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What Do You Need in a First Aid Survival Kit?

Your local pharmacy is a unique place.  It perpetuates the myth that such structures will always be there, and that anything you need when you are sick or hurt will never be more than a quick shopping trip away.  Unfortunately, relying on such hollow systems of the world isn’t a good way to protect yourself or your family.  You need to put together a first aid kit that will do more for you than just provide brightly colored band-aid choices!

Having lived in a world where medical care systems are widely available, it can be hard to imagine what you would need for a true survival first aid kit.  Obviously, you want something that provides a complete set of solutions for minor and major accidents.  Fortunately, with a thoughtful shopping trip based on the list below, you will be able to put together a first aid kit that will cover everything from a minor scratch to a major wound.  The list is also designed to be able to be constructed and replenished even if the current medical supply distribution system isn’t available.

This list represents the basics of what a truly useful first aid survival kit would need to maintain.  It doesn’t necessarily mirror what you find at your local pharmacy, but it will get you through most minor and major emergency situations in good stead.  Why be caught short in an emergency?  Pack your emergency first aid survival kit today.

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