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A Comfortable, Healthy Pregnancy—Naturally

Few times in your life are as exciting or as intense as pregnancy. You’re probably experiencing a wide range of emotional reactions, as well as many physical changes. Don’t buy into the idea though that you have to simply suffer through pregnancy discomforts. Pregnancy is a time to slow down, listen to your body, and take care of yourself. As you do this, your mind will turn inward to your baby, and you’ll be better prepared for the demands of childbirth and new motherhood. You’ll experience fewer aches and pains and feel energized and peaceful. Read on to learn a few simple techniques for relieving many common pregnancy complaints.

Relieving Backaches And Sciatica

Backaches are probably one of the most common pregnancy complaints, especially in late pregnancy. The weight of the baby and the uterus causes strain on the back and may even press on the sciatic nerve, causing intense pain that runs into the thighs. Urinary tract infections can also cause backache. Fortunately, simple changes in diet, exercise, and posture can relieve most backache pain. Below are a few easy suggestions:

Relieving Indigestion And Heartburn

Even if you won the chili-eating contest at your county fair without a second thought a year ago, you’ll probably encounter heartburn and indigestion during pregnancy. Increased progesterone slows digestion and can even cause the valve at the upper portion of the stomach to close incompletely, allowing stomach acid to escape into the esophagus. Your growing uterus and the weight of the baby put pressure on your stomach as well. Avoid over-the-counter antacids and opt for gentle herbs and sensible eating habits instead. Read on for some ideas to relieve your troubled tummy:

Relieving Itchy Skin

Increased hormone levels often give women that “glowing” pregnancy look, and for many women, acne and other skin conditions also improve. On the other hand, stretching skin on your breasts and stomach may itch like crazy! Take this time to pamper yourself a bit with a few natural remedies:

Relieving Morning Sickness

The euphemistic term “morning sickness” hardly begins to describe the nausea many women feel during pregnancy. Not every woman experiences morning sickness, but those that do usually begin to feel better by the end of the first trimester. Talk with your health care provider if you experience severe nausea or nausea that continues beyond fourteen weeks.

Theories abound about why morning sickness occurs. Most experts believe it may be caused by a combination of factors, including hormonal fluctuations, nutrition issues, or biological mechanisms designed to protect the fetus. Occasionally, stress or ambivalent feelings about the pregnancy can exacerbate morning sickness.

You’ve probably noticed that certain odors or foods trigger bouts of nausea. Fatigue, hunger, constipation, or stress can also increase feelings of nausea. Pay attention to those triggers and try to avoid them. Below are a few more ideas for dealing with pregnancy-related nausea:

As always, check with your doctor or other healthcare practitioner before starting or changing any treatment. Here’s to a healthy and comfortable pregnancy!

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