leaves in the path of the beam – gets scary when I’m home alone and the darn thing rings at 2 am. But, when it’s not a false alarm, it’s great to know someone is coming down the driveway. Any suggestions on how to prevent the false alarms will be most appreciated.

        • They make a wireless alert that detects large metal objects instead of motion: cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. We have one of those on our steep driveway because we got tired of false alarms by deer and dogs. (The driveway is steep enough that most people will try to take a motor vehicle up it instead of walking.)

  4. Dont forget the roof in your defense plan. If a trip wire is used, you can have a ladder close to your safe roof access and get a 360 view really quick. My chimney is pretty large and is a great place to use as a fighting position. Also, teach your kids and wife to shoot and teach them all the safety that goes along with it. Everyone in the house should be at the same level of proficientcy with all fire arms. Another idea if you stay put is to find a neighbor that has a less defendable home, who is awake to the possibility of this happening and team up to use the better home. Share food and GUARD DUTY. That is why I plan to leave, my neighbors are asleep and refuse to wake up.

  5. If I absolutely wanted to get into a house that I thought may have doors and windows barricaded, I would simply take a chain saw and make a door in the wall. Firemen often make entryways or exits with their axe. A 12 gauge will also move some material. Most of todays houses are nothing more than sheet rock, insulation and some particle board covered with vinyl siding attached to wimpy pine 2x4s. Remember a chain is only as strong as its weakest link… so think outside the box. Most SWAT style entries are to hit all windows and doors simultaneously, shock and awe baby. Nobody is going to play fair!
    Remember Waco and THINK/PLAN outside the box.

    • Great post celticlion, I’m of the same mind as you are. Where did the brick house from the 3 little piggies and the big bad wolf go?


        Using brick….what a great idea. While I was sitting reading all of these ideas I began thinking the same; however, I am not about to tear my house down and rebuild but, removing sections at a time while then covering them back over with the same drywall I believe would work. I will need to be sure all adjoining sections of brick are attached securely throughout the house.

    • My son and me recently tried taking a chain saw to the exterior of a house. Even with a new chainsaw blade it was much more difficult and time consuming than we thought. Plus, once you see the bar come through the wall, the secret as to where the bad guys are is over. Wait for them to make an opening and point, aim and shoot. Several times. Search the body(s) for goodies, then drag the body to the curb as an advertisement that bad guys should look elsewhere. You’ll also have a nice chain saw to add to your list of tools.

      Let’s hope and pray it never comes to this.

    • I live in a mobile home on 1/4 acre – not much protection. Any suggestions…moving is not an option!?

    • You have a valid argument there. Most homes built in the last twenty years or so are stick construction,(two by fours or sixes) covered with cellotex and a bit of sheet rock. Really all that’s needed is a starter hole,(hammer), and a descent sheet rock saw. Sad, huh? My home is concrete block and red brick on a slab floor. Steel roof too. Both doors are in sight of each other. Most windows are fixed closed. Have built panels for each of my windows too.Made em out of 2 x 6’s. with a shooting cross in each. Can be held in place with screw eyes. Pretty easy to construct, just use hortz. and vert. boards and long screws, Scrap lumber works great! Perimeter alarm is easy too. A few well placed screw eyes, lengths of fishing mono, and run em to some simple toggle swifches. Simple little lamps to designate areas, and a buzzer tied to all. Have four circuits, and cost about $25.00 Home Depot and Lowe’s carry “drive way sensors too. Wireless and cheap too. Bonsaiguy

    • Celticlion, they’d have a hard time with that here. Outside walls are all masonry, 8′ thick, except for the back wall, which is 10″ thick poured concrete. All cells in outside walls are poured with concrete, and tied together with rebar, too.

  6. On looting-

    History has shown that arson accompanies looting quite frequently. Would suggest that fire protection equipment be in place as well as fortification. remember that a single molotav coctail through your window will cause an ensuing fire in an average home that will spread unabated dur to furnishings and content. PEARL to remember about fire – It doubles in size every minute. Also bear in mind too that in the case of a two story structure it will be instinct to retreat to the second floor. A working fire below you will be a certain disaster.

    A couple of simple and cheap suggestions:

    2.5 gallon estinguishers. These are plentiful on Ebay and on craigslist. Usually stainless steel in construction – you fill them with water and charge them with an air compressor. They can hold charges for over a year but would recommend discharging and refilling on an annual basis. To make them even more effective after filling with water add a cup of joy or dawn dishwashing soap. shake them before you discharge them and you will have a “light water” setup that will make your water cover better. You can adjust spray patterns by placing your thumb over the nozzle causing the stream to fan out. As a rule – a little bit of water goes a long way. Getting on top of your fire quickly is a key to your survival.

    Another option is the hot water heater drain. Most hot water heaters have a drain that you can hook a garden hose to. This would keep you from having to go outside to get ahold of your garden hose. You could keep a hose inside with a nozzle next to the water heater but this would provide an effective means of fire fighting.


    • You’re correct about looters and molotov cocktails, however keep in mind that those cocktails contain a liquid accelerant. Spraying with water will spread it, not put it out. A dry chemical extinguisher is needed for liquids! If nothing else, smother the liquid fire with a heavy wool blanket but watch out for ‘burn throughs’! DON’T use a down comforter!

