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Off-Grid Dentistry For Painful Toothaches

Off grid dentistry for painful toothaches

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A few months ago I started on a quest to take better care of my teeth. After chipping off parts of a molar that had a huge chunk of amalgam in it, I started worrying how or if the tooth, or whatever’s left of it, would hold out for long without giving me problems.

Not having the funds nor even the time to go to a dentist, I resolved to learn about dental health on my own and find out what could be done about broken teeth — outside of the dental clinic.

That was when I found out about naturopathic therapies like oil pulling and teeth remineralization. “Remineralization,” you ask? That’s right. Few people have heard of it, nor do many dentists acknowledge it; and those who do wouldn’t be the least inclined to discuss it with you. But if everyone knew just that they could treat, stop, reverse, and even prevent cavities from occurring, how many patients would even visit dental clinics, right?

The fact is that teeth are living organs that are dynamic. They are constantly in a state of either growth or decay — thriving and replenishing their cells, or else regressing and degenerating. Its various parts – the enamel, the dentin, the pulp, cememtum, roots and all the many nerves and tubules — thrive and depend on the nourishment we get from the foods we eat. Like bones, skin, nails and hair, the state of our teeth is a good indication of whether we’re getting enough nourishment in our bodies or not.

Cavities are essentially a process of demineralization. They develop when acids in our saliva, produced by ever-present bacteria in our mouths as well as the sugars we eat, proliferate and surpass the alkalinity of our saliva. The enamel of our teeth, being porous, allows the acidic fluids to pass through. The acids eat away at our tooth enamel until the pores become bigger and progress into what is known as cavities. It is actually a natural process in our body where old cells die and are replaced by new ones, just as dead skin cells are replenished all the time, too. But when there aren’t enough minerals in our blood to nourish our teeth, the cells in the dentin and enamel cannot regenerate or “remineralize,” causing the decay to progress, unchecked.

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But the good news is we can stop and even reverse this demineralization process, if we change or eliminate the conditions in our bodies that are causing it. In the research that I’ve done which leans towards natural healing, the factors I’ve found to be commonly associated with poor teeth are:

To remineralize teeth, we need to do just the opposite:

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A comprehensive program for remineralizing cavities, preventing tooth decay naturally and achieving nutritional balance is available in the book, “Cure Tooth Decay” by Ramiel Nagel.

You can also listen to some of his videos and interviews free on YouTube.

Have you tried remineralization, and if so do you have any tips? Share them in the comments section below: 

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