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Natural Mosquito Bite Cures

mosquitoLiving off the grid or even simply away from air conditioning, an open window is the best bet for ventilation.  Unfortunately, all the fresh air coming in also brings fresh pests!  Mosquitoes are an international bane, but one that you don’t have to simply endure.  Instead, you can fight back with these natural mosquito bite cures.

Cures Grown In The Ground

Some of the top cures for mosquito bites can be grown right in your garden or in a window pot.  These cures include:

Cures Mixed For The Task

Some cures require just a bit of mixing.  There are no complicated recipes here, but you’ll want to get these pastes and gels mixed up quickly when you have a bite.

Cures Bought At The Store

While 100% home grown remedies are ideal, there are also some naturally based remedies that you can pick up at the store.  These remedies include:

You undoubtedly have your own cures, too.  Try them and share the results ~ family remedies and passed down treatments are often the best in the world!

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