    • Remember that you should not aim water at the base of a fluid (gasoline, oil, liquid chemical) fire – it will merely spread the fire more rapidly, and can even cause an exposion of the fuel is hot enough. Use the water to put put out the fire the on your upholstery, but use a dry chemical fire suppressant on the base of the fire. Or….you can use blankets or floor coverings to smother the source fluids. Capt. Jim

  7. Great article and comments. I just saw the very best dogs to have for protection while on a trip to my son’s house at a remote village in Siberia. He has an eight foot thick wooden fence surrounding the house and “lot”. Inside roam two giant Kavkaz sheep dogs (named after the area of the original breeders in the western Russia Caucasus mountain region–Kavkaz is the Russian word for Caucasus.) These dogs weigh from 140 to 175 lbs and are super vicious and bark/growl instantly upon any provocation. As you may guess they can and will rip any other dog or human to pieces because of their size, weight, and disposition to strangers. Also, they work together as they react to provocations. His fence is made of thick wood not to deter entry, but to keep the dogs from going through it when people pass by, i.e., the dogs deter entry! Yet, these two dogs are great family pets. When I visited there this Spring, I made friends with both dogs in about an hour with my son’s help. My four little granddaughters play safely with these dogs everyday. The dogs are somewhat expensive and rare here in the West, but can be found. They have three possible drawbacks: their hair is very thick and sometimes long (hot for southern states), they eat a lot and really like a lot of red meat, and they slobber on you (if they like you!) They are deadly, if they don’t know you!

    • The Kuvasz are a livestock guard dog breed like the Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherds. They all basically have the same instincts and characteristics and it’s believed they all came down out of one type of Mastiff type dog eons ago. Some of them are more aggressive than others. We chose not to go with the really aggressive breeds as we had a son attacked by a big dog when he was five and a plastic surgeon had to put his face back together. I never want another mother to go through what I went though and so we were very hard on our dogs and their dispositions especially with children. I didn’t need a law suit from someone getting bitten indiscriminately, either. Our dogs use a lot of body language to intimidate people that they aren’t sure of. If our dogs don’t *like* someone…we pay attention!

  8. Get a Rottwieler–They are for the most part quiet until they hear something or someone. They can get very aggressive toward strangers but will back down when given the command and they look extreamly intimidating. Good loyal pets but they do like to eat. Pittbulls are very good watchdogs but don’t like to back off when have been excited.

    • I a mom of 6 that just got our second rottie. We have found them to be the finest animals. Low key and very intelligent. Our experience has been very positive. We have had a few emergencies and have found the breed not to over react. Our older dog will back up and sit at our feet basically letting the person know that they will have to come through our dog to get to us. Never has she gone after a person. We have found them to be better judges of character than we are. Yes that is embarrassing ha ha! I have had three or more incidents that our older rottie would not sit near someone that came over to the house. Usually she is extremely friendly but in these situations she ignored these people. Even when the people were coaxing her to come over to be pet. Our dog stayed quietly at our feet or went to her bed. Very very strange behavior for her because she thinks everyone has come to the house to see her. In each case we found out that there was something about the people that our dog had picked up on. The strangest situation in 8 1/2 years was when a comcast tech came to our home a few months ago. He came in and I had no reason to be concerned that I could see. Our older rottie smelled his back pocket and then simply would not let us near this man. No growling or anything aggressive. She would not allow me to take her out of the room either and pulled her head out of her collar. The man was not afraid or even completely aware of her odd behavior but my daughter and I were shocked. SHE WOULD NOT BUDGE from the room. This is a dog that would rather die than disobey/disappoint me.
      Our dog has not been trained professionally. We introduced them both to everyone that comes in the door, they live inside with us, What we have found is that a rottie that is put in the backyard (especially staked out) will feel rejected. They live to be WITH you. We took them with us to many places to socialize them and build their confidence in any setting under all circumstances. We pet them when they ate so they would not be aggressive with food. We introduced them to other animals. We were very clear with their position in the home (in relation to our kids). We did not hit them because we found them to want to please us. We were firm but followed up with love. We have found them to be a loyal loving part of our family. Very very trustworthy when healthy minded and socialized. You just cant hit them, be harsh or separate them from you. With all breeds there are always healthy and unhealthy minds animals. You always have to be careful no matter what breed.
      What we have found with our rotties is that people cant believe how great the breed is. After meeting them they want one. I AGREE but with the following post warning people about rotties . They are not for the weak. You have to be strong and be a leader with them not overbearing but like you would with a child. Building the confidence of the dog in your home that HAS TO BE TRAINED. They are a family member not like some breeds that are happy to be independent dogs. I love the breed because they are not yappy, not high maintenance,dependable and they mature out of the puppy stage quickly, they are loyal and very trainable.
      Remember dogs like the pit, the german shepherd, the rottie are feared because they go for the kill not the bite. They ALL have to be TRAINED and SOCIALIZED. Get educated with the breed and what the breed was made for and make sure it works with your family. They are your greatest first line of defense.
      I never heard if the Smart girl that was kidnapped, the Ramsey girl that was killed or the family that was followed home tortured and killed recently had a dog. No one mentioned it. I am sure that all of them had security systems on their homes. I seriously doubt our family would have been targeted or our dogs would have allowed anyone in our family to have been touched unless they were killed first. They are big babies unless something is genuinely wrong.
      I would not get anything but a puppy so that I could mold them into the dog I want. I would want them to be soldout to our family. With kids I would want to be sure I knew the dogs temperament. Our 16 week old puppy is already coming out of the difficult stage that we have gone through with other breeds that lasted 2 years. She did turn out to be mishandled by the breeder and we were able to correct her feeling of self protection with being firm while building her confidence. We did get a trainer that we will further her training with. She is learning quickly and desires to do what is asked because she trusts us and has learned to trust others.
      You do not have to make this breed mean. Their natural instincts kick in when needed. I would never train them to be aggressive while living in our home. They are smart and would die for you or anyone in your home without giving it a second thought.

