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Natural Treatments for Neuralgia

Neuralgia is a malfunction of the nervous system that is characterized by severe, stabbing, or tearing pain along the course of affected nerves. It is a very painful condition for which there is no known cure. The pains can come on in recurring attacks several times a day, or they can be continual, described as a shooting pain that radiates up and down and along the nerve’s path. These pains can be brought on by stress or pressure on the nerve or irritation of the nerve. Some herpes viruses, including shingles, cold sores, and genital herpes, can trigger neuralgia. Heavy metal poisonings, infections, hormonal changes, and metabolic disorders can also lead to neuralgia. Side effects from typical treatments can be harsh, forcing sufferers to look for alternative treatments outside their doctor’s office.

Some neuralgias can be triggered by a vitamin B deficiency. This vitamin affects the nerve cells and heart muscle. The typical dose is 2 mg and can be found in whole grains, yeast, legumes, potatoes, green vegetables and liver. A poorly balanced diet and alcohol consumption are thought to trigger these deficiencies.


Natural Treatments:

Holistic Treatments:

Homeopathic Treatments:

General Nerve Pain [2]

Facial Neuralgia


Gentle External Treatments:

Appling lotions with essential oils and warm compresses may alleviate pain and spasms. You can also massage along the nerve paths and painful areas, using a few drops of essential oils and circular motions. Also, Applying ointments or creams with cayenne (capsicum) to affected areas can relieve pain. Cayenne depletes pain-transmitting compounds from the nerve endings; thus, the nerves stop sending pain signals to the brain. Just remember, using essential oils and homeopathics together may cause the homeopathics’ effects to be reduced. If using both types of treatments, take them at different times – at least an hour apart.


Applying heat to the external areas affected expands the blood vessels, increasing circulation and may relieve pain.

Bathing to Strengthen Nerves:

Bathing with lavender blossoms, spruce, or pine needles in your water will promote circulation and have an antispasmodic effect. Put three ounces in a quart of water. Boil and strain, then add to bath water.

Medicinal Teas:

Aromatherapy [3]:

There is a nerve treatment that combines the following herbs to treat neuralgia. I am not recommending it, nor do I know anyone who has used it, but there are testimonials on their web site. [4] They do not recommend making this combination yourself, as they claim measurements of each herb needs to be precise. However, you may see some herbs and supplements here that you already take or cook with, and continued use of them may improve your symptoms.

And as always, don’t start any new treatment or discontinue any current one without seeking the advice of your doctor or healthcare provider.

Good Health to ALL!

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