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Natural Relief for Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that afflicts many people. Studies show that 20 to 30 percent of American adults suffer from it. When we lack sleep it can lead to other health problems, like high blood pressure. Getting a good night’s sleep consistently is one of the most healing and revitalizing experiences people can have. Therefore, finding a remedy for your insomnia is vital.

Lifestyle Changes:

Lifestyle changes are the first place to start when trying to find relief. Making small changes costs us little, but may improve quality of life.

Herbal Remedies [3]:

These may all be taken several times daily, but not later than twenty to thirty minutes before bedtime.

Either of these last two tea blends should be prepared by the quart. The process is to boil the water, mix your herbs in a separate container, then add one teaspoon of tea per cup and an extra teaspoon “for the pot.” Cover and let steep twenty minutes. Strain and store in a quart jar in the fridge. The teas will keep up to three days. Warm and enjoy a cup several times daily and another at bedtime.

Don’t forget that you should always consult your doctor or healthcare professional before using any herbal or home remedies.

I pray that you find a way to relieve your insomnia here. Good health to ALL!

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