  9. Howie,
    I agree with your statements about Rotts + Pitts but would absolutely disagree for anyone with kids to have them. I could tell you facts about the pediatric patients I have had that were attatcked by those two types of dogs-and they really didn’t fair well. I myself have never owned either of these types of dogs, but have heard directly from owners whose dogs attacked others (ended up being my patients), that these dogs are unpredicatable and can be set off easily.

    As for Siberian Husky vs German Shepherd- I would definitely go German Shepherd. German Shepherd are very protective and will be obedient nearly 100% of the time, where as Siberian Huskies are hyper active. They will bark, they don’t listen as well and it is actually the essence of their cellular makeup to move move move. They need lots of space to run and are used to being pressed to the limit with respect to movement (they actually have an amazing cellular metabolism and structure), and unfortunately that drives them to be slightly unpredicatabe with respect to not listening/ obeying. I speak from experience with both these dogs.

    Part of our family was also an Alaskan Malamute- and like huskies, over active, hyper active-leading to inconsistent obedience and will get distracted by your own pets (attacking your chickens, ducks AND horses even!)

    the only thing I can say is the longer you have a pet the more obedient and dedicated it will be to you and your children, so perhaps one of these types of dogs from puppyhood may make a difference.

  10. For those of us who are disabled, have infants, allergic to animals, and have no guns, what are your recommendations? We live in a large city in a multi-ethnic subdivision. We don’t have a place in the country to run to nor the financial resources to dig under the house for a shelter. Should I just put the target on my head? ;(

    • You have to get a gun. It could mean life or death. Hopefully not yours. stockpile water, food, ammo and Silver/gold. a little at a time while we have some. For infants, you will need to get back to cloth diapers. My grandson has CP and that is what we will be doing. That’s my 2-cents anyway! 🙂

      • Buy a good handgun, holster mags and ammo tailored to your size, buy a good semi-auto rifle (SKS, AR etc.) and look for areas to cut costs at home and in your daily routines. With the savings, invest in more gear, train yourself mentally and most importantly remember: “stand on your feet, inner fear you worst enemy” – Sepultura.

    • take a deep breath and remember first, that planning and trusting is God is essential.
      secondly think about ANY relatives that you have ANYWHERE outside city limits even if its out of state.
      I dont beleive you would be physically harmed but I do beleive that you would be ravaged with respect to resources of any kind in your possession-if they could get in. NOw in a minor disaster, electricity is out or off 1-7 days, if you are barricaded in somewhat, you might be left alone. But in the event it is longer than 10-15days, people WILL do whatever it takes to meet their needs with no care to yours or the crying babies in you home. You need to remember that a rational person cannot reason with an irrational person, and at that stage, everyone will be irrational except the christians and those well planned who are in tune with what is going on right now in the US.
      I would say if you can leave your place in the city and stay with ANY extended family, express your concerns for the growing unrest and likely disaster (food, water, electircity, potential war-anything is possible right now), try to express how deeply serious you are about your need to move. Then try to meet them half way, with whatever you and your current family members can provide in return. There is strength in numbers, and as it states in the Bible “…where two or more are gathered in His name, He is there..”
      If you absolutely have no resources with respect to housing outside of the city. You MUST try to bond with someone in your building or in a housing area nearby that you feel all family could get to (ie is there someone you know well from church, from a local group that meets for whatever reason…” or does any of your family members have any friends they are truly close with-if so share this site with them, share your concerns with them. Perhaps they would be ok with allowing you to join forces. Pray about it and God will answer your prayer, and provide a way for you all to remain safe and with aid.

      Next, after seeking out potential housing, work on your resources- there are several articles here that provide beginner lists for potential food storage and necessary supplies. Use those lists-get a water filter-water in the city may not continue to pump, keep some buckets and/water storage containers together.

      Having a weapon would be ideal but if you don’t have a gun, use what you have, part of fighting or protecting yourself is outsmarting the other dude. Your biggest probelm will be, where there is one dude there will sure to be more, and you can’t fend them all off (thus the bonding with a small group, another couple or getting out of town).
      absolutely make sure you have a first aid kit, and perhaps a defib. macchine-they sell them at costco, sams, bj’s and online at many of the emergency stores… stock up on meds for immediate care and ifyou have time do some research on potential replacement therapy like herbs etc-ALWAYS CHECK WITH A PHYSICIAN ABOUT YOUR SPECIFIC MEDICAL CONDITIONS AND ANY CHANGE YOU PROPOSE. Also meet with your doctor, ask if there are any meds you can decrease dosage, know what you are taking and why and find out if you still need them. There are many online stores where you can order long term supply of your meds (some even without a prescription so I have found!!!)

