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Fear Of Hillary Win Sparks Rush To Buy One Specific Gun; Sales Up 550 Percent (!)

Fear Of Hillary Victory Sparks HUGE Gun-Buying Surge

Image source: Flickr/Gage Skidmore

PHOENIX – The fear of an Election Day win by Democrat Hillary Clinton has sparked a rush to gun stores around the country, and one shop in Arizona says he has seen a 550 percent increase in sales on one particular rifle.

Veerchart Murphy, the owner of Ammo AZ in Phoenix, told that sales of AR-15s are “outpacing every other thing in my store right now.”

“There are people coming in, buying three, five, six at a time. I had a pregnant mother in here bringing her three little toddlers with her,” Murphy said. “She bought six AR-15s with the premise that she was going to keep a few for her own family, but the fact that after Nov. 8, rifles are gonna be a lot more valuable.”

He sold three times more AR-15s in October than September and said he’s seen a 550 percent increase in sales over last year, the TV station reported.

Meanwhile, a survey by the supply chain analysts at Elementum indicates that fears of a Clinton victory are driving Americans to the gun store. Although Republican Donald Trump has surged in the past week, Clinton still leads in the national average by nearly 2 points.

“The top item Americans say they are likely to buy because of the election is a gun,” an Elementum press release obtained by The Washington Examiner states.

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A Harris Poll commissioned by Elementum found that 16 percent of Americans are more likely to buy a gun because of the election. The same consumers are delaying other big purchases such as cars and houses until after the election, the survey found.

The figure is higher among certain segments of the population, including Southerners, Generation Xers (persons 35-44) and women, Elementum discovered. Around 19 percent of Southerners, 23 percent of Generation X members and 24 percent of women are more likely to buy a gun because of the election.

Beretta and Gander Mountain are each having pre-election sales, The Examiner reported. A Nevada store last month also held a pre-election sale, warning that “prices will skyrocket after Crooked Hillary gets in.”

Sales at Sharp Shooters Knife & Gun increased by 400 percent after Barack Obama’s victory in 2012, The Lubbock Avalanche Journal reported.

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