      Your first priority if I didn’t say it is water, then protection, then food. Learn how you can bolt your door, or stregthen it. Sure right now maybe you can’t ask your landlord, but if the crap hits the fan, your landlord will be busy defending himself and not checking out the premises. Keep materials on hand to strength entries and if you live on low levels- to protect windows. A long steel pipe across a doorway can work wonders.
      Also maybe a can of spray paint. It might be worth spraypainting on your door “caution, ora large “X”” as if police or someone else has already ravaged the place. get door weatherproofing to put around the door so it closes snug with no light or noise passing through and take a towel and keep it near the bottom of the door for same reasons.
      candles, maybe kerosene lamp-becareful, if you can afford one solar panel to fit in a window that doesn’t face the masses-that could help. a small propane stove like for camping (cabela’s has some great choices and alternatives…). If electricity doesn’t work, you will need to be smart and efficient. A hot pot would be great if you can find one that works with batteries or can plug into the solar panel outlet…
      read through all of the comments on each article, they are a wealth of info. I will keep you in mind, and in my prayers…you are on your way.

      also for the little ones, momma’s comfort and a special toy can help calm them. If the child is too young for milk, (powdered milk at this point) then be sure to have enough formula on hand. As a healthcare professioinal whose specialty for 10 years was pediatric population- it isn’t suggested but a baby can start eating real food at 4 months- it MUST be thouroughly cooked (sliced meats, veggies etc), nothing with peels and absolutely NO honey before 13 months- can cause serious health problems. Perhaps some chew toys as when teething starts the crying will be loud and attract people.

      • sevenstars77, I like the way you responded to Ib1015 situation. You are exactely right in all the recommendations you provided. I suggested getting a gun for protection thinking the person had no choice but to stay where he or she was living. I do believe that a gun is thier best solution because I believe that is the best and first deterant. But, I don’t discount all the other suggestions you made especially about trusting in God. That should ultimately be the first line of defence before anything else. I applaud you for bringing that to light. I am a Christian and I do have faith that God expects us to protect our family if the need arrives. If he or she can do one or some of the other things you mentioned that would be great but if that is impractical then I would suggest a firearm with plenty of ammo.

        • If you can’t afford a real gun, or don’t know how to use one, go to Boat U.S., West marine, Wal-Mart, or K-mart, and get a marine flare pistol – about $50.00, and they shoot magnesium flares (included). They are off-the-shelf with no waiting period or registration required. Not good for shooting anyone inside, obviously, and it is a close-range weapon. But if one intruder is shot with one of these things before they enter, they will wish that they had been shot with a bullet, and word will get around in the “hood” that this house is armed with a hideous weapon (they won;t know what it is). If you don’t have several hundred dollars to buy a gun, or can’t due to the restrictions where you live, this may be a possible alternative.

        • August 22, 2011 The slow coekor Bible? ! I must get me one ! Let me know if the recipes are any good.

    • Ib15, with the adverse situations that you describe I suggest that you get yourelf a handgun. This is the best defence of them all. If you are not familiar with operating a gun you need to have a family member or friend to familiarize you with one. All the recommendations listed in this blog are good for differant situations and for differant people however, a hand gun or better yet a shotgun is your best defence no matter what the situation. You need one for self-defence. Hopefully you’ll never have to use it but you’d be better off with it than not to have a means to protect yourself and your loved ones.

    • I worry about people in your situation. You need to join a local 9-12er’s or some similar group. Start bonding with people that have access to a fortress in the country. Think about what you could contribute to a small community during a crises. They aren’t going to take you in unless you have skills to offer, so start developing those skills now. Learn gunsmithing, natural medicine, canning, etc. People will take in their loved ones first, but they will open their homes up to people with enough to offer.

    • There are a number of things you can do. I too live with a couple people who think I am NUTS. I try to explain to them I am obsessed like Richard Dryfus was in that movie where he made a mountain of his mashed potatoes, this one in his entire living room – I think it was Close Encounters. They have sort of come to accept it and now call it my “zombie apocalypse”. Prior to their accepting it I bought little bits of things and hid them in closets, under beds, under the kitchen sink – wherever. Also, get information together; books, print how-to stuff from this site and others. Save newspaper for TP. There are a gagillion things you can do. You may not have a food store but if you have the know-how to grow it and maybe the non-hybrid seeds to do it with… You may not have the tools to build or fix something but if you have book with the instructions of how-to you will be invaluable. You have no idea who God is going to hook you up with but prepare yourself the very best you can and God will reward you.

    • Put your head between your legs and kiss your a** goodbye!

      • Kidding, of course.
        But, it is very serious to feel so helpless in such a stressful time as we live in. If you know others who live near you that are concerned about the state of society – or others at your church who do – then get together with them. See what they need, that you’re good at. The goal is to start a survival group who can support you in your goal to prepare for tough times. It also serves as a spiritual family, and a social support network even if the Schumer never does hit the fan.
        Be well.

  11. Here in the midwest, we use a single live wire around the perimiter (hooked to a battery for juice) to keep cows in a corn field, deer out of gardens, etc. Would think this could work if run wires in such a way that a person couldn’t go under/between/over without touching, assuming battery is in a location inside perimeter where someone can’t reach to tamper with. Haven’t done this, but I think if put a live wire on a metal mesh fence (like wire mesh used for pouring concrete, which can be purchased in rolls at menards, home depot . . .) it would make the whole fence live for an electrical shock. Could also possibly be done inside if no risk of family/pets touching when wire is live. Perhaps this could be used by a handicapped person?

  12. What about poison blow darts? Effective, low tech – I’m sure you could get good at using them …? Anyone know what kind of poison to use? : )

    • I dunno about blow darts, but here is an interesting ‘novelty item’ from Cheaper Than Dirt……military flechette darts…. have no clue what you could do w/ ’em….. . …… BTW – they do not recommend you weaponize them…..
      CTD has a lot of interesting items that would be beneficial to one’s prepping plans…..
      Just my $.03 worth — DD

    • I’ve thought of this as well. I have actually started researching poisonous plants and compounds looking for things that can either paralyze, or just plain stop the heart. The nice thing about darts and arrows, they’re relatively quiet. I’m certainly keeping all options open.

  13. Has anyone thought about crossbows or compound bows ?? Please advise. Also has anyone used the solar panels from Harbor Frieght?? How is the quality??

  14. I bought 150 feet of razor wire coil and some special metal-imbedded razor wire gloves on ebay. I bought 2-inch torx-head screws and small metal tubing (or cable) clamps. This will permit me to attach the coils to the wood trim of windows or other areas vulnerable to a forced entry home invasion, serving to slow down any potential invaders. If the wire is attached inside the windows, it will not be obvious from the street that the house is fortified, though it will restrict movement by occupants as well. Hopefully it will never need to be deployed.

  15. Fortified houses, guard dogs, custom alarm systems, etc you are missing the point. If you live in/near a city, get the heck out now while you can still sell your home!

    The time and money you spend on stockpiling food/tools/etc in the suburbs combined with the money you spend protecting that investment would be much better served just getting a house on a small tract of land in the middle of nowhere.

  16. For a great alarm dog that is smaller and cheaper to feed, don’t discount boxers. We have three and they are great for letting us know when someone is even way down at the end of our driveway. They shed hardly at all and are great around family members and visitors once they see us greet someone and then introduce them to the dogs. They have a big dog bark and are often mistaken for pit bulls by people down on the road, I don’t see the resemblance but if that’s what they see all the better. The downside is they are actually a little too people friendly so their usefullness as a true attack dog is limited.

    • Hi 18 wheels, we’re on our 5th boxer and they are truly great dogs. I agree they do tend to scare people with their bark and their looks, especially when their fur raises. Our females have been way more protective than our males. I have noticed that when my dad was alive, when he was around us they kind of “stood down” as far as protective mode but when my dad was not home and since he has passed they are always on guard, standing in front of us between anyone they didn’t know. Until they deemed the person ok they would not leave our side or move from in front of us. If they did move to our side they growled the entire time the “questionable person” was present. We did not train them to do this, it’s has just been their instinct. They are absolutely fabulous around children as well. Sometimes even protecting children that aren’t theirs if they feel they’re being threatened.

  17. Somethings that are very important to remember about dogs, size, you will have to keep them fed and never have more than one or two. Three dogs become a pack and can turn on you when paniced or starving.
    It is good to have a meduim size dog to protect children and as an alarm. Geese and crickets are the best as alarms. Asians have used them for centuries. Geese are tastey as well as noisy and territorial. If you feel the need for an animal protector Ferrel hogs will do the trick as well and willleave you with one one thing toclean up, the beltbuckle. they are well known to be at least as smart as dogs. If you truly feeladog is the key get one that has protection hard wired into its souls and makes no noise what so ever when it does it’s job. and bar none every one who sees it will run for there life, of this I will garauntee, The English Mastiff is the dog that delivers this protection. To family they are the sweetest creature on earth reach for me or my family I will only have parts to dispose of. 260lbs 7 feet from nose to tip of tail. Better to have tail removed, quite destructive.
    If you have been aware of what is coming for as long as I have you will have taken every opportunity to not just add to your home the things that will make it safe and easy to defend but you will have built them in. It is never to late to prepare.
    Nopales or paddle cactus it natures barbed wire and is an excellent additive to any entree when properly skinned and cooked. You can also use the fruit for making alcohol as well as canning it for future food stuffs.

    • landshark; I agree three dogs can be a handful, we started with one and adopted the other two after a relative got divorced. The oldest is on his last legs so eventually we will have a two pup alarm crew and keep it at that level . And our dogs are family members, so we keep a supply of food for them equal to our own

  18. If the power is still on, i can think of several ways to use electricity to defend my property…Ground glass in the eyes or black or red pepper ground real fine will blind any attacker long enough to get to the baseball bat..No power ,no guns and you need to defend yourself? Liquid soap in spray bottle squeeze it in their eyes..Vinager in the eyes,look under the kictchen cabnet,oven spray,bug spray,powdered soap in the eyes.Boling water will stop somebody till you can hit them on their head..SALT in the eyes will slow them down…The best thing to do is plan to leave a disaster or defend yourself in your dwelling NOW not later when its too late..STUN GUNS work to stop an attacker or a 12 or 20 guage pump shot gun with buck-shot should stop several people….Plan now or suffer later..

    • just to add to what ben is saying my wife while travelling to new york to see her family always carries a can of wasp and hornet spray as pepper spray and stun guns are banned in that state but wasp and hornet spray are legal to carry in all 50 states and gives you a 20 ft spray radius and will blind instantly not too mention the awful taste it leaves in your mouth the blindness is only temporary if they get medical help and flush it out and they sell this in all size cans so it can be carried in your purse or hand bag

  19. There is only one thing to focus on. Kill the enemy! Sandbags, steel pipe, dogs, etc. are good. Tripwires are probably better. But, when it comes down to it, there will be no power, no cell phones, no one to call even if the systems don’t go down. You are on your own. No matter how you do it, it will be war. So, focus on a high body count. Doesn’t mean you will survive, but you can take quite a few with you. Buy a few boxes of ammo each week. In a few months you will wonder where to put it all. Federal .308 @ Walmart is $13.97!!! Make the investment. Good luck!

  20. Explosives? What about planting explosives around a perimeter and booby trapping the house? You escape to a remote location and selectively set off the explosives killig as many as possible. Anyone still moving could be shot from a distance with a good hunting rifle. Loot the bodies and take their weapons and ammo. If things get really bad, cannibalize the bodies. Learn how to make jerky. Feed the dogs with the waste. Set up skulls and bones on the front lawn sp the next group of curious crooks gets the message fast.

    • Your suggestion about posting skulls of intruders around your place got me to thinking. Halloween is coming up, I think that I will invest in some realistic looking skulls & maybe a few skeletons just for the purpose of scaring people off. As my husband says no one wants to be the next to die!

      • Now, that idea sounds reasonable.
        But, only if the skulls and skeletons are at a distance from the street, and no one can just walk up and examine them. Otherwise, you make yourself look like an even bigger mark to those who are seeking to take your place and your stuff.

    • Yikes!!!
      Don’t become your enemy!

      • This is sounding like that rogue colonel in the movie apocalypse now!

        Why don’t you do what the real dracula did, he took turk invaders alive and drove a steel poll right up the crotch and through their insides and leave them suspended above the ground by the pole! This is where the blood sucking dracula legend came from.

        freakin mad max scenario.

  21. I would like to get suggestions from everyone. My house is brick on the outside and our inside walls are plaster (yes my house was built in the ’50’s), I’m not sure how I would secure anything to the outside or inside to keep people out. I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time. Is there a way to drill into the brick to attach eye bolts or something to then hook shields to? I welcome all comments and suggestions. Thanks

    • Hi Bekisnl,

      You might experiment with ways to wrap your house in chain link fencing. It would definitely slow down the progress of intruders. Remember that it will also slow down the progress of emergency rescuers, so I would be hesitate about making a permanent installation before T.E.O.W.A.W.K.I. Even then I would want to have an escape route in case of fire.

    • OK I am re-reading this and realize I am completely off the cuff on this, but havent the time to donate fully to diagram and creat an ops type brief:
      The solution is to keep them from getting that close to you and your home. Defenses in depth is what it is called. Once “inside your own wire” your situation becomes desparate. Explosives and things like that are complex and indiscriminate. Your own kids, when confused or scared could run right back on their own booby traps. Not to mention that booby traps constitute premeditation in the eyes of the law. If the world falls apart as far as described, then the decision to shoot should already be made, would you not agree? If you are into the considerations above, don’t you think you would have less quesiton in your minds what you intend to do? The constant need to arm and disarm the explosives represents a hazzard to you as well, not sure it is worth the trouble, personally I wont have them around my place.
      Keeping body parts or skulls is a bio hazzard and invites disease, don’t do it, burn dead bodies with in 6 hours and not near your water source ever, never pick up souveneirs.
      Wire etc is likewise difficult to maintain (surprizingly) as it appears to be passive, but a determined or educated enemy will defeat your obstacles unless they are “covered by fire.” For the level of discussion it sounds as though you think you may be in a completely defended perimeter, that will require guards (alert all night) if you intend to keep yourself safe, that tells me that you will need more people. To my military mind the defenses tell me there is something there you don’t want me to get, naturally I wonder what.
      Watch your plans about gun ports etc. one thing I didn’t see mentioned was the threat of flying glass. Looters and criminals are not going to let you just shoot at them, they will shoot back.
      Any plan for your defenses must include the ability to “cover” each other and your obstacles from your positions. Boarding up your windows limits the threat of flying glass but creates blind spots which a more sophisticated enemy can recognize and use as avenues of approach. It is critical from a shooting position, in urban terrain, never to stick your rifle barrel outside your scope of view. Someone can, and I have seen them, yank the rifle right out of your hands by the barrel.
      Make sure you have glasses to identify who and what you are shooting at, as well as ballistic glasses to protect your eyes.
      This shooting stuff is pretty complicated, a lot to think of, and the mistakes are fatal.
      Increasing the operational distance between you and an enemy increases your time to think and act. But when action is indeed called for, he who hesitates is lost.
      What I prefer is a set of trip wires, with black painted Al cans with a few pebbles inside to warn you of an approach. The warning has two puposes:1. It tells you someone is coming 2. It gives you the range so always measure the distance and know what it is.
      What I would do if I hit your first defenses unexpectedly would be to call out to you and reassure you that I meant no harm, meanwhile have my manuever element already behind you in case you were dumb enough to come out and talk.
      Somebody said above “they won’t play fair…” The best thing to get young men to drop their guard is a scantily clad young woman crying for their help. They will drop their arms and race to her aid. Training and discipline is critical. Once in your positions you don’t come out until everyone is dead or the sun is back out then you do not just drop your defenses and walk out. There are procedures for everything. It is exhaustive, and you may now see why guys come home with PTSD. Which in the described scenarios you will be dealing with too.
      Don’t want to play that hard then you must accept control over you, for securities sake, you cannot have it both ways. Make the decision before you get into this game. Once in it, you cannot get out. If you have trouble taking orders from whomever is in charge that day or do whatever you want when you want to, or have ADD you might want to think twice, all those mental deficiences are deadly in a war.
      Guess that was more than 2 cents worth, but you got me ranting!
      The Col

      • One thing I forgot. Once you have made all these preparations, NEVER tell anyone, or show them. Keep it quietm not even relatives and/or neighbors.

  22. Our short term plans are to bug out. We are keeping the gas tanks in both of our cars at least halffull. We are storing several 5 – 10 gallon cans in a small shed in the small forest behind our house. My parents live near a national forest. We plan to shelter with them if necessary.

    Our long term plans is to sell our house & built a fortress. We hope to have our house on the market in the next few months. Our new house will be made of either shipping containers or concrete ICF with a metal roof. I prefer concrete ICFs because they stay relatively cool in summer & warm in the winter. The walls of both would stop most bullets. I also plan to install Austrian Hurricane shutters. I want them on an automatic system so they can be shut quickly. I will have a battery backup for this. I also plan to have gun ports & a watchtower. We have plans for a underground saferoom as well. We will keep gas mask, tear gas, loaded guns & night vision goggles. If invaders makes into this area they won’t make it out alive.

    We will do much of the labor ourselves to save expenses. We are planning the house around the idea of off the grid living & home security. We plan to start raising most of what we eat & spend most on our financial resources on buying things we can’t provide on our own such as salt, seeds, guns, supplies for amino, etc.

    We have friends & family that are either unable or unwilling to prepare for what is coming so we are hoping to put small cabins on our place for them. We will probably rent out the cabins to tourist in the mean time to boost our income. Luckily most of our loved ones have skills to contribute so they won’t be a burden.

    We are starting martial art training a.s.a.p. along with an daily exercise program, plus a healthy diet. My husband is on several medicines for high blood pressure & Type II diabetes. We realize now is the time to start trading medicine for fitness.

    Our goals for this fall is for each member of the family to become physically fit & to learn about forging for food & become more proficient with both a pistol, a rifle & a bow. Our future goals include learning about natural medicine, gunsmithing & repairing small motors. Our children are teens & young adults, so if each of us can learn about different areas we can cover a lot of ground quickly. Luckily both my husband & I know how to hunt, fish, raise livestock & grow a garden. We plan to start passing this knowledge on to our kids. I have started passing along country knowledge along in daily conversations with my children. I have also started asking my kids questions that will teach them survival skills. It saddens me that it has come to this. Until this last year I had been preparing my kids for a completely different future. It is a crime that the selfish desires of our leaders are destroying the greatest country that the world has ever known.

    We have modest income but we think that we can pull this off if we start sacrificing & planning now. I just pray that God will grant us enough time. Please pray for America every day, only with God’s help can we save the Republic.

  23. Dogs are a great idea and we have 2 outside. But keeping them alive and safe is another issue… I welcome suggestions.

    • Same as covered obstacles. Dogs are soft targets, a 22 will kill them very easily. Never let dogs run towards enemy nor past where they can be covered. Dogs must repsond when called. Obviously a Black dog will be harder to see at night. Training and discipline, and of course, if you hesitate or renig on your decision/agreement to shoot, you killed the dog.
      Things, in war, take on a much different worth, a way of thinking that we are not accustomed to. Your dog is more valuable than somebodies life? Maybe, is the answer. When the chips fall it will be completely up to you. Could have more dogs. They are cheap and easy to create.
      The Colonel

  24. Well….I doubt this will help any but here it goes. I am in the infantry and I keep trying to imagine myself in the situation above and I’ve come to the conclusion that if me and 2-3 of my buddies wanted to take a house, we could do it easily. The problem is that in a survival situation of this type, You would need to hope that only idiots came against you, And that just wont be the case. Anyone who survived the first few weeks or first month would be the smart and savy type of people who could esily take a house that was not built to withstand an assualt( which would be 99% of houses here in America). You have to understand that to repell an assult in an urban enviroment you would need intersecting feilds of fire from your AO and on top of that clear feilds of fire……You will not get these condition in an urban environment EVER, the people on the outside can do a few probes and get a decent guestimate of what thier facing in just a few minutes …..the more I think on it the more im convinced that if i were to face me and 4 of my buddies in that situation, but just me and my wife to defend the house……no we would die. I would say your best bet is to avoid a confrontation at all cost in this scenario…make your house look looted, dont fortify it like everyone here is suggesting.and then just hole up and wait untill u get an oppotunity to bail,get to family in the country asap. Also to chime in on currency…people keep saying get gold or get silver….get neither to be honest they cost alot and a currency is unlikely to be used in any given area. I would say get thing that you can barter such as ammo, medicine,ect…and stock up on those types of things. Also i would suggest getting weapons mostly in the pistol calibers of 9mm ,40S&W,45ACP….. And rifles in the 223. 308 ,and 22. seeing as how they are some of the most common and everything else will be drying up real fast like.I guess in closing I’ll say that if your ever in a situation where you get stuck fortifying your house as the last line of protection…I hope you only get attacked by idiots….but I wouldnt bet on it

    • 11 Series or 0311?
      Don’t be so hard on them. What you are used to is like the NFL, you dont crap on every kid you see in the sandlot playing football cause he isn’t you. They are trying, and need help. The reality is that they will most likely never meet anyone like you cause any professional like you doesn’t assault homesteads and honest folks. But your point is not lost and in fact is very valid. Most of America takes its impression of infantry from Hollywood. Even in the AF where I find myself now, they have a very distorted view that I daily warn them against. Ground warfare isn’t as complex as the Space, Air, or Sea, (Mostly according to Space, Air and Sea specialists ‘geeks’ vying for funding) but the results of failure are just as dire. One of the hardest things I have to convince folks of is the ground threat, and even then they are not really convinced. But having been a FAC in 1/3, and 24th Mar, 8th tanks, et al. once you see the truth of infantry in action, you will be forever convinced. Same for COPS, Cops like to think a lot of themselves including SWAT but if a group of infantry wanted to get together and do evil, even a platoon size element, would be devastating to most police forces. Infantry is not secuirty nor police work (one of my biggest harrangues in the pentagon is when they send our infantry to Peace Keep or a stupid Police action) I Spent time in the LA riots too, where they learned the hard way that they most assuredly did not want an infantry solution to their little domestic distrubance. And most folks will meet marauding “idiots” known as criminals and opportunists without training and without the resolve, nor the mission orientation that you possess. Repeatedly on these posts I have tried to tell people NEVER NEVER NEVER fire on uniformed troops! But I do beleive the old farts who post here, Nam Vets et al, albeit a little rusty, will indeed sharpen back up and like you say the growth curve is exponential. If you make through the first month, you will not be who you were when it started, of course, neither will those criminals. Also, gun selection isn’t that critical, cause the first day there will be a lot of shooting and killing. The next day there will be a lot of weapons lying around, hardly used, and dropped but once…….. One thing however that I preach to my compatriots that I am training where I live is that an infantry action or fire fight is actually beyond the budget. I cannot afford 100K rds flung carelessly. However scoped rifles will significantly improve the ammo discipline, and mostly what I preach/teach is to avoid that instance if at all possible. Gather some folks around you, you will need them, not everyone is in the infantry, you know what it gets like in a barracks (can you imagine what it will be like if that is all you ever have?) and despite the disdain with which the infantry has sneered at me as a pilot, fac, pencil pusher, space geek or whatever I was at the time. My time in the infantry was the hardest, funnest, and most revealing education I received including flight, college, my doctorates etc. But hopefully, most folks will never have to be YOU, or see what you have seen.

  25. I left out 12gauge 🙂 get a few of those too. Also if you live in a city,and you have a little cash Radius engineering does modern prefab bomb/fallout shelters and for 100k has an 8 person shelter that fully self contained for 1 year…….one hundered thousand is chump change for that kind of protection.

    • Agreed on the gold and silver as well, the only semiprecious metals you will need is copper jacketed lead.
      Same on the skeedaddle plan. As patton said “fixed fortifications are monuments to the idiocy of men” however most folks really are gonna find it hard to dirt dive like a grunt. That alone will kill the infirm, old, very young, or just consitutionally weak. And of course any whiners around me are toast, (cant stand people who bitch and complain like I have no grasp of the obvious) I work with a group of about 10 families training them to be refugees little do they understand that the lessons are basic infantry drill. Lots of bitching complaining and “Why are we doing this” but they are indeed learning. Real Infantry? Nope, but better than a group of untrained and undisciplined bafoons, and grudgingly, they have a chance to survive. They don’t have to beat the infantry just the other guys who failed to plan.

  26. Please do not forget to vote! Support Ron Paul, he or his son will be running in 2012- spread the word and please vote!!

  27. Please remember to vote! Ron or Rand Paul will be running in 2012- Support their campaign for limited constitutional government.

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    Thank You

  29. Is it possible to submit articles to this website? I see a few major problems with this article and feel I could write a better one.

  30. Many great comments here. The thinking through worst case scenarios is a very worthy thing to do.

    One must “layer” one’s thoughts when it comes to preparing for various levels of issues, problems, catastrophes!
    Without any details, ( I will leave it up to your imagination). It is safe to say you should make the most of your god-given talents, improve yourself and you can do more.
    Make yourself as independent as possible, save your money, buy gold and silver, live frugally, do what the Bible teaches.
    Many things you can do now are valid no more what economy we find ourselves in: make friends, stay in shape, RAISE YOUR KIDS WELL. Heck, you don’t even have to be a survivalist to know that these are things good things.

    My wife and I have done a lot of preparing over the past five years and I consider the job to be only 30% complete. Some of the financial podcasts listen to have very pessimistic outlooks.

    Considering we are in the largest credit collapse in history of civilization, it can get very very bad. One analyst calls for the worst calamity in history. History! I can think of some bad one’s. The black plague in Europe which caused the dark ages…… WW2……. etc.

    Me personally: The home is a good place for defence, but I have a fall back position. My wife is trained as a mid-wife and she can always work. Me know someone in the mining industry.

    If it gets reaaalllly bad, I would take all of us up to northern Canada and hook up with a gold mine!

    Gold (and guns) will be the only currency left at that time!



  31. To lighten the mood.

    I wonder if you could add a vinegar to a gas powered powerwasher!

    Just fire it up and spray everything, you’ll have a dead lawn, but very clean… and intruder free!


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  34. Basic survival requires a suitable home. 99% of homes out there just wont do.
    1) the garden for some minimal supplies
    2) no windows to the outside world (acceptable towards inner walled in garden), house entrance only from garden
    3) wall, 18′ & barbed wire. The CIA safehouse of OBL had the right idea.
    4) multiple steel gates, preventing easy access, preferbaly built into the 6′ thick concrete wall, so as to keep explosive fantasts from too easy access
    5) Skywire, between walls, to make sure noone can climb over the all or enter by chopper. Can furter be easily augumented by camo to keep even cameras out.
    6) collect rainwater
    7) independent power
    8) own outdoors toilet, recycle to farm/garden. No WC. Paper is burned separately, not tossed in. Use shredded wood to cover smells & protect from flies.
    9) Surround everything with forest for extra protection, firewood, berries etc. Even the air is clean inside a forest

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